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RoCocks (also known as Dynablox, Shitblox, Gayblox, Gooblox, Rococks and a whole plethora of other shit) is a shitty Lego knockoff made in 2005 by a few Jews with too much extra time and money. Given how autistic the game truly is, and its allure to autistic children, it should come as no surprise that 99% of the people who play this game are fucking retarded. The "objective" of Rococks is to make cool shit, but since doing so requires having a brain in your fucking skull, this is a goal that is, and forever will be, unattainable by the shitcocks cummunity. Instead what you'll see is endless and perpetual stealing of game assets that the .01% of the community created, spam to hoax/CP/warez sites to get "free Rocucks, and general copying shit somebody else made, to get attention from the community.

You can also buy premium membership, called Builders Club that is very overpriced for what you actually get and only lasts for a certain amount of time. When the subscription ends, you are stripped from a lot of the features, forcing you to buy it again. Of course, this is purely intentional by the admins, as they don't give a single fuck about you, but are only interested in your money.

What have I missed?
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South Park
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Forumlambda.png ASSBLONKER, dying from a cocaine overdose

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