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Ren Queenston, IRL

At first glance, Lapfox Trax looks like any other shitty indie electronic record label, with a twist. It’s for furries. There's shitty music, repetitive beats, and fursonas on the album covers along with old vidya game references. Dig deeper however, and you find out that not only is it even worse than it looks, but that Lapfox Trax is actually one man, "Ren Queenston", shitting out album after album of pure garbage when he's done shoving ZetaToys up his ass and then writing songs about it.


Just a few of LapFoxes amazing albums, and these are just a few of them. Notice the Adventure Time and MLP references.

LapFox's style of music is very distinct. Imagine techno beats that sound like a broken printer, BOTDF style beats, notes dragged around in Sony Acid to make something trying to resemble a rhythm, random sound clips used from Adventure Time/MLP/some Shmup/retro game/whatever autistic shit is popular, and then having the end result appear in tons of YTPs made by 13 yr olds, Brony/Furry videos, or that generic Halo/CoD montage you saw last week. Despite being a grown man, his music sounds like that of a 13-year-old trying to make generic dubstep for YouTube at best, and like an MP3 of flushing toilet, fart noises, and sound clips from video games/TV shows looped at worst. Sometimes he also adds references to yiffing because that's so furry right?

To make matters worse, he shits out albums all the time under various names/fursonas. While legitimate artists normally can take a while to produce an album, Lapfox can put out at times, 10-20 albums in a year, proving he is indeed shitting out music like furry artists shit out pictures of dog cocks. Even the album covers look the same, just like his shitty music.

It doesn't matter which song you listen to, you will suffer ear rape.


Average Lapfox Fanart

Unsurprisingly, considering how many kids on YouTube enjoy generic wubstep and electronic music, Lapfox has a following. From pandering to bronies/furries to pandering to kids, Lapfox has a bunch of juveniles, Bronies, and Furries, and neckbearded manchildren listening to his shit. Due to the fanbase of furries, this led to floods of generic fanart and remixes, along with the usual Rule 34 material. However, the second the groping incident leaked many of his fans were angry, deleting all their LapFox MP3s and never wanting to listen to his terrible "music" ever again. Despite this, some fans continue supporting him, just like how there are still a few Ian Watkins fans out there.

Oh god, I can literally feel the tumor growing behind my forehead. Fucking kill me.


—A YT user, reacting to Lapfox in the comment section of said video

Ren the Groper

i’ve engaged in this ACCIDENTALLY more than a few times with my partner. i’ve had times where i’ve woken up rubbing and groping them and didn’t even know i was doing so and things just went from there. it’s often clumsy and awkward but fun in a kind of “so dazed and out of it” way. i know this seems weird right after my post about drugs and sex being a no-no but you can snap out of sleepiness a lot easier than you can snap out of being drunk/high lmao

i love the idea of being on either end of this, and really like the idea of waking up in the middle of it and hazily enjoying the rest of it, or having the receiving partner do the same.



—Ren, on groping women

Last Thursday, Ren was dating some kawaii Japanese artist whom was a Lapfox fangirl. The problem is, as the past has proven, being in the Furry Fandom does not give you social skills, and it obviously does not control your urges to yiff everything that moves. On January 18th 2014, a text file was leaked from his ex's Twitter, before a full post was made on Tumblr. Turns out, Ren had not only been abusive, but he had been groping her at night when she was asleep, along with pressuring her into sex and then telling her friends when she was backing out. He actually had posted that he in fact, did have a problem with groping women, and attempted to apologize to cover his ass.

A few days later, more shit was leaked. Apparently, Ren did something similar to yet another woman, and attempted to use his ego and power to get real pussy, doing everything from locking the women in the bathroom to brainwashing her. His friends later came out, several times to talk about how much of a little bitch he was, because all the furfags he had sucking his cock gave him an ego boost. Of course, with the powers of the internet, it got leaked, and now Ren has just lost even more of his fans (and his ego) since they've realized how much of a sickfuck he is. His fanbase suddenly started deleting his music, made Tumblr posts about it, and posted how their life was ruined because their favorite furfag was a pervert.

Renard hates his fans

Sometime back in 2014 or whenever the fuck this depraved techno furfag was still relevant Renard received some bad feedback on one of his shitty three track albums. His 13 year old fanbase of closet furries wanted to hear some more remixes of Rainbow Dash gurgling on cock but Renard was dedicated to forcing his pretentious ambient garbage down their throats much like the wet dog cock of his fursona went into their throats years before. Since Renard is a full functioning sociopath, instead of taking the negative feedback like a man, he made the cowardly decision to disable comments and ratings since they were hurting his already over sized ego too much. This was probably around the same time his groping fetish got leaked so he was too ashamed to check the comments on his videos anyways but by disabling comments he didn't only get rid of the people that were fully aware of his weird perversions but he also got rid of the last of his fans who still gave a fuck about his repetitive music.

When asked about his choice to disable comments, the groping mastermind replied with:

i disabled them because i hate the G+ integration an infinite amount

and because youtube comments suck and have never done anything beneficial for my work


—Ren, explaining why artists don't require feedback from their fans

So basically Ren decided to use Google's recent update as an excuse to disable his comments till the end of time so he never has to face the fact that all his fans know about what he did to those poor girls (may they rest in peace). That, and apparently comments never did anything beneficial for his work, implying that his work was anything more than faggoty, fanserviced, furry, shit tracks to begin with.

Renard's game making abilities

In order to cure his retro gaming faggotry, the piece of shit actually made his own fucking game, Shark Attack, which consists of playing as a fucking furfaggy shark shooting shit with god awful hit detection, thanks to the game's engine being Multimedia Fusion 2, complete with graphics that look worse than a GBA game and music straight from the toilet. The name of the game also shows how original he is at making up titles for his games. He actually tried to sell that shit at Anthrocon, but you can get it free via a torrent site.


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