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Amercian dreams came true somehow...

Lana Del Rey is an animatronic RealDoll that has been programmed to sing and generate indie buzz.


Early prototype of the Lana Del Rey RealDoll, before the lip and breast implants were added to the doll.
The final production model of the Lana Del Rey RealDoll.

The Lana Del Rey RealDoll was a project of domain squatter and bazillionaire Robert Grant. He poured his riches into the project that would become one of the first animatronic pop stars, certainly the first which was a fully functional sex toy. He hired some of the industry's best songwriters as well as Disney's Imagineering department and RealDoll manufacturer Abyss Creations to develop Lana Del Rey. Grant had envisioned a pop star that would not only fulfill the typical archetype of an attractive, anencephalic pop star, but also one that could appeal to the vibrant shut-in community of RealDoll owners.

The Lana Del Rey brand/gimmick was carefully planned and manufactured by corporate lawyers and record company executives. Lana Del Rey's background was that of the typical American Caucasian girl of a humble background; she lived in a trailer for much of her life. Her musical persona would be branded as a "gangster Nancy Sinatra," singing songs with an "eerily nostalgic vibe heavy on Americana themes, including images of surfing, Coney Island, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe." It was never to be acknowledged that the doll was actually nothing more than silicone rubber molded on a robot skeleton. And it was certainly never to be acknowledged that the Lana Del Rey doll and its persona was a complete invention fabricated by corporations and her "father" Robert Grant. When Lana Del Rey would be asked about her rich father and background, it would respond like so:

My dad is an entrepreneur and an innovator. Being an entrepreneur doesn't make you a rich tycoon and being an innovator doesn't mean that you're successful. It just means that you’re interesting. No one cares that I lived in a park-- Dad loves trailers and is getting one in the Everglades. My first record label gave me a small check and I moved into a park near Manhattan. It's not something I cared to even share but people keep asking me about it. My songs are cinematic so they seem to reference a glamorous era or fetishize certain lifestyles, but that's not my aim. I'm not trying to create an image or a persona. I’m just singing because that’s what I know how to do.


—Lana Del Rey

In order to be taken seriously, the doll would need to maintain this charade without fail. The systematic deception was vital to ensuring her story would be bought by the functionally-retarded indie community, most of whom wade in a stagnant pit of phoniness themselves and believe it to be real life. Concurrent with this nauseating portrayal in many interviews and videos, the corporations behind Lana Del Rey released the doll's first single, "Video Games."

"Veehhddheeoohh Gaahheyhmmeez"

Eager to capture the undivided attention of the RealDoll-owning demographic out of the gate, Lana Del Rey's first single was entitled "Video Games." The lyrics were banal and vacuous (perfectly matching the personality of the RealDoll) and the vocals were nasally and droning. The singing was formally atrocious, but the music was so perfectly manufactured by Grant's team of professional songwriters that indie blogs everywhere shat themselves in their musically-induced psychedelic trances, whoring over the RealDoll's all-American bullshit backstory and BANGIN BOD like moths to a flame. With the endorsements of Pitchfork Media, Stereogum, and Gorilla Vs. Bear, Lana Del Rey was set to absorb critical amounts of manufactured buzz in the echo chamber that is the independent music blogosphere. A "homemade" video was released, mostly featuring Lana staring blankly into the camera and droning breathily through its protuberant lips, juxtaposed with lots of vintagey-looking random footage.

Music blogs of all shades were enamored with Del Rey's hokey gimmick and were super eager to suck her silicone rubber clit. Some of the more buffoonish ones gushed semen from their ears... (note: the following is not satire)

If you haven't heard of Lana Del Rey, YOU WILL SOON because we are convinced that this gorgeous crooner is going to be everywhere ASAP, like basically by the time this post is published. ZOMG she is so important. Anyway, this self-proclaimed "gangster Nancy Sinatra" embodies the best of strong, sculpted eyebrows, bump-its + hairsprayed tonsorial PERFECTION


—MTV style blog

Still others chugged gallons upon gallons of the #LDR Kool-Aid.

Here's an interview where some cracks begin to show in the facade. The doll is clearly shown struggling to maintain the numerous thick layers of its fabricated personality while still trying to appear lifelike. Note the deer-in-the-headlights look when its asked about its background as well as the generally retarded, nonsensical answer to every question:

Saturday Night Live

On January 14, 2012, the Lana Del Rey RealDoll became the first inanimate object to be a musical guest on Saturday Night Live.



In a trainwreck everyone saw coming, Lana Del Rey's performance on Saturday Night Live was an absolute musical atrocity. Almost immediately, the doll's musical program began to malfunction. Lana's vocals were extremely breathy and comically off-key. As for its stage presence, imagine a dead body on strings with a microphone superglued to its hand. Analysts believe the poor vocal performance may have been due to its new lip implants, which were so large they rendered its mouth nearly inoperable. The mouth was coincidentally also where the sound was produced on the doll. While everyone with access to a keyboard blew their load on the #LDRSNL gang bang, even Brian Williams, a handsome man with a pretty voice who reads the news to old people, expressed his opinion by calling this performance "the worst SNL performance evar."


Despite its many critics, the Lana Del Rey RealDoll proved to be a success. Its debut album "Born to Die" debuted at #2 behind Adele and sold 117,000 copies in its first week. By that time, the Lana Del Rey brand had long since been tarnished. No longer able to deny the foetid musical diarrhea that poured from its enormous defective rubber lips, Lana Del Rey was shunned by indie music critics who had championed the doll before its SNL performance. Pitchfork, the prominent blog of an indie cult with many members, was forced to fall on its own sword, and pan the debut album of an artist it had already buzzed.


So who actually bought the Lana Del Rey album after all that nonsense? These people. In a development likely anticipated by its Imagineers, the Lana Del Rey doll has created a pathetic fanbase that weeps in Lana's presence, like cult members worshiping their dear leader. The Lana Del Rey RealDoll robot represents an archetype of anencephalic beauty that is so awesome that it causes the viewer to question his or her own objectively pointless indie existence.

It's only a matter of time before you are turned into a drooling, brainless follower too. Don't try to look away. Don't deny the buzz.

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