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/r9k/ (also known as /rk9/, "Robot 9000", "arcanine", /r9gay/, and /relationships9000/) is one of the final boards added to 4chan on February 19th, 2008. It is 4chan's official board for relationship advice (or rather lack of relationship) discussing childhood memories and hooking up with fellow r9friends. Its current iteration serves as the official wizard board, complete with endless tfw no gf, normie and womanhate threads.

After childhood memories of being ræped by a robot surfaced in therapy, m00t took a page from Randall Munroe's blog and created the board. It is now moderated by the aborted fetus of the aforementioned tryst, a bot named "ROBOT9000" that prevents the same image or text from being reposted EVAR AGAIN. It initially showed a lot of promise as the best general discussion board on 4chan, apparently immune to the failure that contaminated /b/.

However, m00t's little lab experiment has since turned into his Frankenstein's monster, as it has since been populated with millions and millions of angsty teenage moralfags who blow their load every time they realize that what they're saying can only ever be said again with slight variation. Every topic on the board is centered around their liberal, elitist BAWWWWWWfest antics, taking no care to show anything but contempt and disrespect for their /b/tarded elders and superiors. The aforementioned fags bring it with thread sandwiches made of NORPs, Dr. Phil, and AIDS. If you're ever in need of a good ROFL, any given thread on /r9k/ will turn that frown upside down.

What have I missed?
Elliot Rodger
2 days ago
4 days ago
Brenton Tarrant
6 days ago

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anyway big missed opportunity not callin' this thread "a pox on your cocks" way to go tim


—Minty, on EDF 6

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