Lesbian invisibility

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Two lesbians having a picnic in the countryside.

Lesbians have very advanced equipment, the most important being their lesbian invisibility. This superpower will render the lesbian almost completely invisible (especially in darkness and if standing still, which is better than the Hide in Plain Sight feat because it doesn't require ranks in the shitty hide or move silently skills). This is essential to the lesbian's survival, because the creature's objective is to be a stalker.

In the early 1990s, the United States Department of Defense headed by Elgorgo tested a form of camouflage on bull dykes that used millions of fiber-optic cables to "mirror" the opposite side of the object that is wanting to be hidden. They got the idea from lesbian invisibility.

Heterosexual women have attempted to achieve invisibility by performing cunnilingus on each other. Unfortunately this only results in slight transparency. Heterosexuals in general, on the other hand, have managed to develop somewhat-comparable technology.

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