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Ugghhhh, Tye Rosales about to down a wine glass of golden piss!

Martini-chan is a /b/tard who was made famous in the summer of '07 by posting pics of herself urinating and drinking it out of a martini glass to the dismay of thousands.

Later, her MySpace account was found and hilarity ensued when countless Anonymous spammed her friends with her piss drinking photos. The lurkers later tracked down her real name, address, phone number, and all other information in an attempt to publicly humiliate her. One group even managed to find the GPS coordinates of her new house and posted the results. Unfortunately an admin got wind of the thread and it was quickly deleted; and by quickly, we mean after at least two hours.

Recent Discoveries

She recently was found again on her new Facebook account where she is listed as Tye Rosales.

The Damage

Once the piss-drinking pix were out, Martini-chan has gone on a rampage in order to delete everything including the following:


What a sick fuck.
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