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Samsung Sam is a shitty forced corporate meme when in 2021, Korean electronics company Samsung had rejected promotional materials leaked for yet another shitty AI-powered virtual assistant. Where other companies like Apple and Amazon failed, Samsung took a lesson from Valve and were attempting to tap into the Anime Coomer market. When Samsung finally acknowledged the existence of their abandoned prototype Android Waifu™, Twitter lost their collective sex-addled degenerated minds. To nobody's surprise, a shit load of Rule 34 was made almost instantly and proliferated across the interwebz. Samsung Sam is now the waifu of millions of retarded basement-dwellers who will never get a girlfriend. This basically proves humanity is fucked forever.

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Hey so my sister has been uncomfortable with the size of her breasts recently, and ik this is really weird (I told her that too lmao) but she was wondering if you could send her a picture of them maybe just cuz she thinks you have nice breasts and wants to compare. Again ik this is weird but she knew I had you added on snap. You can send them whenever I'm just gonna give her the phone now and she will give it back to me after you send them to her. She really appreciates it and says thanks in advance


Kleetus K.

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