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Lara uses Wikipedia as an outlet for venting her camwhoring skills.
LaraLove in blackface.
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LaraLove, later Jennavecia, and now called Indubitably is a dirty bint and (former) administrator on TOW. She is in her mid-twenties and is a stay-at-home MILF of two young children, yet dresses like a 16-year-old girl without any fashion sense. She also admits to having borderline personality disorder, and is a massive fan of the shit band Tool, known for their love of fisting and scat play or rather, the musical equivalent thereof. She also has levels of unwarranted self-importance rivaled only by Sceptre.

She has been called "the most hated MySpace user on Wikipedia" by the Wikipedia Review, where she transforms into her alter-ego "LaraHate". She also left Wikipedia for a short while, like a typical drama queen, but due to Wikipedia being as addictive as heroin, she was back binging on it after a few weeks in rehab. Due to the fact that she is also batshit insane, she is a fan of scat rape porn.

Moar about LaraLove

One random example of the thousands of records that are better than anything Tool ever recorded.
LaraLove orgasming. Goddamn this album was awful.

LaraLove claims to be the mother to two chinchillas, but that's just a cover-up for the fact that when she was 19 and four years later, at 23, she got banged up by an anonymous man, whom she has no recollection of. As a result, she has two children (and no longer drinks alcohol), but she cares more about giving knowledge about Tool (along with her BFF the_undertow) to the child in Africa than educating her own children. In fact, she is so obsessed with Maynard's babbling that every second edit summary is a homage to one of his lyrics. They really should just get a fucking room together and talk about the spiritual enlightenment which taking LSD once every seven years brings you, so that without harassment from anon as described below, they can be Happy Together.

LaraLove is also a massive fan of "lol-speak" of the I Can Has Cheezburger? variety, something which is also evident in many of her edit summaries. She's a "sysop and 'crat" on the LulzWiki, a wiki that is such an utter load of shit that it is a blasphemy towards those who have even the remotest understanding of what lulz means. The "LulzWiki" [sic] obviously needs some of Grawp's tender loving care as soon as possible. This use of lolspeak is a worrying trend on Wikipedia; even people like Alison are doing it now, although they probably wouldn't know how to use an imageboard even if they were given step-by-step written instructions for how to do so. Like many other fake editors, LaraLove just edits as a hobby because she has nothing better to do with her life, and it's more interesting than looking after the kids. She is certainly not an expert on anything other than the precise measurements of Maynard James Keenan's tool.

When Chet "Coffee" Long's family fell apart, Jenna got him out and even helped him sign up for the U.S. Air Force. And then he ended up on Wikipedia, where he turned into one of the biggest right-wing whiny cockbaskets in the entire admin corps, and that's one hell of an achievement. Thanks, Lara!

"Her" gender

Lara's level of unwarranted self-importance that's rivaled only by Sceptre is partly because she is one of the few real females, with XX chromosomes, who have ever become well-known Wikipedians. But so many of them keep turning out to be traps every day, LaraLove might end up being a trap, too, because she had two kids like Britney Spears and while Britney spent millions on plastic surgery, she still has this ugly-worn-out-mom look that Lara (who is also thinner) doesn't have. Quite likely, LaraLove is the father of the children.

But can we be sure?

Okay let's go through the e-famous TOW "ladies".

Unfortunately, rumor has it Alison was born male and her first name originally was "Butch".
Angela Beesley
Although her article had some jokes with ASCII art and a pic that wasn't her, Angela's real pic is too fugly not to be a man.
A transsexual in the style of Mr. Garrison. First comes out as gay, then changed sex, then oddly turns lesbian.
This person is way too pretty to be anything other than a natural-born woman. This is a famous person and well-known and we all know this is a woman from looking up her history.
Kelly Martin
This is a real female-born TOW person. She also founded alt.religion.scientology, though because she's a woman some stupid male pig stole credit just like men have done throughout history.
A nerdy girl but still a girl. A guy would never have a name like Francine. She was instrumental in getting Bedford's stuff off Wikipedia. A guy would've just fapped to that material.
Madame Wikiwiki
A woman cannot have a jaw that square.
Mistress Selina Kyle
According to Blissyu2, this is Somey, a man.
Persian Poet Gal
A pretty trap, but still a trap.
Poetlister, Taxwoman, et. al
These are all real women.
Also a completely real woman. Would a trap claim to be a "feminist wikipedian"? No way! Not a trap at all.
Sgt Snopake
Was "The Party Van" posing as a 15 year old girl to bust "Nathanrdotcom". (Wait, what?)
Someone uploaded a chick's nudes and got banned for it. On the rare chance it wasn't a guy, it's one less "lady" on TOW.
Used to work as a spy for MI5 and during one of the missions, he had a sex change to go under cover.
Urban Rose
This is an extremely hot trap, but unfortunately his pic with the vagina was photoshopped. The real one, if it had been taken, would have had a penis.

So as you can see, LaraLove is likely a man just like all the other TOW "ladies".

Bathrobe Cabal

Sceptre before his rollback function privileges were revoked.

LaraLove is the most gross violator of WP:NOT#MYSPACE there has ever been (lol, not really). She has created the "Bathrobe Cabal", also known as the grand parade of overweight (and severely underweight) nerdy men who lounge around the house all day editing Wikipedia (maybe she is a closet FFA; although if that was true she'd be better going with the pie-loving Mexican of Deftones than John Maynard Keynes, but then that wouldn't happen because she's a white supremacist, as explained below). This is because she is ronery in the real world, and as such develops infatuations with weird rock stars and basement dwellers.

Sceptre was a member of the Bathrobe Cabal, but mysteriously disappeared from it recently. Some argue that this is because even he did not have the audacity to design his own logo just for his Wikipedia identity like LaraLove did, as you can see at the top of this very article. Also, cock-chop.

Love of Scat Rape Porn

  • Title: Lara Love
  • Year: 2008
  • Director: Anonymous
  • Aspect ratio: 1.5
  • Synopsis: The film begins with a knock on Lara's door. The man, whose face is not seen, is welcomed by Lara. They talk about how the day has gone. The film then skips to a scene where Lara is seen from the man's point of view continuing their talk in a bar. Slightly intoxicated at this point, the man slips a few Rohypnol tablets into her drink. All becomes a blur, then the film skips to a scene of a visibly confused Lara in a dark, unidentified location. Her facial muscles struggle to move as she clearly tries to resist, in vain, the advances of the man who begins tearing her clothes off. Soon afterwords, the man drops his own clothing and proceeds to insert his bare, erect PENIS into her rectum without lubrication. After some struggle from the woman, she eventually concedes and gives in to the thrusts of the phallus, which by this point is starting to gather fecal matter along the course of its shaft. The film ends with a closeup of the unknown man's semen congealing at the entrance to her rectum.


Lara in full Bathrobe Cabal attire. Her Wikipedia t-shirts show utter devotion to the church of Wikipedia; didn't Maynard say "fuck L. Ron Hubbard"? Well fuck Jimbo Wales, then. Just not in the literal sense, because if LaraLove's womb got Jimbo's semen in it this time, she'd shit out a creature that would make Brian Peppers look beautiful in comparison.
At least she's not fat. Oh wait, a nice submissive fat girl would be much better than this skinny control freak of a woman, unless you enjoy pegging as that's what she wants to do to you.

I don't think it's getting more's actually getting redundant. I mean, I write, ya know? But I don't write the same shit over and over again. Srsly. Can I get a sequel or something? Like, it should follow up with how the mentally challenged attacker managed to give me teh gonosyphilaids with his laughably small pecker.

Okay, so let's just review this cinematic masterpiece. A man so ugly he hides his face knocks on my door. I, in my true altruistic fashion, invite the fugly little bastard in. I ask how his pathetic day has gone, as if I care. The details are so painfully boring that the whole scene is edited out and suddenly we're in a bar. The way it's worded, he's slightly intoxicated when he drops the roofies in my drink. Considering I don't drink and his dumb drunk ass can probably barely string a full sentence together, I'm obviously not drinking it. All becomes a blur in his God-smitten head, I just play along. The writer was apparently too unimaginative to layout the scene for the rape, so we're anywhere from a dark alley to his cockroach infested digs. We'll go with the alley. I struggle to get away, using my face only, apparently. I mean, that's normal, right? Yea. So, that doesn't work. Shocker. Then he tears my clothes off; some time passes, during which I can only assume he's waiting for the Viagra to kick in; then he drops his own clothes and inserts his "bare erect PENIS" into my rectum (damn near killed 'em), without lubrication. I can only assume "PENIS" is in all CAPS as a form of overcompensation; noted. I struggle for a moment, but eventually concede. Probably because I've realized I can barely feel it, so I might as well wait it out... maybe try to push out some poop for shits and giggles... yea, that was a pun. Anyway, so he gets off and that's it. What a lame ending. I mean, srsly. It's literally the lamest scat rape porn ever, ltrly... and anyone who knows me knows I've read/watched a lot of scat rape porn.



—LaraLove, 6 April 2008

Looks like this lolcow has found some kind of temporary sanity in this; shit, blood and cum on [her] hands.

Quote from SWATJester

LaraLove, (also a "white pride" person, as admitted in IRC) who is extremely close to The undertow, is freaking out here, after wildly attacking me in IRC over this. She's obviously really distraught over this: since she's chosen to launch expletives at people all over my talk page. [1] and thinks WP:CIVIL is a bullshit policy. Oh, and this outburst is beyond unacceptable conduct for an admin. And now she's attacking me because I hold an opinion that is less than flattering of her e-boyfriend. With regard to The undertow, I stand by my statement. White pride and White supremacy are synonymous, especially in the deep south where I'm from. See our own article on White pride, which notes that it is strongly linked to White supremacy. The Celtic Cross, the international White Pride symbol, is listed as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. [2] I've seen first hand racism by "white pride" people and personally experienced the antisemitism that often comes from them. Here, he seems to know what "self respecting neo-Nazi's" think. Here, he defends well known white supremacist hate site as well as here. Please also note the Anti Defamation League's statements on Stormfront, and the "white pride" phrase, noting that it is essentially equivalent to white supremacy. And the Southern Poverty Law Center agrees with me. Based on these diffs, I believe that he is a white supremacist, and I stand by my beliefs.

Lara Retaliates

"Because where I live cross burning is nothing like white supremacy. Not even close."

Perhaps it's a matter of where you live. Because where I live white pride is nothing like white supremacy. Not even close. I have provided evidence that shows the_undertow's beliefs, showing statements where he's trying to educate others about this very misconception. His involvement in these articles, as I showed above, was spawned from another editor's changes and comments. They were POV and OR additions and the_undertow involved himself to restore NPOV to these articles as well as to bring consistency to them all. If you look in detail through his edits to these articles, you will find that he spends much time on the talk pages, discussing what is most appropriate. He does not push a racist point of view on any of them. He argued that "racist ideology" should be either included in both white and black supremacy, or neither. He supported the removal of details of a black supremacist from the black supremacy article as it was giving undue weight to a fairly non-notable person. His edits across all articles, including Stormfront, where, again, he was attempting to ensure the edits of the other editor were correct. SWATjester's comments were not based on fact, opinion or not, it was inappropriate and served no purpose but to discredit the_undertow and damage his reputation. It was, in my view, no more than kicking someone while they are down.

It would appear it is, perhaps, a matter of comprehension issues on your part. The links I'm providing show pretty clearly his stance on the difference between pride and power/supremacy. It seems to me there's just a problem with people having a misconception and being unwilling to understand that not all white priders are racist. And that white pride itself is no different than black pride, gay pride, etc. It's pride in your heritage. the_undertow attempted argued these points. And even if you don't agree with him, and you hold an ignorant belief that pride = racist, the links prove that he doesn't see it that way. Therefore, they are not links that support a claim of racist, rather they show that such a claim serves only to damage his reputation unfairly.

So black pride is just that. Pride in being black. But white pride is racist because...why? I have to identify as American pride? What about White-American pride? Is that racist? German pride > white pride for the_undertow is acceptable then? But simply identifying as white pride is racist? Then why don't we just merge the article into white power or white supremacy? Since I apparently have a false and cliche view of what it means to be proud to be white while not believing that makes one better than anyone else.

I am an immigrant from Russia (from Siberia), classified as "white" in this country (which I resent...) - So you resent being classified as white? Okay. Well, I don't. I'm a white American, and I'm proud of that. But I can't refer to myself as white pride, a term used predominately in the United States, without being racist? I have to say American pride? This is all so silly to me. I'm a white American and proud of it. Proud of my heritage. I don't think that makes me better than anyone else, and I don't see how labeling it as simply white pride changes that. Regardless, it's sad to see that you agreed with me about SWAT's comments until you read my "cliche" view. So, I guess that's to say you now agree with SWAT's comments about the_undertow because you disagree with the comments I made about myself.


o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ SIEG HEIL! Attention!

This user appears to be racist. They may be doing it for the lulz; if not, feel free to troll them by telling them how you're a nigger jew who enjoys fucking white women. As usual, if their fucktardery makes them unfunny, revert every single edit.

See Kenneth Eng.

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