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lb-69 serves as a home for 40yo+ sexual deviants and other would-be kiddie fiddlers, to meet and brag about their sexual exploitations of 3rd world countries, Thailand being the destination of choice. The term ladyboy, refers to a evil gay Azn man who has made the choice to become a woman and devoted his life to luring unsuspecting men into his trap, often times failing at both.

Typical lb-69 BM
Hoff1888, enjoying the "finer things in life".

In addition to the site's rather sick fap material, it also boasts a forum of over 70,000 BMs. Topics range anywhere from simple digital camera ratings, to raw doggin' ladyboy action. A common topic by newfags (literally) on the forum is the, are we gay? Bi? question or how they first realized their deviant desires.

just a wee question guys.

when did you find out that you liked lbs? it wasnt untill my second trip that the feeling of curiousity over whelmed me and i had to sneak away from my m8s to have a sample of lbs. this would have been 2001, then when going with my m8s slipping away became easy, nowi just go myself so no sneaking around.


— Hoff1888, the Ladyboy Guru

I first discovered the delights of trannies about 30 years ago (I'm now 50)


— Kakila, the proclaimed Ladyboy Expert

Bms compulsively partake in sex tourism to popular destinations in Thailand under the guise of a "business trip" to meet up with other BMs and hit up various Tranny bars throughout the area, looking for that hot spot to spot that stud. They post their trip reports on a subsection of the forum here. A successful TR involves spending lots of money, an abundance of tales of gay sex, and plenty of proof pics for the other BMs to fap to. Typical lb-69 BMs have a strong held belief that sex is something that you purchase and that there is nothing gay or shameful about what they do. This sort of faggotry makes the forum a suitable environment for trolls.

Lb-69 Trolling

Lb-69 like any established forum, has its share of trolls seeking the ultimate pleasure, the lulz. Although most trolling of this forum has been unsuccessful, there are a few notable lb-69 trolls: Ladyboy Legend and Psyhcprof. To read more about these trolls simply do a search on the forum's main page.

Ladyboy Legend

A notable thread was created by a BM named Ladyboy Legend, detailing his exploits on his (interesting, although imaginary) trip to Thailand as a n00b sex tourist titled, "No Ladydude Can Resist Me". This was the spark that ignited a virtual flame war on the forum before the thread was locked by a mod.

...Well let me tell you my story. The story of a true pimp. Keepin' it real, shinin' like a mothafucka, and exposing these ladyboy myths in the process...


— Ladyboy Legend

the whole meal this hoe kept talkin, flappin her gums about ya boy so sexy, ya boy so fresh. i was like, "hoe, i know this" i guess the Thai love to state the obvious. we parted ways after the meal, after she kept begging me to be her man, sayin she would drop out of the hoe game for me. I told her, i came here for one reason, and one reason only, to get that Mint. Free. She was pretty let down, and discouraged. so i lifted up her chin, kissed her and said, "baby girl, when i get back imma break that back" and she smiled


— Ladyboy Legend

hey little ghetto boy, i am very empathic towards people with a lower than average command over the english language, especially when not their first, or second for that matter, lingo, like myself, but seriously get a grip on reality.


— Hiiro


Hankhavelock or Hank Havelock IRL is an HIV+ attention whore who encourages everyone to get in touch with their feminine side so that he can mongle their cocks. His faggotry transcends that of his lb-69 brothers in that he lives his life without guilt and is open about his deviant desires. He recently moved to Indonesia to embark on a Lord of the Rings quest for gay sex after his boyfriend broke up with him to pursue a career in New York City.

Hank and his ex-boyfriend

every one and no one... primarily just checking this place out... buuuut, interesting, intelligent and pretty ladies (of both genders) are always welcum... :-) mainly just interested in making friendship with interesting people with a passion for life and what they do... especially open for HIV+ trans-women (no I'm not poz myself)


— Hankhavelock on his love quest. Notice he is open to trannys with HIV...


Rev1888/Hoff1888 (currently Hairy Old Fanny Filler) is a 33 year old male from the UK who is responsible for most if not all of the vandalism on this page.

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  • Trap Thread #3 The third epic trap thread. It is now a provable fact that the majority of males that visit /b/ desire to be females.
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