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Lexshit Bleuuaaaargh

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Lexi Bee (Powerword: Alexis Leigh Byrd) is the pseudonym of a YouTube super-whore that has gained her shameless popularity by walking down the same path of Lady Gaga. Lexi has proven that the color pink, hearts and unicorns make a dangerous combination and is another form of AIDs that slowly and painfully kills the internet. She strangely resembles a less funny version of a clown, or Marilyn Manson - with her five pounds of make up, huge wig, oversize eyebrows and Jew she is ready to tell the world to give her all the attention she wants.

Lexshit has stained the internet by boasting her fetish for the color pink. She displays her affection for the color by collecting pink items, wearing pink clothes and even living in a pink room. Of course this is none other than something to catch popularity from her dear YouTube users.

Who is Lexi?

You can see whom she is imitating...
Such a long story! I'll try and shorten it up a bit. Well I've been around on Myspace working my way up for at least 4 years. I started out "whoring" because it was a really, really big thing back then, and some how I made my way into the palms of other really popular Myspace kids and they helped me out.



Lexshit first entered the bowels of the internet on MySpace, also known as the caveman’s Facebook. The very first thing Lexshit has done was whoring herself to all the “big” users to give her some popularity since MySpace was extremely popular back then. Afterward, when she got bored, she began modeling her ugly shit and made a new path to her destination of being a true attention whore. During her modeling days, Lexi began to transform into this annoying entity known to be extremely loud and autistic.

Like how a black person stands out in a crowd full of pure white people, Lexi has shown to be a unique flower due to her ridiculous taste in fashion. Every single thing in her life completely shrouded by a deadly miasma of pink mist.. In fact, finding anything that isn’t pink within the videos shot in her room is about as hard as laughing at the typical Uncyclopedia joke.

Her fashion is comparable to the Japanese fashion known as “decora”. Basically, decora fashion consists of wearing anything that makes you feel young and fun; pink being an important color. Decora fashion also consists of wearing a number of layers, carrying brand names like Hello Kitty or Pokémon, and being buried under glitter, accessories and plastic crap.



Her Videos

Another thing that highlights her AIDs on the internet is her YouTube account. Her YouTube videos demonstrate her wacky adventures, her ugly clothes and her equally autistic friends engaging in a clusterfuck of stupidity. These videos are also the common subject of a game on /b/. The game would be to not rage one bit while watching her videos. As of now, it is unknown if there even a single /b/tard that hasn’t raged at her videos.



Her fans

Quit "@ing" Lexi, the whole fucking word already knows about her.


Believe it or not, Lexi Bee actually has a fan base because of her horrible videos. Now, as expected, these fans are fat retarded fashion misfits. The common traits of her fan base includes:

  • Wannabe fashion designer
  • Rejected models
  • Fat girls
  • Fat girls rejected to be models
  • Weeaboos
  • 16-year-old girls

Don’t you even dare criticize any of Lexi’s wonderful doing! In her fans eyes, you are a jealous and evil person for even thinking that Lexi isn’t as great as she seems for a single second.

There is no reason to do an "article" about her. Are you that jelaous/obsessed? I see you used some of the things i said on there.


A well-known enemy that is despised by Lexi’s fanbase is… well, a Lexi fan. That’s right; Cori Shea is someone who looks exactly like Lexi by imitating her fashion style, hair and love of pink which has inevitably trolled the Lexi fanbase.


Lexi also translates her annoying love for pink and all things kawaii through text. Why not submit that text on – oh say… Twitter! That’s right! Lexi has what is considered to be the most awful layout design in Twitter history. As expected, everything on the goddamn page is fucking pink mpinkaking things harder to see with such a poorly made color scheme. What are even worse are the tweets themselves. Every tweet is riddled with stars, tildes, emoticons and hearts; making the text ever more difficult to depict.

But if that isn't enough, just go and visit Twitter-favicon.png jealousykills, a twitter dedicated to white knighting Lexi and replying to every. single. non-Lexi-loving. post.

Lexi Bee, something about safety



—B'awh! Thankies ~S♥S♥~ much SuGaH! C: Such sillay heads~! Been through this ~W~A~Y~ too many times, it's CRAY~ZAY! Baha. ;P ♥

Lexi Bee




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