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Men explaining things to women - A cultural staple that will not go away until women are smarter.


verb informal
(of a man) To be correct.
(of a man) To explain something slowly, simply and rationally enough so that even an educated, 1st world woman might understand it.

"Yesterday I totally had to mansplain to this "progressive" bitch on my campus why nobody wants her dry, unshaven pussy when all she does is bitch about the fucking patriarchy, the need for safe spaces, gender politics and microaggressions all day long. Then I red pilled her with a sweet mansplanation about how she is the most privileged demographic in the western world and how the gender wage gap is a myth. She was so triggered."

Let me mansplain this to you

Mansplaining is a logical fallacy used by feminists and other female supremacists. This course of arguing on the internet is fallacious in that it attacks the source of the argument, a man, just for being male, rather than acknowledging the argument itself. It is a form of deflection.

It is almost exclusively used by women when they feel they have been patronized or talked down to. The progressive female ego is delicate and they are very aware of the fact that they are usually the least intelligent person in the room when they are not surrounded by their progressive peers. Because men usually have to explain everything to most women like they are five-year-olds, it is force of habit. This makes women self conscious, even when the man does not realize he is doing anything wrong.

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