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What is this shit?

MAD TV (or just "MAD", now also known as Meme TV) graced us with its presence in two versions. The live action version appeared on Fox in the roarin' 90s, then later on Comedy Central with no improvements whatsoever. Then the cancer known as the animated version appeared on Cartoon Network last Thursday. The writers for the animated series, all redditors mind you, as proved in the below videos that during their run on Cartoon Network, decided that the best way to reach out to the kiddies and preteens with their clearly hilarious and ingenious comedy stylings is to put memes in EVERY FUCKING EPISODE. I mean, seriously, kids are going to understand that? You know that the writers have the creative and comedic prowess of a fetus when they resort to lolcat logic to be funny. It's pretty much the greatest and biggest example of forced memes in TV history.

You may remember the old MAD magazine, but the animated MAD show is nothing like either that or its live-action version counterpart. Filled with various styles of amazing animation like 2D, CGI, stop-motion, etc.; redditors write crossover parodies about the newest pop culture trends, movies, TV shows, and music. And you know what? Some of it can be pretty damn funny.

The show is targeted towards underage B& and 13-year-old boys, but most of the "kids" that they're targeting who watch their show won't get half of the references, especially if memes are involved unless they've been introduced to the internet early. Probably watched by /co/ (since it was on right after Adventure Time).

Since about 100 years ago however; Fox, Comedy Central, The CW, and Cartoon Network have canceled both the live action and animated versions, thereby sending the writers back to Reddit where they came from. The live action one was canceled after 14 seasons and one reboot and the animated version after 4.

Memes/Viral Videos/Image Macros Used to Date

For the last time, there's not such thing as the Internet!


—Some Furry on MAD, wrong


They can never get past our firewall!



—The same furry, wrong again.





m00t makes his guest appearance before getting owned

  • And pretty much any failed/forced/fake meme there ever was and is.

Please add to this list as needed.

Videos (Watch at your own risk)


On October 22, 2011, Nickelodeon decided to bring you caturday in a preview of the new Puss in Boots movie. Proof that newfags are everywhere nowadays.

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