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She's such a boring cow, she wears a bra for a wet shirt photo-shoot
Follow me kids. I promise that the H. P. Lovecraft books are much better

For the most part, people that sign up for Scientology are people that have become disenfranchised with their religion and fearing the giant spaghetti monster answer of when you're dead your dead they usually sign up for a new belief that promises an afterlife and claims to be compatible with science or they are wannabe Nazis that have no problem paying out millions of dollars a year to have someone tell them they are special and better than all the other hairless monkeys that have ever walked on the planet Earth.

For the most part, they're mostly harmless and boring just going through life looking to feed their narcissic personalities by throwing money at someone who will tell them that they are so exceptional and interesting that in the whole 14 Billion year history of the universe that G-D or rather Xenu will keep them alive after their death. Most are like this with a few exceptions and the most exceptional is Leah Remini.

Much like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Leah is trying to bring back a fad that is near dead. Done much better by shows like South Park, the hacker group Anonymous and websites like Operation Clambake, Leah Remini thinks that if she climbs on the Scientology is evil bandwagon and joins in on the popular past time of trolling Tom Cruise that she can bring back to life a career that could best be described as an almost 10 year fad when people actually watched King of Queens.

Her Career As An Actor

You have to admit, she looked pretty good on Saved by the Bell, too bad it didn't last. It's like someone slammed the ugly window on her face, but where G-D closes a window :) She does have a nice body
And right here we have the look that will define her for the rest of her life, show off a huge shiny forhead and try to look like an Italian/Jewish Bronx whore cross breed

You mean she had one? Most people tend to believe that to be able to say you have a career doing something you should be able to consistently be able to rely on said skill for a long period of time.

Max Von Sydow is a career actor. Charlton Heston was a career actor. Ernest Hemmingway was a career writer. For most of her life, Leah Remini was at best a bit actor that was only capable of getting bit parts in less than popular shows like Cheers and Saved By The Bell.

It wasn't until 1998 when she was tossed a pity fuck and was cast in the King of Queens to be carried by talent like Kevin James and Jerry Stiller to simply play the pair of tits that Kevin James' character Doug Heffernan is unfortunately married to. Due to her inability to convey emotion or speak in anything other than monotone, if it weren't for much better actors, as I have said Jerry Stiller, this show wouldn't have lasted as long as it did.

Much like most had predicted, when the show ended Leah Remini was out of a job and facing few to very little future prospects that didn't include porn. Much like the half Italian she is getting pinched by a prosecutor, she quickly sold out everything she claimed to stand for and jumped on the "I Hate $cientology," bandwagon with her other Jewish half screaming "Money! Money! Money!"


Buy the book. She needs the money. Also, why does her book jacket look like a box for hair dye?
Being a stuck up bitch this is about all she'll let you see of her tits

Some time in 2013, Leah Remini's carreer was at an all time low and following her agent's advice, she looked to drum up some publicity for free advertisement to make her relative and hirable again.

Short on cash because she just paid her Scientology dues and freshly butthurt over the fact that David Miscavige flunked her a bridge level and took away some of her super powers like mind reading and flight she felt it was time to embrace the role of playing junky's regret by blaming the dealer but never the drug or herself.

Her book read's like every "I Escaped A Cult" Mary Sue books whether it be from the Moonies Unification Church, The Manson Family, Jonestown or Heaven's Gate.

Leah Remini was a Naive, wide eyed innocent child who was brought into the fold by her parents as a wee child and because she was so young at her age of indoctranation, she took everything she was told as the truth. L. Ron Hubbard was god. The Sea Org girl's uniform of hotpants, no panties, no bra and a tied hillbilly shirt that ended exactly 2 and three-quarter inches below the nipple was functional and respectable. Everything $cientology leaders said was the truth whether it be educating the inner city about drugs and helping addicts quit, opening schools in Third world shitholes to teach poor farmers sustainable farming techniques or that the movie version of Battlefield Earth wouldn't be filled with plot holes, bad acting, Deus Ex Machina and a laughable premise.

Much like every junkie or cult victim before her, Leah Remini tries to reduce her involvement, role as a member and place herself solely in the role of that of the victim. For instance, it is a well known fact that if you you belonged to a Leah Remini fan club or wrote her a letter asking for a picture when she was in $cientology you would be placed on a Scientology mailing list and receive flyers in the mail every other week. She actively harassed fellow actors Kevin James and Jerry Stiller into joining Scientology, to paraphrase Jerry Stiller - he drew her pictures of what she could do as a way to politely say no. She actively campaigned for money donations for $cientology. Like everyone to ever play the victim, Leah Remini tries to reduce her involvement by never even talking about putting her fan club members on Scientology mailing lists or plays the babe in the woods routine saying that she didn't know the whole dark evil that Scientology was all about and they used her innocence against her.

Her Conversion To Catholicism

After leaving Scientology, Leah Remini has admitted to converting to the Catholic Faith.

Being from a cult like $cientology that has rampant accusations of child molestation, waging wars against people of different faiths, buying your way out of sin and long confessions where you are expected to tell someone your deepest and darkest secrets, Catholicism must seem pretty familiar to her and why she chose it.

Leah Remini Vs. Tom Cruise

His publicists say that if we want to use this picture we have to say that he's not gay with a straight face and without laughing. Expect it to be taken down

We'll be the first to admit that if G-D ever put a midget on this Earth and meant for everyone to point and laugh at him it would be Tom Cruise.

It's understandable that $cientology's celebrity members are mostly has-beens like Beck, Kirstie Alley, Juliette Lewis, Danny Masterson, or Doug E. Fresh and it's only relevant members are minor celebrities like Bart Simpson's voice Nancy Cartwright or The reason I'm still famous is because your mom schlicks to me in reruns of Welcome Back Kotter John Travolta.

Having no real bankable celebrities in their ranks anymore it's understandable why Leah Remini focusses on him but most people will agree with some of her critics that her obsession with him borders on that of a fat kid staring down the last donut on a plate.


Member Star Wars? Member The Matrix? Member when I used to look like this? Hire me, please, I need the money
I'm using black and white for my publicity shots because experts agree that people appear more truthful and believable in black and white.
Is it me or is her forhead getting higher or is it the facelifts pulling her hairline back?

Aftermath is Leah Remini's cash cow and where she pretends to play investigative journalist but loses all sense of objectivity even before the first episode is over.

In it, she claims that she has learned all the lessons that Scientology has taught her and she will readily use all their tactics against them.

In every episode Leah Remini accuses Scientology of lying, propaganda and misinformation, fabricating events, bribery and out and out being very bad people.

As a viewer watching this show, how are we to believe her as being a truthful critic of Scientology when she has openly claimed that she will take the worst lessons that Scientology has ever taught her and use them against them? And she does.

Go to her Twatter, Tumblr or Facebook and ask a question she doesn't like, for instance - her taking her fan club mailing lists and handing them over to Scientology, and she'll ignore you. If you assume that maybe the question was lost in all the posts and make an assload of accounts to ask the same question so she can see it, she'll block each and every one of them because you are only allowed to talk about what she allows.

When Aftermath first started, Leah actively encouraged her twitter followers to troll known Scientologist, like Kirstie Alley, twitter accounts with advertisements for her Aftermath show. Funny, yes but not the behaviour you expect from someone who is looking to expose such an evil cult.

As an intelligent group, we in no way support $cientology but we do believe that if you're going to accuse someone or something of evil then your backyard better be kept immaculately clean and when you use a showrunner like Myles Reiff who is best known for being accused of paying sources to read scripts and follow a predetermined narrative on the A&E show Generation KKK your devotion to the truth is debatable.

Why We Can't Trust Her

They want you. They want you. They want you as a new recruit. In the Navy
We're all back for Aftermath 2: Leah Needs More Money

Some have accuse Leah Remini of seeing herself as the Scientology version of Martin Luther and the minute David Miscavige is out of power and someone she agrees with has taken his place, she'll be on her knees and praying in front of Tom Cruise for forgiveness and to take her back into tge fold.

The main reason people give for this is, is for heading up a show like Aftermath that is so obviously biased, subjective and having an agenda Leah herself never says anything bad about $cientology, letting others do it for her.

When the Aftermath show first started, some fans went to her twitter account and asked her what R2-45 was in $cientology. To be fair, people like the angry midget Tom Cruise will say it was a joke by L. Ron Hubbard but sane people don't joke about killing people when they know modern electronic recording devices are on. R2-45 is defined as Being the most effective way to exercise a suppresive person from their thetans and consits of two .45 rounds from an M1911A1 into the back of the SP's head.
Leah herself never defined it and just put up a link to Wikipedia or Xenu.org. This is a consistant behaviour with her, she never says anything bad about $cientology and lets other's do it for her. If you listen to her, her whole break with $cientology really has little to do with it being a cult and more to do with the fact that she just doesn't like Tom Thumb's wannabe tough guy twin David Miscavige.

Where many have a problem with Leah Remini's personal character is how she wants you to believe that she hasn't made a single dollar from trolling $cientology. Nobody can find any info about what she makes for Aftermath but conservative estimates had her receiving $Five-million dollars as an advance for Troublemaker and more liberal, or rather the retards from $cientology claim it to be around 20 to 30 million dollars.

To give this some perspective, former President Obama was offered an advance of 16-Million for his memoirs. Few can believe five-million for Troublemaker but most experts believe Leah Remini makes the cut for anything in the ballpark of the $7-million mark.

Everything about her says Leah Remini is untrustworthy and few, except for her retarded fan base, can extend her any trust because, like every Hollywood Liberal with an agenda, she imagines herself as the recent incarnation St. Francis of Assisi and would have us believe that she is protecting the world by exposing $cientology for altruistic reasons and paying for it all out of her own pocket when in truth, she's making some damn good money from her organized idiot convention.

Like the popular meme against our mighty god-emperor messiah and savior of the USA, let's demand the Leah Remini show us her tax returns from 2012 until today so we all can see how much of a financial low blow she is taking while doing this.

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