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Mark Pellegrini

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The fatass.

Raul654, known to his mom as Mark Pellegrini, is the charming and well-met fellow who ran Wikipedia's "Featured Article" system for several years, secretly; and gave himself a 3-year term as head of the Wikipedia arbitration committee, despite being supported by less than half the voting editors. Even Jimbo himself has acknowledged, "Raul is a bit uptight". Raul654 is often referred to jovially as 'Fat Mark'. This is because he is overweight and his name is Mark. In fact, those who know him in real life say he's a really, really fat fuck. Incredibly fat. Planetoidal, if you like.

He's really, really overweight. Like 140 pounds of excess flub, sources have told me. Imagine devouring ten bowling balls and not ever passing them out of your system. Just carrying those ten bowling balls around with you, every single day of your life. Really, think about that. It's actually astounding that he's not even more angry and haphazard with his personal attacks on Gregory Kohs at the Wikipedia Review, not realizing he's not one to be talking about being a loser.


How he was created

All that "good work for Wikipedia"

He showed up on WikiWorld in 2003, then did some shit editing on articles about science fiction and military crap. And he must have sucked Jimbo's nutsack real good, because he became an admin only a few months after appearing, so there's no RFA listing or discussion. Thank Erik Möller for making Fatty McFatterfat a powerful pocket-pool playa. And then Mark sucked Jimbonuts some more, then begged for bureaucrat powers in 2004, and was sucked back nicely.

You can thank Fatty Raul for the gift that keeps on giving, Ryulong. Despite a marginal positive vote in Jewranger's third RFA, Raul closed it and said "You're in". Many animal dicks were sucked and munched that night. Mark also made Snowspinner an admin, despite many objections. And Mark was on Arbcom from 2004 until 2007, apparently at the insistence of Jimbo. Complain about him, and the other admins will close ranks and purge your ass.

According to Raul's Laws of Wikipedia:

Wikipedia has a disproportionately large number of gays, transgendered, and furries. The reason for this has yet to be satisfactorily explained, although it has been suggested by NullC that "all new mediums are first explored by the minorities and the marginalized". -- Raul's 8th law

(EDitor's note: Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of history would realize that "Raul's 8th law" is complete and utter bullshit. Like everything Raul has ever said.)

Raul has displayed a disturbing predilection for science fiction and Pokémon, frequently promoting their articles to featured status and presenting them on the main page. Sick. Plus, he controlled the "Featured Article" system for at least five years, and no one said a word about it. Even in 2012, long after he lost interest in the "job", an attempt to remove him flopped like Azn dick. He was the Hitler of featured articles. The incredibly fat Hitler. [1] And a hypocrite. [2][3] And don't forget that one time he made "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" a "Featured article". Come to think of it, he looks like Cartman with a moustache. Acts like him too.


Raul blocked AT&T Worldnet for the entire state of Michigan from editing for a year! [4] He claimed it was to stop Jon Awbrey, like he's a big threat, though Raul and others have also done similar stuff to Blu Aardvark's IP ranges. Ryulong has done shit like that, too.

Raul has also blocked an entire ISP in the UK because of one user. And many people have complained to him but the only response he gives is that it won't affect people with login accounts, ignoring the fact that this block stops anyone using this ISP from making an account. One of his fave responses to anyone asking for help: Request denied.

Like many dullards before him who will never experience real humor, Raul has taken up a love of lolcats. He has a sock puppet account called “Ceiling Cat,” and taking a look at the faggotry on that account’s talk page is enough to make any reasonable person cringe. He also ran a large collection of socks of various colors and shapes, most of which were mysteriously deleted and purged from the WP database.

A fitting punishment for his many crimes would be to live in a place where having a Dynamic IP is the norm so he can know what it feels like to be at school and being kept behind because one person did something wrong, except in this case the class would be over 1000 people. A total horsecock wrote this paragraph.

In recent days, Raul has been extremely everted-in-rectum after being trolled by Jack Merridew and his cockpuppets. Even the Arbitration Committee is sick of Raul's fat ass. Since it's been "noooo fun" to edit Wikipedia generally (meaning he can't freely shit on people's heads anymore), Fat Mark is slowly losing interest in being there. When people started complaining about his scarceness, the Blob returned and fucked around a little bit to avoid being castrated. But he's done almost nothing on Wikipedia since December 2012.


Since Markblob was supposed to be "pursuing a PhD" at the University of Delaware, it is suspected that he ate the school cafeteria into bankruptcy, and they forced him to "graduate". He's been real scarce since 2012. Oops, no PhD. Thanks, Jimbo!

Priceless Quotes, He's So SMART and FRIENDLY!

He finally saw his ED article
"Another approach would be to assign FA status outside their process. - such behavior will not be tolerated. Consider yourself warned. User:Raul654 20:25, 27 January 2012 (UTC)"


Request denied. UserRaul654 14:59, 10 April 2006 (UTC)


Misuse? Hardly. Legitimate voice? I think not. Troll forum? Bingo. User:Raul654 22:28, 11 April 2006 (UTC)


As long as it keeps him off the FA pages, that's fine where I am concerned. It doesn't really help the other people he continues to harass. Raul654 (talk) 22:19, 14 August 2012 (UTC)


I've unprotected the page. Do whatever you want -- I think I'm going on wikibreak. Raul654 (talk) 23:54, 14 August 2012 (UTC)


Listing of sockpuppet accounts that have all disappeared

This is only the 84 accounts that Daniel Brandt kept track of in 2005-06. You can bet that Fatass Mark has plenty more in reserve.

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