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A wild EMO KID has appeared!
Okay, so you'll kill anyone who doesn't love you? You need to stop.

Long ago in a far away land, there was once a gigantic, fucking, whiny otaku bitch known as Lord-Of-Death-Reiai her new name is overlord-knives, or just Reiai for short. She's a 19-year-old who acts like a child, has horrible spelling, grammar and punctuation, and is surrounded by shitty fantards who think that she is the most flawless person in the world.
She found her passion in life: to shit all over every single fandom she could by creating the most vomit-inducing mary sues ever. Her first target? Soul Nomad. Eventually she pissed off even moar people by adding the Disgaea fandom to her list. She created a tumblr dedicated to her shitty fancharacters, who were practically related to every single main character in every single Disgaea game ever made. Her main one was named Knives, who is apparently some genetic splice of the main character of Disgaea 3 (named Mao) and some Touhou chick. She smothered Knives all over the Disgaea fandom, trying to weed her way into getting tumblr famous. Many of her crappy fans flocked to her, under the impression that her OCs were pure fucking gold and they were flawless.
Not only are her fancharacters horrid, but her personality reflects it, as well. Whenever she's criticized for her characters, she flies into a rage and goes into a bitchfit for up to 2 hours and, during that time, she posts about her moody attitude because of it. She's also set on the idea that her characters are fucking perfect and, "although they have flaws, I will always and forever love them!"
Because of this attitude, many of the Disgaea fantards just fucking hate her guts, and wish that she would just get the fuck off the internet and do something productive with her life. Thankfully...

When Shit Hit the Fan

She pissed and moaned about it on Tumblr, and on her shitty dA journal while acting uber triumphant.

Last Thursday, one brave tumblr user named Mitoonuh decided to retaliate after Reiai 'Liked' a tumblr post they made, which was implicitly aimed at Reiai in the first place. They got so fucking fed up with Reiai and her shit that they made a post dedicated to her, telling her off and basically telling Reiai to kill off all her characters, delete her tumblr and get off the internet for good. Reiai proceeded to go ahead and send an ask to Mitoonuh, which backfired because they decided to humiliate her even more by making the ask public for EVERYONE to see, and point and laugh at her ugly mug. When all was said and done and Mit brushed their hands off after basically crushing Reiai into the ground, 24 hours passed until Reiai finally posted a journal about it on her dA; the screenshots of both the tumblr post and the journal post can be seen in the gallery below.
UPDATE: Ever since shit went down, Reiai has continued to hold a grudge against Mitoonuh, calling them 'the OC hater'. If this were true, Mit would probably be shitting all over every single tumblr blog possible right at this very moment.

As of 11/16/12, Reiai thought that Mitoonuh sent a ton of shitty but truthful anons to her. Due to the fact that she's the stupidest thing since sliced bread, she jumped the gun and totally blamed Mitoonuh for all of the shit happening to her when she clearly has more haters than she expected. Mit proceeded to just fucking laugh in her face and point out all of the things above, and basically told her to suck it.

List of Her Shitty OCs So Far

Since there are most likely over 9000, I'll barely go into detail on a few of them.

  • Knives: Gigantic emo bitch that's 100000 years old in demon years, but is actually an underaged loli that is constantly put into sexual scenarios with other characters. As stated above, she's Mao's genetically-spliced daughter. She also has two sisters, but they remain unnamed. She's now dating another shitty fan character named Xeno who is at least 100 years older than her--which makes Xeno a pedophile. BUT THAT'S OKAY, BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST OCs, RIGHT??? ^___^
  • Reiai: A self-insert of Reiai herself, a lunar rabbit with tits the size of Mack trucks and the personality of a blow-up doll. Ends up being a lord of death, even though she's useless as shit. Also apparently the sex slave for Gig, one of the main characters from a shitty Soul Nomad game. Fucks Gig at least 100 times in every comic. Due to some difficulties uploading all of the little comic strips of her little 'Adventure', you can find the mother load here.
  • Kiki: Laharl's daughter. She's part human, demon, and angel. Not much is known about her, but we're pretty sure you wouldn't name your child some weeaboo name meant for cats. All that is currently known about her is that she's a kawaii tsundere princess who likes sweets and has stupidly huge knockers for a teenage girl.
  • Aquamarine: Also known as Aqua, she's a princess and the hellspawn of Almaz and Princess Sapphire from Disgaea 3. She also has heterochromia; having one red eye and one blue eye.
  • Seishi: Some weird hellspawn between Artina (Disgaea 4) and her imaginary boyfriend's original character. She's also an invisible stalker angel who's rail thin even though she has to eat literally every 5 minutes to stay alive; also carries a backpack that allows her to pull every kind of food out of hammerspace.
  • Dokirri: Apparently had a daughter with Valvatorez (Disgaea 4) named Adeline, who's half vampire, half human.
  • Adeline: See above.
  • Berry: Daughter of Raspberyl (Disgaea 3).
  • Twinkle: Big Star (Disagea 3)'s daughter.
  • Azusa: Daughter of Seraph Lamington (Disgaea 1) who carries the soul of Lucifer and has both dark and holy powers. Marries Laharl (Disgaea 1) and somehow makes Kiki.
  • Maaka: Another Disgaea OC. Maaka is a gothic tsundere cannibalistic neko who is half-Japanese and half-Italian. Apparently she can turn into a giant demonic cat with metal claws when angered.

Take note that more than half of her OCs names are Wapanese.

Her 'Horrible Social Life'

According to her dA journal, she apparently didn't give two fucks about school, hence why her grammar is so fucking horrible in the first place. Of course Reiai, being the colossal retard that she is, thinks that sleeping through classes and drawing shitty loli anime porn instead of doing her homework is an acceptable excuse for having the spelling skills of a brain-damaged three-year-old. She was also 'babied', so that's the perfect excuse to act like a child. Essentially she has no grasp of personal responsibility or what it's like to act like an adult, much like her fellow TARTlets.
She never went to college and spends her days at home, being a leech and using her parents' well-earned money to buy animu garbage. She doesn't plan on going to college EVER, so she'll most likely end up like Chris-chan or Ravda, spending her days probably buying dragon dildos to fuck herself and fantasize about getting banged by Gig, continuing to draw shitty porn and commissions for people that shouldn't be fucking bothered to deal with her bullshit in the first place.


im tia sunny call me Tia chan.Im the crazy insane bishnotch who created Bb and Cc anyway.

to get a few things threw first IM NOT CREEPY im insane in the membrain insane in the brain seriously two WIZEYS MINE RAWR!!!! Three im really mellow so dont worry about me getting mad i dont get mad really .-.



—Reiai, being the psychopathic bitch she's always been.

Favorite visual artist:



—Reiai, thinking she has a good taste when it comes to art.

Other Interests:



—Reiai. As if THAT wasn't obvious already.

Personal Quote: hodai edo dokie/ "the world is my kitchen and everyone in it cater to me"


—No bitch, it's the other way around.

Shitty Fanart and Screenshots

Avert your eyes! About missing Pics

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