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Mantrain may refer to:

  1. A sex position in which a group of men are either penetrating each other in a line, or performing fellatio on each other in a circle.
  2. A griefer technique in World of Warcraft.

Gay Crap

All aboard the mantrain!

This famous sex technique widespread among Homos have shocked at least 100 people on t3h intern3tz. Even in the Simpsons a reference was made, as shown at At leet conferences one can hear shouts for the mantrain, most common are:


Many wankers meet in #pr0n on to spank the monkey to various mantrain-alike pics.

Research & Development

Many scientists researched on the question of how many men are needed for a full circle, considering cock sizes and bellies - all in a completely scientific and professional manner. One of the discoveries resulting from this research was that if the critical mantrain mass is surpassed, the whole conglomerate may collapse into itself, causing a strange gaping phenomena.

Typical Reactions

These were the most common reactions among heterosexual men who were exposed to the sight of a mantrain:

13:22 <@scarry> $AUTHOR: DO IT
13:22 <@scarry> $AUTHOR: add more content

13:52 -!- dr3 [[email protected]] has quit [Excess Flood]
13:53 <@scarry> $AUTHOR: i would like to have some [Excess Flood] from you
13:53 <@scarry> all over my face

13:36 < rebel> heheeeeee
13:36 < rebel> *drools*

15:44 <@whoever#5> omfg
15:45 <@whoever#5> that picture is..
15:46 <@whoever#5> dude, I love you

(13:38:57) Niklas: wow
(13:38:58) Niklas: i wanna be the locomotive

20:14 < BlueInferno> ALL ABOARD THE MAN TRAIN
20:14 < BlueInferno> :O
20:14 < BlueInferno> O:
20:15 < BlueInferno> I get middle seat
20:15 < BlueInferno> >:]

18:14 <@Dakman> lol mxn can i participate in the man train?
18:14 <@Dakman> dude btw thanks
18:14 <@Dakman> im in school right now
18:15 <@Dakman> now everyone thinks im gay


They sure are.

World of Warcraft

One of the features of World of Warcraft is a "follow" command, which sets your character to automatically follow another character. This ostensibly makes it easy for parties to stay together, and for others to lead you to difficult-to-find areas. However, there is also no ability to stop anyone from following you whenever they choose to: probably because it doesn't affect your character directly.

Building a mantrain is the first step—it's recommended to have at least four characters for a mantrain, including the one being followed. The best players to follow are newbies, and they'll often be anybody below level 10. Identifying a newbie is simple - when you begin following them their character will stop, visibly look around (they haven't mastered the camera yet), and then begin a series of jerking experiments to discover that, yes, you are following their every move.

Typical behavior for a mantrain is incessant chatter about irrelevant things—making sure to trigger the profanity filter as reasonably often as possible—and constant emotes, including /dance whenever the followed player stops for whatever reason. Voice emotes will allow you to flirt, tell jokes, and generally fill up the griefed player's speakers with bullshit. Send fast-running characters off to buy booze at inns whenever you run out - the 'drunk' messages will fill up the chat window even when your characters are being actively ignored.

The only escape from a mantrain is for the followed character to die in a dungeon and run into the wilderness after resurrecting at a graveyard, or for them to log off. An advanced griefing technique that may end up getting you banned is to add followed newbies to your friends-list so that you can follow them whenever they log on.

The final step is to watch for mention of your mantraining on the appropriate realm forum and lol.

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