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Luke Crywalker is an alias given to a leftist feminist faggot Jessica Starr who got triggered hard during the inauguration of Donald Trump, after s/he got on his or her knees and performed autistic screeching, screaming "NO" for minutes on end. When footage of this reached the net, trolls on /b/ and /pol/ turned this SJW freak into a lulzy internet meme, similar to the meme-ification of Carl the Cuck and AIDS Skrillex. Apparently this is a podcast featuring the cuck.



Someone interviewed the serpent shortly after the incident:

Apparently 'Luke Crywalker' is female. But with millennials, you can never really tell what gender these freaks are.


Other Aliases

  1. Moaning Myrtle
  2. Melting Snowflake
  3. Cuck Crywalker
  4. Screeching Snowflake
  5. Steven Snowflake
  6. Tantrum Tina
  7. Psycho Fag-tis
  8. Darth Snowflake
  9. Howling Trigglet
  10. Screaming Semen Demon
  11. Wailing Trigglet
  12. Alvin the Autist
  13. Autistic Alice
  14. Screeching Sperglord
  15. Shattered Dreams
  16. Crisis Actor
  17. Tyler Oakley
  18. Scary Mary
  19. Shrieklypuff
  20. REEEEana
  21. Hillary Clinton
  22. Faggot


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