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G4 is a shitty ass television channel that used to be about technology and good gaming. They had recently decided to scrap decent shows with actual content in favor of showing nerds uglyass boobs. At least 9001% of the programming schedule is Cops, Campus PD, and "Movies that don't suck". Adam Sessler co-hosts the show X-Play, a show in which video games get rated 3 out of 5 stars, with Morgan "Man-Jaw" Webb, a very creepy woman who gets mistaken for the red skull. She's been called a "Randomn cocksucking wannabe tv star" who's big role is to play the part of a video game female, even though we've never seen her once play a single video game. This show is full of dialogue that might be mistaken for humor. Maybe.

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You weren't murdered, you were hypnotized and given gender surgery and made to think you are a man named Patrick from Winnipeg. You're actually a girl from Boulder Colorado... Search your feelings... You know it to be true, JonBenet


Forumlambda.png Chimplord1997, reminding a schizophrenic who she really is

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