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Lorf is a (suprise suprise) gay furfag moderator on 7chan, a Chanologist, and zoophile. He is known throughout several chans for his camwhoring thread. Lorf is looked down on by all except the local furries. Lorf likes to claim that he isn't a furry, instead a troll, when faced with fursecution.

Lorf also plays in a black metal band called drakulwa and tries to hide his fail at such by noting that he's already a huge faggot, so it's okay.

"children see their costumes and jump for joy"
"And also, I'm not homosexual"

With fursuiting, there are a lot of furs that do it just because it's FUN. Simple as that. Sure, some of the fursuits are capable of being used in a sexual nature, and the media tends to only point their cameras in that direction because it was shown on CSI, and because the media likes to go for the 'taboo' or the 'darker side' of certain groups. Fursuitters go around everywhere. The mall, conventions, local fur gatherings, parks, just so that they can dress up and have a good time running around. Even the kids love to see them dressed as cute animals, and some of the suitters love it when children see their costumes and jump for joy.


—Lorf, forgetting his own pics on this article.

Lorf Failing

Lorf and Trolling

Lorf likes to consider himself a troll that trolls hy00mans, by trolling, he means repeating typical furry phrases until he's banned.

Lorf and Camwhoring

Last Thursday, Lorf appeared on 7chan's /b/ in a camwhore thread. Everyone thought he was an epic troll (lorf wrote that) until he modposted. Soon after that, chaos erupted during the start of his second camwhore thread on the night of Thanksgiving consisting of furfaggotry. Furfag shit appeared left and right, as well as massive amounts of spam and fail. Lorf also began to fag up 7chan's IRC.

Someone also unearthed his BeastForum ad and spammed that on the boards as well.

As soon as the spam started in /b/, meatspin, goatse, and swarms of furries soon took over 7chan. A few unknowing 7channers (except the furries) stayed because they didn't know any better. In general, everyone who couldn't tolerate it left for 711chan. To some, Lorf marked the beginning of 7chan's current descent into furfaggotry.

Lorf prepares to yiff in hell

The Aftermath

It seems as though the tide of shit has came and passed, although scattered shits of Lorf still float around the motherchan. After the whole camwhore deal, Um0p_3pisdn got fed up with Lorf's attempts at trolling and permabanned Lorf from 7chan, thus removing his mod powers. Um0p also deleted a lot of other inactive mods as well in an attempt save the integrity of 7chan, even though everyone knows that's a load of crap. That was until he left the internet forever in March. No mortal man can stand before Lorf, apparently.

Lorf got his mod powers back in late January, 2008, and still continues to occasionally post his ugly face on /b/.

Because Lorf likes flaunt his furry fetish on 7chan (especially to the mods and admins), he set an akick for everyone in #7chan on IRC. Because of this and other people abusing this in the past, Lorf had his admin and oper removed from 7chan for several days. As soon as this happened, Lorf fanbois started screaming for him to come back. Soon enough, Lorf had gotten his powers back but as a moderator again.


/lorf/ was basically the new /fur/ on 7chan, except instead of fur people post gets, bestiality, and Lorf's pictures. /lorf/ has since been deleted from 7chan.

Lorf Today

Currently Lorf, along with other furry mods including the 4chan-permabanned-by-name sil'fer enjoy forced acceptance on 7chan, occasionally deciding to crack down on fursecution and force their furrydom onto others.

Lorf and beastforum

Lorf has been on Beastforum for nearly a year, and used to vandalize evidence of this off of ED, only to recently (as of november 2008) realized that he could pull a wolfeedarkfang and pretend to troll it instead.

Lorf sporting his expensive, realistically sculpted dog dildo

As far as bestiality goes in the fandom: Just because furries like to dress up as anthropomorphic animals, or like to look at art that may seem like 'bestiality' to someone else, a lot of furries are quite against the act of a human engaging with sexual behaviors with a different species. Sure, there are a few that might like to fuck a dog, suck off a stallion or even jack off their cat, but it's a small number.


—Lorf, attempting to downplay zoophilia among furries, despite being one.

Gallery of Lorf

Lorf Trivia

It is well known that Lorf:

  • Is a furfag
  • Is a zoophile
  • Has a fat Otherkin master named Galay, who can control him.
  • Is submissive
  • Is an mod on 7chan
  • Is in a relationship with another of 7chan's finest, HeXeN, whose fursona is that of a raccoon. The two have been seen yiffing and snuggletackling each other in #7chan.
  • Is an admin on 30chan
  • Has had hot gay sex with tj9991
  • Lorf also goes under the name Furseiseki on 7chan's IRC, usually to Pastebinfavicon.png yiff the mods.

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