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What originally started as a means of cigarette smoking cessation, the electronic cigarette or "e-cig" was created as a means of delivering addictive nicotine into your body via atomized water vapor as opposed to traditional carcinogenic laden smoke. A clever idea all around and a great way to stop smoking... at least, it was. Instead a large number of moronic fuckwits decided to bastardize the invention for the sake of creating a quasi-religious "lifestyle" around it, that they call "vaping", primarily for the purpose of over-compensating for their complete lack of personality, the e-cig allowed these rejects to try and pass themselves off as "unique little snowflakes" by continually and constantly huffing off an electronic dildo for a drug fix.

Tobacco companies have been quick to get in on the action, switching gears and producing e-cig products and paraphernalia left and right, effectively becoming 21st century electronic drug pimps, forcing their dimwitted cunt starved clientele to suck off their phallic products in exchange for a nicotine hit. As such, every vaper in existence is effectively just a pimped out druggie, servicing their douche flutes for a fetid fix, provided by Pimp Daddy Big Tobacco.

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