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The Faggot Himself
Cover your buttholes, children. He wants 'hugs'!

Leo-Leonardo-III is a head-up-his-own-ass Faggot and Pedophile with extreme delusions of grandeur. He is a member of DeviantArt and a Furry with disgusting obsessions with Vore and molesting younger members of the aforementioned website. He treats everyone as his own little bitch, due to having his head so far up his own ass that he can lick his own tonsils from behind, though he spends more time trying to get someone (usually a younger male) to tickle his prostate more than anything else.


Check this out. This guy actually claims he's the original creator of the character Leo Leonardo III from the popular webcomic VGCats and that the actual creator, Scott Ramsoomair, is merely "using Leo with his permission". It clearly states in the VGCats Wiki[1] that Scott named Leo after one of his cats. What this faggotry is, is what happens when you find a fangirl roleplaying as a canon character; only much, much worse.

Proof of his Horseshit
He clearly knows how to defend 'his own character'

Faggy Fagenardo the Fag also tells everybody his real name is 'Leo' from the VGCats comic. (It wouldn't be surprising if he bought himself a Leo Leonardo III Fursuit if he had enough money.)In-case you were wondering this pedo cats real name it's 'Brenden Oresko.' A name fitting for a pedo like him. Whenever somebody calls him that or even HINTS to it, the shit hits the fan nonstop for a good few hours.

Keeping Tabs

It must be noted that, before he claimed that Scott Ramsoomair is merely "using with permission", he adamantly stated that said artist stole the character from him. During this phase, he kept an actual list of people who also used this character, labelling them as character thieves.


Does he really?
Such hypocrisy

Leo-Leonardo-III not only has delusions in thinking that Leo was his own character, but also that he is above Rule 34. He proudly flaunts a picture of 'his character' looking unimpressed with the words "VGC pr0nz Leo does NOT approve!" in front of a burning pile of, what we would assume, to be porn pictures that he's jerked off to in the past.

"Kitty Peen"

However, regardless of his apparent abstinence against VGCats Porn, he has drawn "his own character's" penis (Warning: NSFW) which, by logic that seems to escape him, counts as VGCats Porn.


In October 2011, a sick fuck drew up some artwork for Leo involving Leo x Aeris Rule 34, although you probably knew this as you were fapping to it anyway. Naturally, Leo went into absolute uproar at the fact someone proved that he is not above The Rules of The Internet and promptly had a period all over FurAffinity and devianTART. A journal (which was later BAWWLEETED) soon surfaced about this 'forbidden occurrence' on deviantArt and Furaffinity, and, on both websites got trolled up the ass about Leo not being his character. Nice job faggot. Naturally, the journals got deleted, but amusingly, the 'artwork' that spawned on FA remained. Please, for great justice, go troll it here! (And don't fap to it like he does every day. Why else would he keep it?)

"Daddy loves you"

On top of all this, he has an obsession with another user who happens to, unfortunately, be a former boyfriend. Said relationship is now over but this hasn't seemed to pierce the cunt's colossally thick skull. Why did it end? None other than Leo cheating on him with someone else. Now, instead, Leo pretends to be his 'daddy' and continues to perv on him and his friends (who happen to be underage).

The ex boyfriend got tired of this guy fawning over him after the relationship had ended and publicly wrote on Leo's profile to leave him alone, that he hates him and he wants him out of his life for good. Upon seeing this, Leo immediately marked it as 'Spam' thus hiding it from the view of others who may see it and realise that he's not the almighty saint that he portrays himself as being.

"Daddy STILL loves you"

He still, to this day, regardless of being told to fuck off, publicly announces that the poor boy is still his and creates poorly-drawn images of Leo and the ex's character together, much to said ex's extreme disdain.

Furthermore, two other victims of Leo's possessive faggotry, have stated out their own hatred for him and, along with the aforementioned ex-boyfriend, sided with a third party whom can be considered Leo's most hated enemy. Oh the irony.

Smelliness and Slobbiness

Another thing worth mentioning is that he mooches off of people. He had lived with a few other people before in the past whom offered him a place to stay and help him get a job. Those poor souls. Not only did he go looking for a job half assed, he always went to them unshowered, unshaved and with dirty clothing on. When all else fails to get a job he'd spend all day hunting for little boys on DeviantArt and then complain that he was unemployed and 'had nu monies.'

When he was living with those people he would also get constantly yelled at to go shower and shave as his smell was enough to peel the paint off of walls and his clothing were able to stand up on their own. Not to mention that he never wore underwear. It's a surprise that contact with a living thing didn't just decay it and make it look like a piece by Pablo fucking Picasso.

How To Troll Leo

  • Link any Leo x <Female> Rule 34 to him
  • Call him by his real name "Brenden"
  • Say 'Leo' and 'pedo' in the same sentence
  • Make any negitive critisim about his artwork
  • Remind him that Leo is Scott's character
  • Remind him that he should be e-v& by this point
  • Remind him that he dated a fake woman on the internet for a year. (It was one of his 'friends' playing him for a fool)

This is probably him or his idol.

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