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Maddi is an IRL and OL whore and, not to mention, a 16-year-old girl. The first thing you read on her MySpace is, "I'm Maddi.[96lbs,5'2",Size 0 pants,size 5 1/2 shoe, &no boobs." Many would believe she is trying to brag about being ana, if it weren't obvious that she's totally lying. If it were true, she'd have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 17.6, which means she would be on her way to a cardiac arrest. She also has midget feet.

Maddi's Attention Whoring

She has her entire life story on her Myspace.

"2005 was my worst year ever. My mother went to the hospital and almost died, twice. Leaving me home with an abusive brother. He raped me both times that she was gone, I didn't tell her. (TOTALLY ASKING FOAR IT AMIRITE?) The third time she walked in and saw my body thrown on the floor and him beating me and ripping off my clothes, she turned around and shut the door and I heard her laugh. I remember every detail of that. And I still get flash backs. I remember the apin. I walked around hiding the bruises and pain. I cried myself to sleep every night. I couldn't take it anymore. and one day she was all messed up on meth and called me a dirty whore and told me it was my fault that this happened to me that no one would ever love me, that I was going to die soon and no one would even notice. I attacked her and beat her senseless my sted dad and brother pulled me off and called the police I was put in juvi. I got out and called my dad to come and take me to Idaho. My mom wouldn't let him because she didn't want me i that enviroment. My dad was sueing for custody and my mom didnt even go. She wasn't clean when they gave her the test. I went home for a week and then I was leaving. My brother hit me everyday and threw out of a two story window. He raped me one last time."

Nobody is ever comfortable telling everyone on the internets about rape. Therefore, she is lying. Also, if you talk to any of her friends, they will gladly tell you that she is lying. Don't forget to spam her!

Info non-talk.png If you visit Maddi's MySpace page (for spam or otherwise), don't tell her about ED. It's especially funny to see her freak out about where all the trolls are coming from. Do it for the lulz!

Maddi Being a Whore

Maddi dates, on average, six to eight guys and/or girls in a month. Because of her active sex life, she is filled with centipedes. Maddi tells each and every person that she dates that she loves them, making them feel better about themselves before she dumps them on their ass. Maddi's current boyfriend has gone out with her a total of three times in two months. Here's what she has to say about him:

I will never forget the boy who changed my life, and stuck by me. People like him are rare to find. I won't leave him, he means too much. Words can't even begin to explain. I can't promise our forever now, but no matter I will forever be by your side.Our friendship will not weaken or end, I will never let you go. Sorry bitch, you're stuck with me. I love you. Our memories will never fucking fade.




A Tuna Melt

Maddi attended a party with many bisexuals and lesbians and, somehow, casual conversation lead to everyone eating each other out. Several girls said that Maddi smelled like Tuna fish. This lead to everyone at her High School calling her "TunaMelt". I don't think she's even aware of why people are calling her that, making her slightly fucktarded.

Maddi Being a Hypocrite

Remaining a Virgin

Maddi made a vow to remain a virgin until marriage, after her "Rape" incident. Shortly after, you could view a comment on her myspace saying "I'm sorry that I took your virginity, that was wrong of me." She has since deleted the comment.

"I'm so Fat"

Maddi frequently calls herself fat, just like every other 16-year-old girl, despite her being "96 Pounds".

Maddi's Friends

Maddi has a vast group of "friends", but in fact, only one of them likes her. That's because she (her one friend) likes everyone. Most of her guy friends start out obsessed with her, she then dates them, dumps them, and because they are civilized, they act like everything's fine. When, in fact, they think and know that she is a backstabber. Most of her girl friends see what horrible things she does to her boyfriends, and then decide that Maddi needs to be pushed down a well.

Quotes From Her "Friends"

"Maddi take that crap off your page. He tried. You are hurting him. I told you not to do that. But you dont care."

"Maddi, If you are going to sit here and worry about [him] not liking you any more I have some sypathy until you start flirting with other guys. and dont lie to me and tell me you dont."


i would like to see u try bitch.


i would curb stomp u even before u could touch me. backk off. seriously. dont be a freak about things. i dont want [him]. i have a bf. i dont steal people from people. i accept that they are in a relationship. and that they like eachother. im not gonna try to change that. so just take a deep breathe. and calm down. geez. "

"okay maddi. here's the deal. i never said that i hated you. i actually said that i didn't know you well enough to hate you or to like you. but leave it to you to totally twist what someone says. i don't hate people. so i don't hate you. but i do STRONGLY dislike you. STRONGLY. you brought me in to this. don't talk about me and put MY name in your conversations if you don't want me to be involved. you should be jealous of me. but not because i'm "taking [her] away from you." boohoo. poor poor pitiful maddi. you should be jealous because i know what it's like to be a good friend. i know what it's like to be there for someone when they need me. i know what it's like to tell the truth. i know what it's like to admit my mistakes and to try to fix them. you don't. you are completley fake in every way. you fake your way into friendships. you fake your way into relationships. you fake your way out of shit that you get yourself into. you fake cry so that people will feel sorry for you. you are the fakest person that i have ever met in my entire life, and i've met ALOT of fake people. so here's some advice maddi. stop treating people like shit. stop putting people down. stop trying to make yourself seem liek the better person that you are clearly not. and stop being a bitch. "

"YOU CHEATED ON ME! YES YOU FUCKING DID WITH [him]!!! thats FUCKING right none of you guys were worth my time exept you and [her]."

"hmmm i see youv found a cool kid for a bf? yeah just dont treat him like you did me!"


"Why did you change your screen name to 'FUCK UP'!? Was it just to provoke some responses?"

"uh no. do you honestly think i'd actually add a 15 yr old little girl? hahahaha. my friend got on my account and added a bunch of random ass people. i'll delete you now. "

An Hero Watch!

Her "friend" attempted to blank her article with this insightful dialogue:

Whoever wrote this, this kind of shit causes people to kill themselves. You should be ashamed of yourself. Have fun trying to type that all out again :D


Some faggot

Apparently "words on a screen" have become so completely overwhelming she's threatening to LEAVE FOREVERS...literally! :D

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