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It's nice to be male.

Alexis Amanda Joice, commonly known as Lexus Amanda, is a "musician" who is mostly known for her relationships with men in popular bands. She gained internet popularity after getting into a relationship with the bassist of the band Escape The Fate Max Green. She is also well known for scamming her fans.

Her Trophies

Lexus has had sex with Max Green, Brent Ashley, Bret Von Dehl, Nick Matthews, and Kato Khandwala. She also was caught sucking dick and fucking while her fans were watching on stickam. She also released photos of herself having sex and later deleted them when she realized her weird nipples were showing in the photos.
Lexus was once featured as an official bandwhore on the website Is Anyone Up.
A tweet from her.

Sleeping with the Producer

In early 2013 it came to everybody's attention that Lexus was getting large amounts of expensive items with no income. Some researching and common sense confirmed that Lexus was having sex with her 40 something year old producer Kato Khandwala. Lexus ignored this until a screenshot of Kato's recently deceased wife appeared on tumblr. She then went batshit crazy and sent the blog messages telling them how heartless they were. Their relationship became even more obvious when Lexus posted a topless photo of herself on Twitter that Kato replied to with "@lexusamanda make sure you wear exactly THAT the next time you come to studio #whoa".
Not too long after, Lexus had a Twitter breakdown where she posted a photo of herself crying and some tweet that mentioned boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends at strip clubs.


Blacklisted Me- Freak Like Me Full Version
Save Me From Myself


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