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Manatee-chan. Notice the fat girl angle shot.

Manatee-chan is a fat, disgusting, smelly camwhore who made her mark on the basement dwellers and 13-year-old boys on /b/ August 8, 2007.

Story of Manatee-chan

Manatee-chan hadn't had sex for at least 100 years, since no one wanted to put their dick in her Grand Canyon-sized vagoo. She tried going everywhere: bars, sex clubs, the street corner, crack houses, but no one wanted to do it. She decided she needed to find the most desperate, sick fucks, the kind of people who would fap to anything that called themselves a female.

Naturally, she chose /b/. The lusers on /b/ got her to post two threads full of tits, vagoo, pooper, and even her stretch-mark covered stomach. The whole time she talked about how she was trying to lose weight by taking speed and how insecure she was. Finally the calls of "MAN THE HARPOONS!" and "DO NOT WANT" became too much for her, and she went off to BBWchan. She finally found solace there.




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