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MagicalPockyUsagi (Akemi) is an insane weeaboo scene slut who is possibly trying to be funny, but is doing it wrong. She was created by applying the England stone to applemilk1988, thus evolving her into a horrible sawtoothed abomination with an even more so insatiable lust for shriveled yellow cock. Claiming to hate weeaboos, she is either a very good troll or a horrible, horrible person who should die in a fire. Her YouTube states that she is a Japanese Princess trapped in a pretty hot caucasian body and that she is Japanese although both she and her parents live in and were born in America. She has also stated in one of her videos of fail that she is also a vampire.

Like applemilk, she provides people with lessons in moonspeak, but what she should focus on providing is tits or gtfo. She is asking for it and should rightfully be raped at full force by the internet hate machine. She has also apparently completely come down with a case of unwarranted self importance.

Holy Crap She's applemilk1988???

On YouTube, she has a video called "PROOF I am 日本人. ラムネ好き! Pretty intense animation." This conspiracy calls for investigation! Either, a. weeaboos use the phrase "pretty intense" a lot, or b. she is somehow in relation to applemilk. Or, c. she is imitating appplemilk to seem realistic and she is a troll of great skill.

On /b/

MagicalPocky is obviously a troll. Only a retard would think otherwise. Unfortunately, this simple and obvious truth flies over the heads of about half of the anonymous viewers.

MagicalPockyUsagi is also far from perfect in every way. She is the far from a Japanese person, from the fact that she is as white as copy paper. She has provoked her self claimed jealousy among many /b/tards:

"Ah, the infamous rubber/glue technique. Alas, madame, we are not the weaboos you are looking for. You see, the vital difference between US and YOU is as follows:

We allow things like anime, Japanese culture, humor, and so on and so forth, to ENRICH our lives, to add to our already fertile imaginations to create entirely new, unique personalities that may share similar features, but are unique.

YOU allow these things to DEFINE your life, creating another copy of an annoying subculture."



Perceptive /b/tard perceives the reason she chose to hang out at /b/:

i bet you strut your shit around little weeaboo faggots who cant get laid and you only hang out with them just to get attention.

go read a manga or something you weeaboo prick



Other responses incited by MagicalPocky's visit to /b/:

Okay stfu.

Once a month I come here to lurk, and this is what has happened to us?

You can either post tits like the rest of them and add onto our vast collection of camwhore porn, or just get out.

everyone else just shut up. Yea, I admit, I lol'd a bit at your stupidity but for god's sake.

I honestly think this bitch is serious so whats the point of acting like shes another person acting like she's an outsider when there's a chance SHE IS ACTUALLY AN OUTSIDER.

There's a reason we use this phrase: Anonymous does not forgive, or forget, yada yada yada.

Stop mucking around, this is jsut some bitch that might end up acting like she's a /b/tard. You are to blame for this cancer you stupid faggots. You are the ones who don't know what the hell you're saying. You are the ones that need to turn off your computer and exit out your monkey porn. I'm sick and tired of this BULLSHIT.

Rule 1 and 2 exist for a reason. You faggots can't tell people they're the cancer when you openly invited them in.

Shut the hell up and keep fapping you stupid faggots.



Who are you kidding. You're hot but grow out of that shit. I only cosplay at Anime Expo, I can still lead a healthy life without having to be "OMG KAWAII DESU."

Now who wants to see me use my rubber abilities to stretch the better parts of the male anatomy? No /b/tard womens out there?

..Damn. Anyway, night /b/.



Stupid whore. We do not actively dislike people who have a liking for japanese culture. What anonymous hates, however, are stupid pricks like you who think they are... "japanese princesses in a cauasian body". I mean, how pathetic can you get? Well... I probably should not use too many big words; since you are supposedly a model, your IQ is inversely proportional to your popularity. Knees sore from sucking cock all day? Use kneepads.



I've never understood the joy of trolling... I mean, it's not like punching a guy in the nuts, it's like being a fly and buzzing around someone's head.

We need a new word for crappy trolling, I propose "goblin" We'll leave troll for the truly epic shit.






Judging by the amount of faggotry she brought out, she trolled /b/ pretty hard.

ytmnd dumbfucks, self hating gaiafags, internet tough guys...she pretty much brought out the face of the new /b/

You lost bad, fags.




Weeaboo or troll? You decide. WARNING: after being exposed to these levels of KAWAII a normal human being might have the urge to wash their eyes out with bleach. FYI: According to the way she has her kimono tied in the last video, it's confirmed she's a whore. Go tell her that right now. DO IT FAGGOT.



Now a fat guy made a parody for the lulz of it.


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