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So easy, even I can use it. -Known gay nigger Kanye West

Computers ain't just for whitey no more.


Linux for Niggers™ is an Ubuntu-based operating system currently in development by the Gay Nigger Association of America. It's main focus is to provide a friendly environment that niggers, yes niggers, can utilize as opposed to traditional proprietary operating systems. The system was conceived after the GNAA felt sympathy for their fellow nigger Dangerman, after witnessing his continued failures when trying to use the internet.

Expected release date is soon, however an (extremely) minimalist version and official information about the project can be obtained here.

I don't want this associated with the Ubuntu community


—Racist Reddit user


Before Linux for Niggers™ Rakim could barely turn his computer on, now he is enjoying his favorite hip hop artists and watching all the gay porn he can download. He is still waiting for his racist employers to let him use a computer as a fry cook at McDonald's.
And it's free and open source, so I don't have to steal it. They receive grants from Aetna, whom I doubt support this. Nor do I think Canonical would lend the circle of friends to this crap...speaking of which, has anyone in the ubuntu community who is not ok with being associated with this informed Canonical Group counsel yet?


After the great celebrations following the announcement of the then upcoming release of Linux for Niggers™, some rather racist members of the open source community took it upon themselves to attack the project, and Gayniggerdom as a whole.

The fact that you coopted an aetna foundation charitys information to register your racist sexist crap, now that's libel and shockingly stupid.


Much drama still circulates around reddit and other known Autist hubs over whether it is a "legitimate operating system" or if they want their precious e-communities "associated" with the glory that is Linux for Niggers™. However, it is already certain that, as has always been the case, the GNAA will emerge victorious, lubricated, and fully erect .

Racism on Freenode

Below you will find logs of racist and homophobic Freenode oper James "njan" Eaton-Lee, who doesn't have the balls to post an image of himself but he'll happily show you his alleged wife, violating the civil rights and stifling the advancements of the black race. The NAACP was informed and Al Sharpton is expected to make a statement at press-time.

Dangerman betrays the GNAA!



Linux for Niggers™ comes with Adobe Flash™ for watching streaming BET.
  • African tribal-beat collation
  • Expansive Rap & Hip-hop database
  • Myspace-themed terminal
  • Live Twitter-To-Desktop feed
  • Ebonics-ready with inbuilt Ebonics-to-English translator
  • UNIX™ commands rewritten for Niggers
  • Documentation for Niggers by Niggers
  • Negro-compatible browser Blackbird comes installed by default.
  • A rock of crack is included with each download as a complimentary gift.
  • Environmentally friendly Kool-Aid powered components.

Linux for niggers in action


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