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Louis C.K.

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He came

Louis "Cuck King" CK is a Jewish Mexican ginger comedian and moderately successful troll that that finally got a successful show on FX that panders to what people want to see.

Louis CK has become well known as a launching pad for every comedians career. Since the internets, it has become a well known that every comedian steals from Louis CK.

A comedian that introduced the lulz to a lot of people who'd started to explore the stand-up scene, to this day he remains one of the lulziest IRL trolls out there. He likes to produce masturbation anecdotes and self loathing jokes, that somehow manage remind everybody that everything is funny, and everything can be funny, and it should be.

Despite that EVERY COMEDIAN HAS STOLEN JOKES FROM LOUIS CK, he remains a pretty cool guy about it since it is easier to be a pussy.

In November 2017 after the downfall of fellow Jew Harvey Weinstein, the jizz hit the fan when multiple women came forward after Louie came, and said the ugly ginger troll had slapped his snake silly until snot shot out before their very eyes. Always the comedian, Louie said "These stories are true." Then HBO, FX, Netflix, Amazon and 3 Arts cut ties with him, and the distributor of his film I Love You Daddy (which just happens to also feature public masturbation) cancelled its release. CK's manager Dave Becky wasn't attacked nearly as much as CK though, even though Becky was reportedly upset that women were talking openly in the past about CK's habit of literally jerking off in front of audiences (of one or more women).


Louis CK has a reputation of pushing the boundaries of acceptability, but a more accurate summation would be that he traipses about the boundaries without actually crossing them. For example, he will joke that he would fuck the baby of an extremely handsome couple. Now, this is pretty safe when you think about it. Not to imply that there aren't criminal baby-fuckers out there, but baby-fucking strikes most people as so absurd that the joke puts him into the safe zone of mainstream media-approved humor. Truly boundary-pushing humor, as can be found on this wiki, would be to make the same joke but about a slightly older age set, and he doesn't joke about that.

Some other signature aspects of Louis CK's humor are fatherhood, responsibility, and the irresponsibility of twenty-somethings. He uses the fact that he has children as justification to whine about how difficult his life is. In his routines, he contrasts parent-level responsibility with the that of non-parents, saying that non-parents, and teens/twenty-somethings in general, have no place to whine. The irony here is that the only difference between himself and an irresponsible twenty-something is that, in the ultimate act of irresponsible behavior, he got his female knocked up. At the time that he had two children, his marriage was falling apart, and his financial security was uncertain. So unless you subscribe to the stork theory of human reproduction, Louis CK's problems are of his own making, the result of irresponsibility, and so his rants about irresponsible twenty-somethings carry a strong air of projection.


Many people have tried to give Louis CK his own show thinking it will go well since everyone steals funny shit from Louis CK all the time. Unfortunately, they forget that Louis CK is a fat ugly ginger and nobody wants to watch a fat ugly ginger (no matter how funny it is) for 30 minutes, unless it is suffering for being such a fat ugly ginger.

Lucky Louie

Lucky louie-show.jpg

His short-lived HBO sitcom, "Lucky Louie", in which he co-starred with his fellow Opie & Anthony alum Jim Norton. Lulzy as it was, it nonetheless generated a small measure of drama once in a while. Despite having moar lulz than almost all other TV shitcoms, it was cancelled a few years ago due to butthurt from corporate execs who deemed its content "too racy and offensive" for their tastes.

In addition to this, he has directed/written for numerous movies, as well as for fellow ginger Conan O'Brien. As a matter of fact, he has been on Conan's couch countless times.

After failing on HBO because no one believed a fat ugly ginger should be allowed to get pussy live a life that resembled anything close to happiness, his wife left him. After a bitter divorce he went into a deep depression where he WON A COMEDY CENTRAL COMEDY AWARD, BECAME RECOGNIZED BY THE ENTIRE INTERNETS AS THE CREATOR OF ANY FUNNY ORIGINAL CONTENT EVER SAID BY ANY FAMOUS COMEDIAN AND CREATED A SUCCESSFUL TV SHOW THAT MAKES HIM FUCK TONS OF MONIES!


After realizing how much money can be made from stealing material from Louis CK, Louis CK decided to finally go the route that every other famous comedian has gone and steal material from Louis CK.

Louie is an Awwright show that shows how shitty Louis CK's life is ever since his wife left him. Using a totally original concept, it usually shows snippets of his stand-up routine, then has something that either resulted from that routine or otherwise depicts one of his older routines by dramatizing the life experiences that influenced it. It's pretty much an awkward, slightly more refined (i.e., less shitty) version of Seinfeld.

Louis CK brags about having full creative control over the show, having actually directed every episode of the first season and being heavily engaged with the editing, which is a rather conceited way of saying that he doesn't work well with others. He takes the opportunity to indulge his artsy-fartsy side, often with mixed results. Whether it's because the sitcom and art-house cinema don't mix well, or because Louis's artistic talent is fairly dismal, the show is inconsistent in quality. The show would probably be less uneven if Louis didn't assert George Lucas-like control over every aspect of it. For one thing, the show doesn't reward close viewing. What happened to your niece who moved in with you, Louie, and then never appeared in any later episode? Did you eat her? Or were you just too lazy to develop that plot-line? There's bending the rules of sitcom, and then there's just plain laziness. The show also devotes inordinate attention to Louis's pet peeves. We get it Louie, you don't like teens and young adults; there's no need for over 9000 scenes depicting implausibly self-absorbed/amoral young people terrorizing you and your family at every turn.

As the show has a sizable, devoted fan following (ironically comprising the youth set that Louis goes to such great lengths to shit upon), we expect that it will find its way into the annals of shows which prove that quantity does not equal quality.

Wanna be an successful comedian? STEAL FROM LOUIS CK

I'm a fat faggot.



—Louis' honesty knows no bounds.

Their hands look like guns!



YouTube Favicon.png Louis CK, on why niggers are often accidentally shot by police.

You know where "nigger" came from originally? There was some black guy bein' a "nigger", and so they called him a nigger!

...he was bein' a real nigger, and someone said, "What a nigger!", and that's where it started!


YouTube Favicon.png Louis CK, being not racist

That nigger made the shit outta my coffee!



—Louie, talking about a white guy in his stand up special, Chewed Up.

The day you were born, somebody was walking by and they looked and they saw you being born, and...they said, 'hey look, there's some cunt coming out of some cunt's cunt!'



Epic insult Louie crafted

It's raep tiem 4 Leary

Louie has been ripped off more than once by moar famous, yet less talented comedians. Along with many other comics, he had his material Xerox'd by Dane Cook. Despite this faggotry, Louie was rather humble towards Cook in an anonymous radio interview, and only badmouthed Cook YouTube Favicon.png after he was encouraged to by the host. This disappointed many of his fans, who wished he would've burned him at the stake.

More recently, however, it turns out that yet another overrated comic has taken from Louie. A few months ago on the Opie and Anthony radio show, he revealed that YouTube Favicon.png he was the original creator of the song, "I'm An Asshole", and that Denis Leary, taking a page out of the Dane Cook playbook, stole the bit from him and passed it off as his own. Note, however, that Leary's entire career has been built off of this kind of fraudulence.

Two months later, after being exposed as a hack, YouTube Favicon.png Leary went on the same show and tried to discredit Louie's story with a much weaker one, revealing Leary as a massive douchebag once again.

...TL;DR? Stealing from Louis CK is the quickest way to become rich, famous, and good looking and he will sit there and fucking take it like a little bitch!

Cuck King

The "man" himself.

If you're a black guy come on stage and I'll suck your cock. And not just the black guys; anyone who isn't white. I'll suck you all off.



Louis - showing why his wife divorced his gay ass

Louis "Cuck King" CK recently came out as a cuckold and a massive faggot. He has expressed multiple times that "there's nothing wrong with sucking some black cock" and "I'd much rather suck a black dick than a white dick." He is a self-hating white male who desperately wants his race to be enslaved by the clearly superior blacks. His marriage ended in divorce after he desperately begged his wife to take several large black dicks while he watched, red-faced and furiously masturbating to the humiliation of having his wife spitroasted by real men.

Despite the fact that most sane men would rather take a buzzsaw to their ballsack rather than allow someone to fuck their wife, Louis remains firm in his belief that as a white man it is his duty to provide his wife to black men for interracial breeding.

Louie's Come Uppance

Louis C."U.C."K. is a masturbator/comedian and also a ginger spic kike cuck. You can't spell "cuck" without CK. CK was Omegle IRL before Omegle was cool.

CK no habla Inglis until he was 9, but CK brought his traditional Mexican mating dance with him to Amerifat. CK was an early innovator of Offline Omegle Theory, which states that if a woman sees your peenor and sees you jackin' the beanstalk, she will be disgusted at first, but she will eventually get into it because women love dick. Taking matters into his own hands, CK was determined to prove his theory with self-experimentation, using and abusing his very own pet trousersnake. Louie's routine was a real bait-and-switch (moar liek bait-and-bate amirite?). Louie would ask women if they would like to meet his friend "Palmela" Adlon who voiced Bobby Hill on King of the Hill, and then invite women into his masturbatorium. However, once inside his cum-stained jerkoff lair, CK was so pig-disgusting that the women never got into it. They were shocked to see Louie spanking the monkey. They were horrified at the sight of Louie holding his sausage hostage. They were puzzled at the sight of Louie beating his meat. They were confused at the sight of Louie shaking hands with the milkman. They were flustered at the sight of Louie flogging a dolphin. They were ticked off at the sight of Louie tickling the pickle. They were outraged at the sight of Louie attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior. They were embarrassed at the sight of Louie playing with his joystick. They were terrified at the sight of Louie teasing the weasel. They were perplexed at the sight of Louie polishing the bishop. If there is anything women will not stand for, it's when a penis gets abused by some sexfiend, they usually kneel for that kind of thing.

File:Louis ck masturbator.jpg
Hiding in plain sight

Not a fan of trenchcoats, CK would fap in the nude, which only scratches the surface of how creepy CK really is. Too lazy to stand up while flashing unfortunate women, CK would typically sit in a chair like a typical cuck. Some argue the women were offended that Louie was wasting his cum on his own stomach, and not wasting it on their stomachs or by not shoving it up their vag to make wisecracking babies. Some argue that Louie would tell women his real name was actually Louie C O C K, much like Anthony Weiner told poor girls his name was "Carlos Danger." Like every other stand-up comedian, CK admitted to his degenerate behavior and amoral beliefs onstage and the audience laughed, thinking it was a joke. But CK wasn't joking. That's the joke. Very funny Louie. That's some next-level Andy Kaufman shit. He's a real Randy Kaufman. Louie's puppetry of the penis act involved going up to women and quietly asking them if they would like to watch him choke a chicken until he gets shot in the stomach. Who wouldn't want to watch Louie get shot in the stomach? How courteous, asking women before he yanks his crank. What a polite man, to ask before slap boxing the one-eyed bald champ. What good manners he has, to ask before squeezing the cream from the flesh Twinkie. Some guys in the White House don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab yourself by the dick. You can do anything. At this rate, Louie could be the head of Miramax. Or a senator from Alabama. Louie could be President! Self-love is love! No more shame! Louie is here, you leer, get used it! Like fellow sexual degenerate Jew Woody Allen said, masturbation is sex with someone you love. Who are women to say who Louie can't love in the privacy of his office and/or hotel room? At this point, Louie's only way out is if he marches in a pride parade and marries himself in some kind of half-suit/half-bridal gown outfit.

While a regular cuck masturbates furiously at the sight of another man fucking a woman, Louie can't even wait for a bull to show up, and just starts masturbating furiously in front of women at the mere thought of a bull, also known as Premature Cuckoldry. CK takes wanking in public very seriously, so seriously in fact that he features it in movies that get cancelled because Hit Girl is now Fridge Girl and Box Office Poison. Oh and because of the whole wacking off in front of actual women thing, also known as "Pulling A Weinstein" or "Pulling Your Anthony Weiner." Hey, why are all these guys Jews? Clearly these men think they are God's Chosen Penis, which God needs to be mutilated when you're a babby and then sucked on by some bearded blood-sucking Jew in a yarmulke and robes called a "moyl" or "mohel" or some shit. Hey, it was the B.C.'s, it was a different time, you had to be there. When Jesus showed up and said "Um, why are you Jews sucking babydicks?", he was crucified. Now Louie is being crucified for not-even-rape, or what could be called premature rape, or air rape, or hand rape, or self rape, or eye-rape. Look, self-rape is rape. If you are a woman, Louie will rape your eyes, even if he doesn't pull his little louie out. Just look at him! Who could have known that a vulgar comedian could be so vulgar? It is a mystery. Who could guessed that a man who craves an audience while clothed also craves an audience while naked? Some people have nightmares where they're naked and everybody in a room is wearing clothes, but that's Louie's #1 sexual fantasy. "Look ma, look what I can do! I'm Spiderman! I'm your friendly neighborhood webslinger! Pew pew!" Louie's a real jerk. Thanks to Louie, he will now be included in every future variation of The Aristocrats.

Trolling Techniques

Ice Cream
I Say the Darndest Things to Kids
Black People!
Hey man! Why you bein' so rude?
My Father
Purity Bricks
Pwned by the intertubes.


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