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Information icon.png LOL RAGEQUIT!
I am not interested in hearing anything more about ED...ever. Thank you. --MONGO 21:07, 11 December 2006 (UTC)
FBI photograph showing MONGO performing "unnatural acts" on a tree.
MONGO spent all his days wishing for a tree like this one.
MONGO at NYC Harbor, planning to blow up the WTC (seen in background).

MONGO, born Ahmed Ali Mansoor, is a ranting old coot and self-confessed inbred from Crackerville, Montana. He spends 18 hours a day editing Wikipedia, while "on the c(l)ock" as a United States Government agent, defending Bush administration policy. [1],[2], File:MongoUSDHS.jpg The rest of his day is spent trying to convince retarded children that his penis is a strawberry ice cream cone. MONGO was an infamous wiki administrator, but even Wikipedia denied him after it was discovered that the Canadian Federal Government investigated MONGO in August 2006 for violations of child pornography laws, hiring illegal immigrants for the sex trade, and for being a fucking lying douchebag.


Gaia fucking up MONGO's talk page. MONGO's existence has finally been validated. He can now die happily.

MONGO worked for W in the Department of Homeland Security. Probably with the Forest Service at present, but who knows. He'll fight for that federal employee pension with his life. He trolls Wikipedia to hide government conspiracies in the name of national security. He is also a conservative tool, in it for the lulz and cheap women.

Mongo, in all honesty, when state that you work for USDHS and then immediately archive the ensuing discussion that lasted for about 3 days, I'm sure a lot of people are going to assume it's because you don't want people to see it.


—SkeenaR, [3]

Given that you are employed by the U.S. Gov't, and actively engaged in combating conspiracy theorists in various WTC-related articles, the suspicion that Uncle Sam might be rewarding you for this in some form or fashion is, in my opinion, a rather natural suspicion...


—Freakofnurture, [4]

MONGO's Activities on Wikipedia

MONGO reveals that he is actually an employee of the Homeland Security Department, working on Wikipedia.
How about you go fuck yourself?

Became a Bureaucratic fuck in November 2005, and got shitcanned in December 2006. RFC, Another RFC, yeah another RFC.
12-11-06: HE UN-DIED LOL
6-7-15 WIKICIDE again.[5]

He got blocked in 2007 for "violent threats", hah. His begging for sysop powerz in 2008 was fucking hilarious. Wanna know who the worst assholes on Wikipedia are? The ones who voted for him. He tried to wikicide again in 2009, and came back anyway, because ghey. Begged to be a sysop again in 2012, and out spewed the black jism.

MONGO mainly creates and edits articles related to nature reserves in the US. He, in the true hillbilly tradition, frequently visits the great outdoors to make love to deceased mountain goats. MONGO also concentrates on making sure any 9/11 conspiracy theories do not make it to Wikipedia. Needless to say, this has a lot to do with MONGO's obsession and infatuation with George W. Bush and the Republican Government. MONGO is undergoing counseling for the same, according to a court order in an indecent exposure case when Montana State Troopers arrested MONGO after they discovered him sitting on a park-bench, holding his penis in one hand and a poster of George W. Bush in the other.

MONGO also publicly states open hatred of homosexuals, perhaps a result of the traumatic experiences suffered by him as a child at the hands of one Vinny the Rapist. However he keeps one of the largest collections of dildos in the US, which he hardly ever washes after use.

MONGO pretends he is an Islamophobe [6], but it is common knowledge that he only does this to conceal from his colleagues at the Department of Homeland Security the fact that he is a Muslim by birth. In fact he was romantically involved with a drag-queen named Booty-bin-Shoful from Baghdad. What is even more suspicious is MONGO's infatuation with another she-male Ann Coulter, who we all know is an Al-Qaeda operative in disguise.

MONGO's may never have another shot at adminship ever since this compromising video of him in a fur suit emerged. Although several users lobbied for MONGO to be banned on moral grounds, Jimbo defended him by stating there is no policy against incest, or furries, for that matter (but we repeat ourselves). Therefore, this fat, deeply repressed, self loathing, ex-Muslim, homo-fascist, cocksucker is a celebrated member of Wikipedia

If you have ever had the misfortune of running across this first-rate ex-bureaucratic fuck, feel free to contact him here and tell him to verify whether this article is in accordance with WP:NPOV and WP:NPA and WP:OFFICE and WP:NO and WP:CIVIL and WP:NOR and WP:DNLAED. Or else just go ahead and do it for the lulz.

Someday, children diddled by this nutjob will rejoice as karma swings around.

MONGO at his job for the USDHS agency.

Quite frankly...who gives a crap what you think? The event happened in the U.S. and your anti-American bias is so obvious you can cut it with a knive so shove off. I don't go into articles about events that happened in countries outside the U.S. and tell them they're biased. You're failure to see that the events of 9/11 were textbook level definitions of terrorism betray your obvious anti-American bias. Stop wasting our time with this radical nonsense.--MONGO 15:56, 8 August 2006 (UTC)


MONGO'S numerous RFC, arbitrations and complaints

  • June 2006, he was allowed to censor some of it afterwards.
  • December 2006, desysopped lol.
  • April 2007, supported by a lot of very bad insiders.
  • November 2007, "It appears that it is not possible to block MONGO regardless of his behavior."
  • RFA January 2008, sockpuppeted and abused, flopped anyway.
  • Hates lots of people on Wikipedia, and shows it. [7][8][9][10][11][12] On his shitlist? He will destroy the Internet to get rid of you.
  • RFA in 2012, another horrible flop.

MONGO's Reaction to This Article

MONGO finally gets brave enough to upload a new picture.
ED pwning MONGO.
MONGO's existence has finally been validated. He can now die happily.

Ever since MONGO discovered this article, he has displayed a level of batshit insanity far surpassing Mistress Selina Kyle of The Wikipedia Review, Dick Cheney shooting someone in the face, and Tom Cruise put together. He has deleted an old revision from his userpage simply because this article linked to it. He went so far to protect Wikipedia's article about ED (in violation of Wikipedia policies). He then edited it with sysop privileges (a further violation). Finally, with the assistance of a few dozen sockpuppets, MONGO placed it on the votes for deletion section of the site, and the rest is history.

After complaining about personal attacks, he came here and made them himself. CheckUser finds User:MONGO1 is ( from Nebraska. He used Ed Poor to impersonate that Wikipedia ex-bureaucrat with AOL IPs. OMG MONGO PROVES IT IS HIM ON WIKIPEDIA! Tony Sidaway, another Wikipedia admin and sexual deviant, colluded in this with him.

You know what, I think I will now delete the history of those IP's just so you stay curious. I suppose I need to get an account at ED and tell them it is me so they can then do a checkuser and then you'll see that it is the one and only time I logged into there. But, the problem is, I don't want those guys posting my true IP on the article that is over there about me. Don't you think I would have either gone into that website myself or had one of my "friends" take care of it if it was my IP...think.



MONGO's Activities on ED

Once Mongo learned of the article, he came to ED and vandalized the fuck out of articles, especially this one - usually blanking pages. He's used a ton of sock puppets. Now even the most abominable retard in the world would realize that this article was created solely to piss this stupid fuck off and to show the world the truth about him. That notwithstanding, MONGO has repeatedly raised objections against this brilliant piece of work, saying it violates WP:NPOV, WP:NPA, WP:ARTICLES MAY NOT CONTAIN PICTURES OF MONGO FUCKING FOLIAGE, etc, etc,. So, on behalf of Encyclopedia Dramatica, if you have any issues MONGO please take it up here on our help-desk.

They mustn't know.


MONGO was diagnosed with a disease not so rare but he was such a prime example they named it after him, Mongolism. Even Wikipedia has a page for it [

He has been called MONGO for almost 30 years as a nickname...he had to capitalize all my letters because someone else was already listed with lower case letters by the same name. He was nicknamed by my friends after the character Mongo played by football star Alex Karras in the movie Blazing Saddles. Apparently being a 6'7" and 280-pound giant also had a big part in the choice of nickname. He kind of likes it, but oftentimes wishes he was about a half a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter. Consequently, he doesn't drive an economy car as he simply can't fit into one.

MONGO is also a backronym for Masturbating Over Nigger Gays Online, suggesting how he spends most of his time.

He was born and raised in Montana, and has lived in eleven different states over the past 25 years. He has traveled all across the U.S. but has yet to visit Europe, Asia or Australia.

He has a BA in Physical Anthropology and have a MS in Forensics. He has worked as a National Park Ranger at four different National Parks over a dozen years at such beautiful places as Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Shenandoah. He celebrated his 57th birthday in September 2006, which is also in keeping with how he looks in the photograph and also the fact that he spent the "last 25 years" traveling around the U.S. His political views also imply that that he is probably involved with the Republicans in his area." - Quite clearly MONGO or one of the said followers.

MONGO claims to be affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security, but in reality, he is unemployed and lives with his parents. He was fired from the Homeland Faggot Society for looking at pornography on the job.

Philosophy on knowledge

In a moment of extreme humility, MONGO recently acknowledged, "Hum...too much knowledge is not really good in some areas", proving that he's proud to be an ignoramus, and proving that he prefaces profound statements with "Hum...".

Wikipedia definition of MONGO

Mongo and his fiancé, Debbie (Deadeye Deb), (also infected with mongolism), notice Mongo is a sexually deviant furry.

A variant of "mong", a pejorative term for someone with mental retardation.[13] wiktionary says mongo is an idiot.

MONGO did something for the lulz!!!!

Q: What exactly do you do for homeland security?

MONGO: What is homeland security? (proof)

Trolling Wins

Trolling wins

Had enough...goodbye to this place.


—MONGO, 17:35, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Karma swings around

On April 12th of 2008, MONGO was blocked for telling a petulant administrator to get lost and then left Wikipedia forever. The irony of MONGO quitting due to an abusive administrator was not lost on anyone. And he came back anyway, being a pussy.

MONGO spills his IP

After years of denying his IP started with a 6 and claiming it started with a 2, MONGO suddenly spills his IP and then links to it. It was the same IP range and reverse DNS he used to vandalize ED that he for so long denied was him.

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