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Putrid/paim6n/archangelsk/Silene (Powerword: Ariel Rose) Is a suspected transgender internet prostitute who is best known for filming herself beating her grandmother and selling the video on her Onlyfans. She is also a radical 3rd wave feminist who justified her actions by claiming that she battered her grandmother for the greater good of the feminist movement and for wimminz empowerment. Ariel can be currently seen peddling her only fans content to 14-year-old boys on discord, she is also an administrator on the Encyclopedia Dramatica clone run by Aediot where they pretend to run a cult and exploit retarded simps for money

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Lmao the ass napkins

No it's a medical thing due to being raped at a young age, I don't really care who knows about it it's not like it's a quirk I enjoy or anything
If that's the best ammunition Ade can provide then I've already won tbh



Aediot, admitting he shoves napkins up his gaping asshole, Kiwi Farms Favicon.png Ass Napkins

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