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There are many ways to introduce DeviantARTs such as loveinavoid (aka Jessen, real name Jessica Norris - LOLOL.) Common expressions to describe them are fucktardedly fucktacular, and fuckery fuck fuck fuck.

Jessen transcends use of even the word fuck. Jessen is, quite simply, one of the most vain, ego-quaffing, yet singularly untalented idiots ever to set sail on the ocean of DeviantART. She lays claim to being a fantastic (and original) furry artist, yet even after a glimpse at her gallery (warning: contains high amounts of AIDS and fail), one can easily tell that her art is sloppy, in some cases traced and has about as much variety as the menu at McDonald's. Furthermore, she is a camwhore.

If one delves further into her deluded fantasy world, they find that she writes a fuckton of DevianTART journal entries that read hilariously like a LiveJournal attention whore's mad grab for affirmation. Just like any good attention whore, loveinavoid does not even care whether the attention she receives is positive or negative.

As if all this faggotry wasn't enough to earn her a place in the rapetime of our collective hearts, loveinavoid also loves to e-cat fight anybody and everybody who comes across her DeviantART page with anything other than mindless ass-patting. Of course she is as good at arguing on the internet as she is at drawing furry art, so she ends up looking like more of an idiot than usual.

The Person

Jessen is such a spectacular camwhore, that one can see as much of her as one would like in her gallery. Unfortunately for everybody on the internets, Jessen is a complete un-hittable uggo and even with all the photoshop and extreme fat girl angle shots her hideous acne scars and crusty piercings still remain visible and painful to the eyes. Even blankets can't hide it. BALEETED

In fact, Jessen (who resides in kangaroo land) is so cool she happens to have an INTERNET GIRLFRIEND from Ohio. Wow, can she get any cooler?

As one passer-by noted:

11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
Мерлин Брюс says:	 
She's a uuuuuuuuuuuuuunicorn	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
Мерлин Брюс says:	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
I wouldn't fuck her with a ten foot poll	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
and i am drunk	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
But seriously	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
I am drunj	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
and I think she is ugly	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
so when I sober up	 
11 Unbirthdays left! says:	 
it'll be like "JESUS CHRIST	 
And if says:	 
You would love to give loveinavoid oral sex. 	 
D7.56.995 says:	 
i think i would rather shoot myself in the leg 700 times before blowing out my brains.	 


Pure originality!

As mentioned earlier, one of rapeinavoid's regular activities seems to be constantly getting upset over every comment that is not a mindless asspat. Of course she pretends that she is above such things, and that the people lulzing at her poorly-formed "counter-arguments" are the ones who are somehow lacking in a life. Fail get!

Perhaps the best thing about her incredible lack of argumentative skills is how often she contradicts herself, and just turns into a full-blown hypocrite without any provocation. Being the attention whore that she is, she does her best to get the last word in any string of e-arguments, and still tries to pass herself off as the less-involved party.

As one DeviantARTlet asked, "[...] why do you continue to reply?" [3]

Jess Norris, never stop failing. We find your hilariously ineffectual stupidity to be a great source of lulz.

B'awwww! Somebody dun insult mah art!

Loveinavoid is quite an accomplished attention whore - she's not doing things half-assed! Possibly because she's fat. In any case, she is a master of taking a comment that doesn't sound like her hugbox wrote it for her, and throwing an absolute tantrum about it.


Oops, look at you, you just pushed aside page views as being somewhat meaningless? (GG, since that is actually true) Wait I must've read that wrong, because here you are thanking drama for page views to try to make yourself look good.

i didn't copy that pichur, do you know how often this pose is used

lol reported. [2]
Try learning basic anatomy there, loveinavoid.

Most of loveinavoid's drama comes from the great lulz that arose when somebody noticed that a picture in loveinavoid's gallery looked suspiciously similar to some other furry's art. When this was pointed out to her, loveinavoid went lolfully batshit insane. In the lollercaust that followed, loveinavoid posted not one BUT TWO (BOTH BALEETED) journal entries about how wonderful she was, and about how terrible those people were.

Like any furry, the speed with which Godwin's Law was enacted was impressively comical.

i love how these 12 year old art nazis [all...two of them] accusing me of theft draw like they vomited on a piece of paper and attacked it with a stick.

try learning basic anatomy before you go around judging other peoples work, dears.



That's right - the girl who drew this (BALEETED) is attacking other people's anatomy. As a bonus, we get a logical fallacy as the base of an argument! Way to take two unrelated things, throw in a Hitler remark and some falsehooods to try to make a point! Zeriara would be proud.

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