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Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom…
Typical LOD meeting.

The Legion of Doom (LOD) was a former band of haxors and phreaks from the floppy disk era. Telecommunication companies perceived the LOD as a threat, since the LOD was uncovering their secretes and posting them. As a result, they sent a taxpayer-sponsored hit squad to weed them out. Later, a major fallout between LOD members led to a split and the creation of the Masters of Deception (MOD). Eventually, the MOD gained the upper hand in the conflict. The group dissolved after conflicts with US authorities.


The original members of the Legion of Doom were:

  • Lex Luthor
  • Karl Marx
  • Mark Tabas
  • Agrajag the Prolonged
  • King Blotto
  • Blue Archer
  • Erik Bloodaxe / EBA
  • The Dragyn
  • Unknown Soldier

Later members included:

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