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Law & Order is a television show dedicated to portraying criminals as the dumbest motherfuckers imaginable. Law and Order has, over the last few decades, built up a rather sizable fan following for itself. The show's popularity can be attributed to three main factors:

  • Creative storylines which poorly mimic real life events
  • Changing cast members more often than a fucking K-Pop band
  • The show's creator is some guy named Dick Wolf, and who doesn't like cocks amirite?
Faggot Number 1, aka Ben Stone played by Michael Moriarty
Faggot Number 2, aka Jack McCoy played by Sam Waterston

Since it first aired back in the early 90's Law & Order has had numerous spin off series and several entirely new casts. But none of that really matters since most fans of the show only really give a shit about one thing: McCoy or Stone? For those of us who aren't complete faggots this may seem like a non-issue, but to those who watch the show religiously over the years, which actor portrayed the DA better is the one thing that gets their autistic blood boiling most. The closest parallel in any other fandom is the ongoing Trekkie dispute over Kirk versus Picard.

Given that the majority of the people who watch the show are in their late seventies to early eighties the debate over who was the better pretend district attorney has probably caused more heart attacks than any other show around. This of course was intentional as it is a well established fact in Hollywood that Dick Wolf is a raging asshole who loves to fuck with old people. The fact that many have perished due to his script writing and casting choices only makes him hornier. He really could give a shit so please stop writing him letters.

Last Thursday, the Internet at large created over 9000 Law & Order memes when one of the spinoffs aired an episode in which gamers rape Anita Sarkeesian.

Post Successful

20 years on tv, known for a fucking sound effect
Typical reaction of posters on /b/ that day

On May 24, 2010 newfags posting on /b/ began to collectively shit bricks as their typically cancerous posts were suddenly transformed into something more than just the fail and aids they were used to contributing. This is all thanks to some genius who made the 4chan post successful screen look like a Lawl & Hurrdurr scene break complete with the fucking dun dun[1] sound effect. This all just goes to prove once again that most cancer on /b/ comes from m00t himself.

The reasons behind the 4chan mods changing the "post successful" screen to a Law and Order themed version are unknown and even if their motivations were clear who really gives a fuck, it's not like it was some life changing event. Regardless, soon after the change had taken place Dun Dun instantly started making its way into every single post made. This is because, as we all know, /b/ is the king of OC and the moment something new appears everyone has to copy it.

With its sudden rise in popularity the inevitable happened; people started to bitch. So profound was the response to the sound effect that a full 24 hours after it had debuted on /b/ debate still raged amongst the users there as to whether the sound was DUN DUN, DUNG DUNG, DOINK DOINK (as the 4chan .swf was labeled) or several dozen other variants that Wikipedia said it was. By the way the retards at that other wiki call it The Clang, what a bunch of tone deaf faggots those guys are.

Despite the fact that the date never changed from May 24 DUN DUN was still being used on /b/ the next day, ensuring another 24 hours worth of newfags posting threads about it. Opinions over DUN DUN range from most rapid meme elevation ever, to fastest old meme ever, to the new cancer. Also everyone complained about how the date never changed. As a result of all the board whoring, there was even a BookFace group created for DUN DUN. Since the only common denominator of /b/ and BookFace is faggotry, it had 2837642843 followers immediately upon being created.

On Wednesday May 26, moot finally pulled the plug on his Frankenstein's monster, sending DUN DUN to its grave and putting everyone out of their misery. However what has been seen (and heard) cannot be unseen (or unheard) and cancerfags are loathe to let it go. As a result of how long it was allowed to go on when it finally got turned off there was at least a week worth of mourning and "oldfags remember the dun dun" because on today's /b/ an oldfag is someone who has been there for a whole 2 hours.

"Rubber Room" - m00t episode

Promo by /b/ for the episode
Hey that's not m00t

Two weeks before the season finale of the 20-year-old cop and lawyer show Lawl & Hurrdurr, NBC decided to shitcan the series for life and didn't bother telling anyone until the very last episode of the season (and -ultimately- series) was already finished being shot. It was intended to deliver some crap storyline about how retarded public school teachers are and how their unions are nothing but kiddie diddlers however it quickly became apparent that it was obviously written by newfag 4chan lurkers who inserted EPIC into the script over 9 times and included a plot device featuring m00t. Naturally, cancerfags all over 4chan shat brix and the mods milked them for the lulz.

This otherwise forgettable bit was about an anonymous blogger named Rick Benson who was living in his parents' basement and was threatening to Columbine an NYC high school on his blog Moot's Countdown. This was all pretty much incidental to the main storyline about public school "rubber rooms" but ended up being the epilogue to one of the longest running and most successful shows in television history.

Ironically, the final scene was about one of the cop's ongoing struggle with cancer. In the final moments, Det. Van Buren finds out she is finally cancer free after battling the disease with chemo for the last few seasons. It would appear that she sent it all over to 4chan.

m00t gets shot for yelling at his g/f Snacks in the school cafeteria

"Intimidation Game" - The #GamerGate episode

Professional victims.jpg

With the success of the 4chan episode, obviously there was a need for a followup. A few years later that sequel came in the form of the Intimidation Game episode.

The episode was an obvious retelling of GamerGate and its plot is as follows:

Plot Synopsis:

Redchanit logo.jpg

The episode starts with Mariska Hargitay talking to her therapist and lamenting the fact the 4 year old son she just adopted acts like a boy and therefor will inevitably grow up to be an evil penis monster. Meanwhile, Ice-T and co are hanging out at a video game convention where the cop killer turned TV cop gives cringe-worthy explanations of internet lingo. We cut to an ugly booth babe being called a fake gamer girl by two typical gamer nerds. She explains that they are "mad at women in video games" and goes to the bathroom where they molest her and beat her up.

Soon we are told that gamers are mad at fake nerd girl's boss who is making a game called "Amazonian Warriors" where you can play as peacefully as you want (as opposed to reality in which the SJWs are mad at men in vidya.) IN A GAME CALLED AMAZONIAN WARRIORS. Because that makes sense; Grand Theft Auto is also about purchasing vehicles.

The female developer is an Indian feminazi with big, hoop earnings that is accused of only being able to make her game by sleeping with her rich, white boyfriend. So, in essence, she is a cross between Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian and her boyfriend is a mix of Jonathan McIntosh and Alex Lifschitz (some claim she is also part Brianna Wu, and by "some" we mean Wu himself, since everyone else notices this character can't be him since she isn't a man). All of which is insanely ironic since, unlike Zoe, she actually made a game and unlike Anita she didn't cancel in the face of idle threats. Even more ironic is that they made her an Indian in an attempt to make her more social-justicy (despite both women she is based on being crackers) but opted to name her "Punjabi", which is a racial slur. In fact, more than anyone, she looks like GamerGate supporter Jennie Bharaj who is an actual punjabi.

Punjabi decides to go on with the event despite being SWATed during a live interview (write that down for your troll playbook) and doesn't stop even when laser pointers are pointed at her during a speech to make people think she's about to be sniped (write this one down as well). But then the trolls hack the light at the convention and kidnap her under the noses of the FBI. They proceed to hack a video display on the street to show an ISIS style video of themselves holding her captive with their logo (a cross between the Something Awful grenade and RougeStar's twitter avatar) hanging in the background and use "The Dark Net" to post about their exploits on a site called "RedChanIt", that is a cross between Reddit and 8chan. They then beat the shit out of her and livestream her rape (definitely write this one down in your playbook) before forcing her to apologize for being a whore and try to lure the police into a gunfight with them to get her killed in the process.

The episode ends with Punjabi looking directly into the camera saying she will not release her game because the "cyber terrorists" have already won as the screen showcases the words "Executive producer: Dick Wolf", causing much butthurt among SJWs who thought it was a rape joke at their expense.

General Overview:

The episode in a nutshell

This episode is a never-ending party of lulz. It is filled with unironic use of gaming puns to describe rape attempts, hilarious explanations of terms like SWATing, doxing and camping for the middle aged people who might be watching, and characters looking straight at you as they deliver lines like "They don't want women in gaming", "No social justice in video games!", "In gaming the developer is like god" and "G-G-G-GO HOME GAMER GIRL!!!!". The bad guys are both loser nerds who can't talk to girls and literally live in their mom's basements, while simultaneously being rapists and possessing the skill-set of a navy SEAL that allows them to beat the FBI using shit they learned by playing video games.

Everyone is an obvious stand-in for some person or site on the internet and hackers use mysterious, evil websites and have the power to remotely control your toaster using their laptop. The only thing this episode seems to get right it that gamers are pale losers and nerds who hate women because they will never touch one without tying her up first.

Internet's Reaction:

SVU's expectations that everyone in GamerGate will cry and kill themselves in the wake of this episode were met with laughter as the SJWs raged that the episode is telling them to just give up, the gaming sites that have spent the previous six months writing the articles the lead to this episode being made freaked out when they realized they revived the (true) "video games will turn you into a raping serial killer and loser" stereotype (Kotaku in particular who were name-dropped in the episode) and 8chan laughed it up and bought the "RedChanIt" domain.

... And many lulz were had by all.

Aftermath: Ice T is a GamerGator

A year later, while people were still laughing their asses off at this inept episode, the big plot twist was revealed: Ice T had no fucking idea what the episode was about or what GamerGate is. After googling it he ended up flooding twitter with pro-GG tweets. Amazingly, The Daily Beast found some way to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmisinterpret what he said into literally the opposite of what he meant, resulting in him leaving no room for error when he told TDB to fuck themselves on twitter and then recorded this podcast where he literally apologizes to GamerGate for how shitty that episode was.

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=222034358 |width=100% }}

More Aftermath: Episode created by congresswoman

In a shocking twist, the episode was the handiwork of congresswoman Katherine Clarke.
"Who is Katherine Clarke?" you ask? Alex Lifschitz's dad, a war profiteer, owns a holdings company that owns a company that contributes money to Clarke. Alex is the boyfriend/current cuck of Zoe Quinn. Which is how Zoe was able to bribe congresswoman Clarke into getting her a congressional hearing (which she had to pay for and no one listened to) and try to get the FBI to investigate GG (they laughed in her face). What does any of this have to do with Law & Order? Well, as the video explains, Clarke was also in a committee with the director of this episode, who's a massive SJW.


Since the show was on for twenty fucking years, and frequently changed characters in a futile attempt to keep itself interesting, there are way too many to list. These are just the main players:

The original

Jack Mccoy: The mascot of the whole franchise. Fire-blooded Irishman who took 16 FUCKING SEASONS and countless BJs to make DA. Hates politics, capitalism, and always fights for the little man, and yet still manages to be employed by the government.

Lt. Van Buren: Mccoy's bottom bitch. Has been on even fucking longer than Mccoy. Gets her comeuppance when she catches cancer.

Lennie Briscoe: Told the bad jokes at the beginning of every episode. Actually died in the middle of a season.

Ben Stone: Genesis. Had the wisdom to leave in the 90's when he realized the show was ruining his career.


Olivia Benson: Defender of victims, perseverant investigator, and strong powerful womyn. Was actually confirmed as a closet case.

Elliot Stabler: The only non-faggot on SVU, and the only one who knows what women want. Was forced out by SJWs who thought he was too much of a white, hetero man.

John Munch: Left-wing conspiracy theorist. Originated as a crossover character before abandoning his original show like a rat fleeing a sinking ship. Typical jew.

Fin Tutoula: See nigger.

Nick Amaro: A wetback with severe anger issues. Was deported back to Mexico and therefore off the show

Amanda Rollins: A Georgia woman with a gambling addiction and will fuck literally anybody, except Carisi.

Dominick Carisi: A Bostonese Guinea secretly part of the mob infiltrating SVU for his own personal gains. Wants to bone Rollins.

Criminal Intent

Robert Goren: I think Dt. Goren is a pretty cool guy. Eh trolls murderers and doesn't afraid of anything. In the show, he was the son of a serial killer.

Alexandra Eames: Completely useless, even too old to provide a viable pair of T&A. Transferred to SVU after Criminal Intent failed it.

Zach Nichols: See Jeff Goldblum.


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