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Lizzy the Lezzy (Powerword: Ruth Sewlyn), is the first animated lesbian stand up "comedian." But she lacks any comedic value. As an animated series, it has quite low production values and the art style looks like something straight (Can't use that word, it's offensive according to her.) out of a 2nd grader's children's book. If that doesn't add to the cringe, then her squeaky Alvin and the Chipmunks voice will be of an ear raping to a sane individual. It's also no surprise that Lizzy is also a hardcore Social Justice Warrior (what's a surprise though is that she doesn't use tumblr.) But underneath the low production values and Microsoft SAM voice lies her creator, Ruth Sewlyn, who is a Jewish Lesbian living with her equally degenerate partner in Israel. It comes as no surpise to why the production values are so fucking low in her animations. Her typical audience is usually horny beta men white knighting her, feminists, 15 year old tumblrfags in their nonbinary gender phase of life, and otherkins. Very few fucking lesbians even watch her series, let alone take it seriously. She also cannot handle other's opinions and dismisses all her critics as angry, white, straight, cis, and sexually frustrated Christian men, despite even other faggots criticizing her. Despite constantly mocking Christians and putting your typical fedora tipper on reddit to shame with her bullying tactics, she claims that she doesn't hate Christians. No opinions or facts allowed, only feels.

"Funniest Lesbian on Myspace"

Lizzy the Lezzy was created in 2006 by a horny and lonely Jewish dyke named Ruth Sewlyn, back when Myspace was the place to be online. Despite the state of the show, it was actually created to mock other lesbians and TV shows aimed towards them. Her YouTube channel opened up around the same time where she posts her cancer causing and ignorance spewed shit videos. Due to her fucking videos getting large amounts of attention, her low quality shit was somehow worthy of being on network cable television. The fag enabling channel LoGo acquired 10 episodes of her series to show about a year later. This boosted her into popularity with the faggot community as they finally saw a shining light of hope in their own self pity they created themselves in the form of an unfunny lesbian with no artistic or comedic talents whatsoever.

Lizzy's hypocrisy

Lizzy/Ruth goes out of her way to tell everybody that being gay is not a choice and that you're born gay. Yet contradicts herself by saying that bisexual women haven't made their minds up yet and should choose to be lesbian because penises are icky and gross according to her. Unable to tell for the fact that other people don't share her preferences for a partner, she expects every woman to be a fucking lesbian and holds grudges against them if they're not lesbian. She's notorious for abusing the block feature on facebook whenever she makes a bi butthurt or their white knights.

Lizzy tries to get help from 4chan

Back in 2014, Lizzy went to /lgbt/ and made a personal army-style request to get /lgbt/ to dox somebody who trolled her page. The results backfired comically and resulted in her getting /lgbt/ to dox her instead. Thread can be found here:

Things Lizzy the Lezzy hates

  • Bisexual Women
  • Christians
  • Cis People
  • Jews (Despite because of being Jewish herself, because Jewish self-loathing)
  • Men
  • Straight Women
  • The word "straight".
  • Trolls (according to Lizzy, a troll is somebody who disagrees with her)

See Also

  • Assigned Male - A comic with SJW agendas, poor art style, and a butthurt author.

External Links - Her website

YouTube Favicon.png lizzythelezzy - Her YouTube channel where she makes an occasional video. Witness no humor for no cost and defensive liberals defend her degenerative mental illness!

Fb-favicon.png lizzythelezzy - Her Facebook page, which is frequently updated and somehow was able to get 2 million fucking likes. Typical day sees trolls doing some justice in the world and edgy 16 year old girls from tumblr.

Twitter-favicon.png lizzythelezzy - Twitter.

Instagram-new-favicon.png lizzythelezzy69 - Because no faggot would be complete without 69 in their username.

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