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Typical camwhoring.

Lithium Junkie is a stickam entertainer of unknown age from New York who frequents many social networking sites such as Stickam and MySpace. She is usually seen heavily medicated in front of a camera attention whoring or semi-naked on 4chan's /b/, blasting industrial music, Depeche Mode, or typing that she is a great friend of Anonymous and so deserves to be treated like a FUCKING PRINCESS.

She was once seen lurking the IRC of former raid and radio site on the channel #battletoads. Recruited by the channels founder 007 to be part of his personal army of leet haxors. Blamed for taking a part of 007 and Moonface falling out over the Marblecake incident even though she had only lurked for a week, she is seen by the oldfags of #battletoads to be the ultimate symbol of its demise. A camwhore tarp who was given op status who claims to be a part of Chanology. Though Battletoads continue to make lulzy prank calls, no recordings of Lithium are available. She can be heard in the calls though which are sometimes broadcast on her Stickam and on Ustream. Her still remaining on the channel, now on, seems to be a testament to its continuing failure.

What the fuck IS a Lithium Junkie

as seen on 4chan

'Lithium Junkie is an odd, heavily medicated bisexual female from the 518 upstate area of New York. She is a freak wannabe who spends more time creatively coloring her hair, drawing on her eyebrows, and caking on makeup than she does on trying to actually be original. She's amazon tall, with varying hair colors, all fake, and has been known to get naked for any Anon who sweet talks her for more than 5 minutes on Skype. She's found on just about all social networking sites on the internet, Myspace, Stickam, Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, YouTube, ModelMayhem, Tumblr, etc, wolfing down pills, cutting, chain smoking, talking about Depeche Mode, how she is going to marry Martin L. Gore, Anonymous, and shouting and whining about shit going on in her life. Her real name is Tara.

Also known as

Stickam whore.
  • Lithium_Junkie
  • Lithiumbdl
  • Lithium_Suicide
  • Lithiumbarbiedoll
  • Lithiumbarbiedoll77
  • Lithiumskank
  • LithiumGore

What makes Lithium Junkie so special such a fucked up bitch?

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Arrest article
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Lithium Junkie was the product of a groupie mother and an unknown father, which explains an awful lot including her stalking of various 80s metal has-beens. Claiming to be bipolar among many other made up psychiatric conditions, she takes large doses of Lithium as well as Valium, Viagra and other drugs to try and silence the beast. In 2003, she was arrested at the tattoo shop brothel she worked in, along with her employer and best friend for selling Oxycontin. Maybe she should just drop the "Lithium" part of her name?

Lithium Junkie was also connected to the school shootings at Columbine, knowing the killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Various emails and online journals between Harris and Lithium, then know as Lithium_Suicide have been found online. These conversations date back to about a year and a half prior to the shooting until days before. Somehow she evaded arrest. Her part is unknown. Perhaps she was just pre-killing fap material. After the incident, a then young Lithium Junkie had her computer confiscated, was kicked from her home, as her mother was in law enforcement, and was forced to live in her shit box car for months wearing the same pair of skanky underwear. Naked images of her and some other bitch were found on her computer as well as a massive stash of CP, furry porn. Various convos between her and the killers as well as N00dz are rumored to be around the tubes somewhere.

She married some toolwho was stupid enough to fuck such fail on a day to day basis the year she was arrested, prior to this she had a string of failed relationships with low fame musicians, drug addicts and generally any 9-14 year olds she could get her hands on. The rumored affair, however, started in 2005 with then underage Brina Britelite when she was seen making out on Stickam and posting n00ds of the two on various boards. When Lithium Junkie was not busy with her husband or the underage girl she liked to whore with she was fucking another eyebrow-less girl named Megan whom she fucked from 2006 onwards. No new pictures of the two have surfaced, but they remain first on each others' top friends list. Lame. Confirmation of the ongoing affair between the two has been confirmed.

Lithium Junkie on Stickam

Lithium Junkie joins the majority of Stickam users in being an online entertainer. Most of her shows consist of loud, annoying music, arguments, and making out with friends. Whoring her way to a Moderator in some shit fag chat called Stickydrama, she has been known to join the other users in fapping on cam and inserting random objects into any orifice. This bitch has been known to private her room on many occasions when she feels like whoring one on one, but the only recorded video consists of various guise getting naked on cam and could probably get you v&. She herself was not naked in this video (probably because anyone seeing her naked body would log off the internet, put a nail through their HDD, scoop up the tower, drive miles to a cliff and drive themselves, their car and the computer thousand of feet onto jagged rocks). There are some people out there who are looking for N00ds, but these I am sure are the same sick fucks that fap off to Swap.avi. Lithium Junkie in her ongoing quest to become an internet celebrity takes to hanging out with any fucks who have a bigger audience that can put up with her, including fags such as Anthony Vanity, Kayvon Zand, Cotton Candy Cunt, Ian Vuitton now dead from a meth overdose (good riddance), Ownage Pranks and German DJ Flula Borg.


Earlier last year, some underageb& with the handle Hitlerchan, whom she met on Partyvan IRC and Stickam was enticed by her promises of candy and alcohol and was told to come live with her and her husband, Cyanide. The only people who will walk across the United States to be face to face with someone as vile as Lithium Junkie are those who suffer from downs syndrome, the clap, or are underage. Hitlerchan unfortunately fell into all three categories. He was 15 years old. She bought him a new phone and some pretty new clothes to get him to pack up his shit and leave. He managed to make it 3 and a half blocks before he was picked up and got the shit kicked out of him by the cops. How he only made it 3 blocks in the two weeks he ran away is still a mystery to many of those who were following the story.

During these two weeks many miles away Lithium Junkie and Cyanide were being contacted by the police every few days to be questioned about their involvement in kidnapping, stating such fun claims as "I didn't know he was only 15", "I was just going to tell him once he got to my house that meeting strangers is dangerous", "those pictures I sent weren't actually me", and "I knew this was a setup the second I saw the brownies"

New Developments

Lithium Junkie has a new roommate. Not much is known yet about him, but he calls himself LoKi. He is a Juggalo from Arizona. How she convinced yet another person to travel across the country is yet unknown. He appears to be obsessed with Columbine so maybe he is in search of the rumored Columbine N00dz, in which case, we love him. Or even better, if we cross our fingers, maybe they intend to pull a copycat and an hero together.

Lithium Junkie is now getting a divorce. It is now confirmed that she is dating LoKi, and that Cyanide has found some phail of his own. This author is frightened at the possibility of any spawn of Lithium and LoKi. In fact, the author may an hero now, though the hope of more lameness keeps us going.

With LoKi


Where can I find Lithium Junkie?

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