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Pussies Fighting.gif Maneaeve is in an internet sissy fight with XOMizzEggManOx.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Information icon.png This article now has moar views than her actual DA page!

Deviantart-favicon.png ManeaEve, real name Angela Christine Herrin, is a furry and has had several different accounts on both SheezyArt and DeviantART. One of the biggest attention whores you’ll ever run across on DA, she threatens to leave at least 5 times a month due to 7chan’s continuous invasions on her various accounts.

She takes images from well-known artists, traces the pose, and puts The Lion King rip-off heads and tails to complete her shit masterpieces. Oh, and let's not forget she goes Lisa Frank with the colors!

Her supposed human "characters" are always rip-offs from either the anime Full Metal Alchemist or Witchblade. Otherwise they're always TLK rips. She's a pathetic self-loving cunt.

Don't you have anything else better to do than to make an ass out of yourself and like I've said retard if I'm tracing you need to start proving it!



Learn to draw like this dumb cunt!

Her Real Life

Believe it or not, SHE'S 33.

One of ManeaEve's biggest enemies in real life and online, Edclarinet, shed light on Maneaeve's home life. Personal information like her mother abandoning her and her father at early age which lead to an incestuous relationship with her father. Other family members would regularly discourage her interest in furry porn and burn her yiff comics.

More recently, Maneaeve admitted to an acquaintance of Edclarinet's to running away after finding her grandfather dead in their home rather than calling an ambulance or her father.

Edclarinet believes that she in fact didn’t find him dead, but dying and left him there.

And just days ago, ManeaEve reportedly discovered that her D.O.B. was actually October 31, 1983 and not the 22nd, which she claimed was her birthday for years now. She thinks telling people her birthday is on Halloween will make her less fail.

Almost a quarter of a century old and she has no milestone accomplishments to speak of. She's never had a meaningful relationship with anyone other than that sick shit with her daddy. No car, driver's license or job. If she were to die today the only ones who would even care are the people who read this article for the lulz.



Relation To Beavis?

It's awwwright with Manea!

You tell me. Courtesy of Edclarinet. Yearbook picture of the cuntmonkey, ManeaEve, junior year.


Can anyone say, do not want?


Maneaeve believes tracing is AWWWWRIGHT!


She claims she "drew" the Cloverfield monster right after watching the movie in 5 minutes. Just a "quick sketch" she claims, obviously stolen from artist Deviantart-favicon.png AegisDeadlands. But let's give her credit guys, she only traced what? 90% of the image this time?

Sad how this guy keeps coming back just to qoute "Expose" me as the "art thief" I am, which I know I'm not FYI he talks so much shit and yet he can't back any of it up.


—ManeaEve, talking about Edclarinet




Generally I'm a nice person but if I find out your usin my art without my permission I will come after ya!!! So please don't Steal my art, I work very hard on each an every one of my peices!!!


— ManeaEve

Denying Her Identity


You kids really think my qoute "real name is Angela Herrin"well then how about some proof!!! Since you believe it!!! And since you also believe that qoute "my username in Lina102283" I'd like to see some proof of that too!!!



Maneaeve has gotten so desperate over the course of a few days (Nov. 14th, 2007 - Nov. 20th, 2007) that she has now resorted to denying her identity. She has lost almost all her interweb friends, and no longer is she getting away with her shameless theft. LULZ!


Once again, she wants proof. Weeeell... okay, if that's what you really want, Manea.

We searched "Angela Herrin" on MySpace and -- wow! Look what pops up! Of course when she sees this, we know she'll change it... but too late bitch, we got the screenshot! As expected, her profile is private, but her display pic is all the proof we needed. Never thought MySpace would ever be useful for anything. Boy, was I wrong.


Now notice the signature on the bottom right. It's small but it's there. "Lina102283".

"Prove that I'm Deviantart-favicon.png Lina102283!!"

Okay, you moron, but you asked for it!

In case anyone is actually brain-dead enough to not see that this retard is Lina102283, notice the "102283" at the end of "Lina102283". The closest thing it could stand for is "10/22/83" -- her birthday. Which she recently said in a journal:


Here's the screenshot that proves it all.


22nd? Of October? 10/22/83? Just like in Lina102283?


You are everything we have claimed you to be. Stop trying to lie to everyone and take responsibility for what you've done instead of coming up with all these stupid lies -- because point blank, you fail at lying.

Case closed, bitch.

Fake Accounts to Gain Front Page!

Edclarinet boasts that his actions and reports lead to the banning of her SheezyArt account, after she linked a screen shot of her art making front page while still being in the recent submissions section of the website in a journal. A less than mediocre artist, “She lacked the fan base to get front page so quickly if at all,” Edclarinet stated in the journal. This comment prompted SheezyArt administration to look into the matter and discovered not one but 25 bogus accounts all with the same IP address! Maneaeve used them all on a daily basis to vote her art up and others down. These accounts were all closed and Maneaeve was banned shortly there after.

Originally, Maneaeve was not a notable figure on DeviantART. Her oldest account was banned for harassing the administration on a matter they deemed closed. Her later accounts were closed for ban evasion and art theft. Not the brightest of girls, Maneaeve stole art from popular dA personalities like Deviantart-favicon.png HMO, Deviantart-favicon.png JaxtheBat, Deviantart-favicon.png Psyconorikan and {{deviantart|hibbary|Hibbary]; as well as from numerous comics and cartoons and various other anthro artists. So of course it was a matter of time before other thieving whores would rally around her and befriend her.

Enter Superdemon-Inuyasha.

Does it really surprise anyone to see these two becoming friends?

The proof. Referencing wouldn't be so bad, but she flat out traces.

Maneaeve vs. Siklyshweet

Even the furfags at FurAffinity don't want her!

Being the crazy, psychopath, tracing, furfag that she is, Maneaeve has no friends. She's either run them all off with her cunt-like ways, or they realize the truth after a while and decide to get the fuck away from the crazy bitch.

A great example of this would be Deviantart-favicon.png SiklyShweet. Yes, they were once great interweb friends but just recently we took notice of SiklySweet being deleted from the crazy bitch's friend list. Of course, we had to investigate because they were bestest internet friends after all.

She defended Maneaeve against attacks and totally ignored all evidence that was presented to her that her dear friend ManeaEve was actually nothing more than a stealing little attention whore.

A friend of SiklyShweet gave us some interesting details about the situation.

Deviantart-favicon.png Siyox informed us that SiklyShweet finally realized all the things she was being told about Maneaeve's thieving, tracing ways were actually true.

SiklyShweet started to get suspicious when Maneaeve] sent her an un-finished picture - a lioness in smoke - and the bits that were covered by smoke in the picture weren't even drawn in the sketch, and that's when she realized the truth. Then people started to bitch at Maneaeve for being an attention-whoring douche. SiklyShweet saw this ED article and then confronted Maneaeve about it.

To which Maneaeve -- in a state of unrelenting faggotry -- blocked SiklyShweet on every single site she knew her on!

No longer would SiklyShweet defend the raging twat, but instead she eliminated her from her DA page altogether.

Here's how it all started.


Recently, SiklyShweet has contacted us via email with some new information on Maneaeve...

In the email, SiklyShweet gives us a good amount of dirt on our favorite whiny brat.

Let's just say I

was too gooshy for my own good and didn't realize ManeaEve is a tracer fast enough. But now I'd like nothing more than to see her run off the interwebs since she's nothing but a little thief. Mind you, I try my best to stay out of drama, but she honestly deserves what she's getting and more. She spent weeks completely kissing my ass (she'll do that if you have any talent in art), and when I basically told her to piss off, I didn't even mention ED but that's what she blamed it all on, and she flipped out like a cat with a bumblebee up its butt.



It's okay Sikly. We're just glad you realized what a dumb cunt she really is!

Other things you should definitely know for lulz. She

has a jealousy complex. She insulted my Deviantart friend Siyox because I was chatting with Siyox more often.



Maneaeve gets weirder with each day that passes. Thanks for the info SiklyShweet! And keep spreading the word about the fraud that Maneaeve really is!

Another interesting thing, I changed the personal

message and name on my MSN to "ManeaEve is an Art Thief" since a few of her friends are on my buddy list, and Simbagirl101 messaged me, asking if it were true. I sent her to the ED article, and she seemed stunned. She says she believes Maneaeve is a tracer. Just thought I'd let you know so you can keep on eye on any developments that may occur there.


—SiklyShweet, bringing the lulzy truth to us all.

SiklyShweet is now spreading the word to Maneaeve's closest interweb friends! The fall of the wanton bitch has finally begun!

In a PM Maneaeve sent to SiklyShweet on DA, she finally admits it. Sure, she was trying to make SiklyShweet feel sorry for her, but a confession is a confession.


Sikly Confronts ManeaEve On MSN

SiklyShweet confronts Maneaeve on MSN but the convo is short-lived as ManeaEve is too much of a pussy for this confrontation and runs away with her tail between her legs.


Her Friends Realize the Truth

So after SiklyShweet realized the truth about ManeaEve, she decided to spread the word a few weeks later, and warn the rest of Maneaeve's interweb friends that Maneaeve is in fact a lying, hypocritical, self-loving, furfag cunt. She sent notes to people on and through MSN messenger linking them all to this very article.

What were the results? Well, go check her page! We know she's probably already hid all the comments by now but that's okay cause we captured the major lulz moments just for you.

Here's a comment from Deviantart-favicon.png Simbagirl101, who before being linked to this article by SiklyShweet, also was in the dark about Maneaeve.

Maneaeve and her sick Joker fantasies

Simbagirl101's journal after discovering the truth.

Over the last few weeks, Maneaeve has spawned some sick obsession with the Joker because she can't get a man in real life to do her ugly ass. Particularly the Joker from the version from "The Batman" series, the shittiest series in all of the Batman sagas. Not to mention one of the shittiest Jokers. I guess she doesn't realize the Joker would rip her face off and play baseball with her insides, instead she couples him with her anthro "fursona" and pretends they're somehow in love or some shit. She also likes to draw the Joker with muscles and a huge bulge. Damn, can this bitch get any more retarded?

WTF is this sick bitch doing to the Joker!?
Don't think I really need to say anything here.

This dumb bitch thinks this dick isn't hard. She also drew the head on upside down! LULZ. Obviously, never seen a dick in real life. - Second that.

Here's some sick shit she has said concerning the Joker and her sexual fantasies with him.

OMG!!! *shakes booty in front of his face*discpline me plz!


— Maneaeve on this picture: click

the godess herself is gonna be begging for a spanking from him!


— Maneaeve speaking of herself as a goddess, and spelling it wrong in the process.

Doesn't know the difference between erect and non-erect dick

So a few days ago Maneaeve posted a shitty picture of a nude Joker (can be seen in the section above) with a hard-on. Several people commented that hard dick isn't allowed on DA. Maneaeve replied to them absolutely dumbfounded. Hard? That's not hard! Obviously since it's not pointing upwards it CAN'T be hard! This bitch is 25 years old and doesn't know what a non-erect penis looks like. Obviously because she's never seen one in real life, and never will.

Shading is too HARD!

Recently, Maneaeve has decided to be an even lazier douche, and discontinue any kind of shading on her "art". Not only is drawing an image without tracing too hard for this cunt, now shading is ZOMGTOOHARD!!!

Not that she ever had any concept of shading, seeing as how every time she attempts it, she ends up with over 9000 different light sources.

When asked why she doesn't shade, here's her response:


You suck at it? Well, holy fuck! You suck at art period. So use your own logic, and stop drawing altogether. Your shit sucks.

Medical Conditions

She loves that there Lion King movie.

Judging by the way she interacts with people online, Maneaeve has several social medical conditions.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • Has a sickening sense of self-importance
  • She believes that she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special people, when in reality, she just sucks at life.
  • She requires excessive admiration
  • She takes advantage of others to achieve her own ends
  • She lacks any sign of empathy
  • She's often envious or believes others are envious her crappy furfag traced art
  • Arrogant behavior

Schizoid Personality Disorder

  • Being a bitch in general.
  • Emotional coldness, detachment or reduced affection, or just being a cunt.
  • Limited capacity to express positive emotions towards others she always feels the need to be a bitch.
  • Consistent preference for solitary activities.
  • Very few (if any) close friends or relationships, and a lack of desire for such.
  • Turns into a complete lolcow when any sort of criticism is spoken towards her.
  • Lack of desire for sexual experiences with another person, not like anyone would wanna fuck that anyway.

She Believes Anyone That Flames Her Has to be One Person

I know all those accounts are his because of the patterns that I'm seeing here, which makes it all that obvious to me *nods*


—ManeaEve on how everyone that hates her must be one person!

ManeaEve is such a self-loving bitch that she actually believes it's impossible for anyone to hate her. So what does she do? She clumps her hundreds of haters and flamers together and claims them to be "One Person". Despite the fact that 7chan only months earlier proved otherwise with a slew of people who chased her off of two of her DeviantART accounts. No ManeaEve, there's hundreds of us that hate you. LULZ

Maneaeve Rediscovered?

After a long silence and the disappearance of ManeaEve, several members here at ED lol'd hard when she gave herself away by making an account here on ED, editing her own page, and anything relating to her like the complete dipshit that she is. ManeaEve, you make yourself way too obvious.

Under the fake name FuckThatShit not only did she edit her page, but the pages of several articles linking to her. We checked her history and saw that ManeaEve has a obvious beef with a Tartlet that goes by the name of Deviantart-favicon.png ZerosMistress on DevianTART.

We have discovered she is Deviantart-favicon.png BlackLupin on DevianTART. Go flame her!

Investigating another account right now that is leading a crusade against ZerosMistress publically. We suspect this other site as her troll account because on her BlackLupin name she put up a journal about the animu "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" the very same day this other user changed "his" icon to the exact same thing. "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". As this is not a very well known animu, it's more than likely her. Coincidence? We don't think so.

We can confirm that the user known as Deviantart-favicon.png Norton-Anti-Trace is a troll account used by our lovely Manea. A few days ago, an article here on ED popped up about the Tarlet known as ZerosMistress. It says:

Some time ago, Setsuna's antics were observed by EDiot FuckThatShit. Not realizing that the game was up, Setsuna decided to instead start tracing overtime and compensate by deleting any and all comments which might endanger her cunning plan.


FuckThatShit? As in the same name used to edit parts of this page!? Oh Manea, you'd think that you would have learned by now that we would have uncovered this! Talk about outing yourself! Dumb bitch.

UPDATE 7-10-2011

Dumb bitch has been found yet again because she doesn't know how to keep her loud ass mouth shut. Deviantart-favicon.png Freebiesforeveryone

^ Her new account. So massively butthurt from her lack of ass pats and support on her previous account, her new account is used to troll DA artist that she particularly doesn't like for what ever reason her warped and twisted brain can think of.

UPDATE 11-16-2012

IP Traces have rediscovered her back at it on this very website! This is her new account: LoveTheLulz

The cunt has returned

After a year of hiding, Maneaeve returns and with a new name. Now known as Deviantart-favicon.png valkyrieaku also known as as Andy or V, she has done a complete 360 from being a Lion King cock rider to a Mighty Ducks cock sucker, drawing as much fanart with her ugly ass oc with Lord Dragaunus. As seen on her Deviantart and Tumblr, the cunt has become a HUGE feminazi, and she loves to act all high and mighty and calls Muh Soggy Knee whenever a person does not share her personal views.

The cunt just LOVES to cause much drama by simply calling out things that she THINKS she can change by bitching and whining on her Deviantart, Furaffinity and Tumblr accounts. Little does she realize that honestly no one really gives a shit about an attention whore who is trying to build her own personal army.

However, when Maneaeve does not get her way she makes posted in her Devianrt journal about those who she claims either "did her wrong" or are sooooo misogynist. All because they don't agree with her posts she makes on the net. She will even makes ED articles to get a army of cunt lickers at her disposal just to get the LOLZ.

Also of note, she has changed her birthday to December 25. What happened to being born on Halloween? Also She lies about her being a 21+ instead of being in her 30s +. See on Furaffinity in the links below of her Furaffinity Account Profile.


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