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Oh look. More shit for furries to yiff to.
Truth in advertising.

Loonatics Unleashed! was yet another in a long string of failed attempts by Warner Brothers to update their classic cartoons of old and turn them into some kind of Power Rangers knock off. Taking their classic cartoon characters and slapping a new coat of paint on them may have seemed like a good idea at the time the shows executives would soon come to find out that while children had no problem suspending their disbelief when it came to Animu characters shooting fireballs out of their hands and flying through the air when it came to Bugs Bunny ripping the balls off of a hostile alien it was a bridge too far. Who fucking knew?


Typical fan art of the show
Another example of the fandom
Rev Runner with his "twue wuv"

For a long time no one really knew why the show had been created in the first place. Some speculated that Warner Brothers, after having been shown what the internet actually was for, came to believe that their core audience was no longer comprised solely of children but grown men in fursuits instead. This revelation, along with others, ended up sparking an internal debate about how best to go about retooling their age old intellectual properties and making them appeal to this newly discovered demographic. Luckily for them Jeff Davison & Benny Bocquelet both happened to be enormous furfags IRL and as such had the perfect idea for a pilot. Amazingly enough a transcript of their pitch meeting still exists and listed below are the minutes of their meeting with management.

  • Jeff: Hello everyone. Today Ben and I are going to pitch you a new show that we've come up with.
  • Benny: I think you guys are going to love this. It's amazing, it's hip, it's rad. It's extreme to the max. That's what the kids are saying nowadays right?
  • Jeff: Indeed they are Ben, indeed they are.
  • TW Executive: Very well. It sounds interesting, continue.
  • Jeff: Ok then. So, we're all familiar with classic Warner cartoon characters. Who could forget the bunny?
  • Benny: I sure can't. (Laughs)
  • Jeff: (Laughs) Nor can I. Yes the B man was a childhood favorite of mine and many other peoples as well but time moves on and we all grow up. Well who's to say that those characters can't grow up with us?
  • Ben: Not me. (Laughs)
  • Jeff: God I fucking love you so much Ben. (silence) That's right, we don't have to leave them in our childhoods. We can bring them with us to today.
  • TW Executive: I'm not sure I'm following you. Are you suggesting we create a cartoon show for... for adults?
  • Ben: Hey now, who ever said adults can't enjoy cartoons?
  • Jeff: Not me that's for sure. Maybe Hitler said that.
  • Ben: You know what Jeff. I think you're right. I think Hitler must have been the one who said that.
  • TW Executive: Ok, ok. Just calm down. So what exactly is the show about? Who are the characters and what are they doing?
  • Jeff: First I want you to imagine a city. Surrounded by darkness! Overrun by criminals! It's on the brink of destruction and no one can save it.
  • Ben: No one except the furfag brigade that is.
  • TW Executive: Wait, I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I heard you correctly. Did you say, the furfag brigade?
  • Jeff: That's right the furfag brigade, defenders of justice. Fuckers of all things fluffy
  • Ben: When criminals come calling the furfag brigade will be there TO FUCK THEM IN THE ASS.
  • Jeff: HARD.
  • TW Executive: Are you two fucking crazy? You can't honestly expect us to create some kind of hardcore pornographic cartoon and air it on television.
  • Jeff: We understand that there may be some resistance to a show like this.
  • Ben: Parent groups, civic groups, government agencies.
  • Jeff: But art is art and cannot be suppressed. Besides, your networks ratings are in the toilet so what do you really have to lose?
  • TW Executive: Well.... It's just...
  • Jeff: Ok, ok. How about this. We'll think up a new name. Would that put your mind at ease?
  • TW Executive: Perhaps. But I'm still not too sure about all this.
  • Ben: What if we massage your balls?
  • Jeff: Ben and I are experts at ball rubs what do you say?
  • TW Executive: Fuck it. Let's go for it.
  • Jeff: Alright!
  • Ben: Fuck yea!


Fans of the classic Warner Brothers cartoons threw a fit upon hearing about the show and openly called for protests against it. Many long time viewers of the WB disliked the new character designs as well as the show's plot and poked fun at them in a multitude of ways including this Newgrounds cartoon:

Needless to say the series bombed and lasted for only two seasons (despite bombing in the first). Despite the fact that it was nothing more than masturbation fodder for the simple minded and fur-inclined amongst Warner fans it still managed to develop a small, but vocal cult following. The most vocal of these being notorious Lulzcow and Mary sue queen Sony-Mae , her brainless army of ass-kissing sheep minions including a user by the name of Krypto451 (also known as Kryptard and Kryptroll), an autistic manchild with a spanking fetish, who defends the show against anyone who dares to slander its good name, even the teeny, tiniest, little bitty bit and whines about how everybody hates both him and the show. Even with the support of its cult of furfags the show was still shitcanned and Warner Brothers did its best to quickly forget their biggest fucking mistake ever.


  • Ace Bunny - Bugs Bunny clone or according to the creators, the 9000th Great Grandson of our favorite rabbit.
  • Lexi Bunny - Whore
  • Danger Duck - Daffy clone
  • Slam Tasmanian - Rabid wombat or something.
  • Rev Runner - Sony-Mae wants to be fucked by him, despite the fact he's gay!
  • Tech E. Coyote - Child rapist and Rev's gay lover!


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