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LadyHellFyre = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Another schizo TARTlet! Hooray!
LHF Then turns around to lecture her about maturity.

God, what i would do to have so many people love me, and never give a crap's worth about them. I can only imagine that kind of power...


—ladyhellfyre, wishing for power

Born September 29th, 1988 LadyHellFyre (referred to as LHF in this article in order to save time, and not have to type out fire with a "y"), known as Soda to her adoring fans, is a pretentious, mediocre artist, childish TARTlet, and presumably a student of legendary Rob Liefield as their art shares many similar characteristics, such as brilliant ignorance of anatomy and composition. She is also a camwhore. When not being a Snapesnogger fangirl in a desperate attempt to be liked by anyone ever, she readily enjoys showing her vivacious bod for attention instead of trying to actually draw better. Despite this, she wishes to someday enter the glorious industry that is American comic books, assuredly through the use of her boobs. She is also perhaps the most rabid Jaganshi Hiei (see: Yu Yu Hakusho) fanbrat on the entire Internets. She has also been seen kissing the asses of other more popular TARTlets in hopes of joining their ranks as another shameless cunt destroying the interwebz with craptastic gravity-defying tits and canon rape.

Her lovely art is full of demonic women, lesbians, and beefy men, you should check out her amazing works right now and tell her just how much you love them!

This artist is oblivious to the ways of the world, and has an ego the size of her gaping vagina. She dodge-burn rapes almost as bad as Crystal4Ever and ramy, and is a blind fan of Snapesnogger, and in fact, has been found out to be the cause of 'Snoggers article being repeatedly erased.

This tart seems to hate all that isn't full of giant breasts and huge veiny cocks, and enjoys making snarky comments on art she doesn't understand. Then calling the artist a FAG within 4.5 seconds of being responded to, if it's not kissing her fine ass.

Vistyne Sinestora...Not a Mary Sue


Vistyne, the bastard child of who cares and what the fuck, is a red-headed succubus whose "armor" consists of nothing but a bikini and fishnets, yet she is totally teh awesum badass and teh hottest character on teh intarwebz. She also happens to be the unfaithful wife of Jaganshi Hiei of Yu-Yu Hakusho.

Vistyne also doubles as Ladyhellfyre's proxy by which she expresses her concerns about the deviantTART community. These concerns have been such as yaoi, androgynous characters, art by people that are better than her, and any attempt by other fansluts to take her omgprecious Hiei from her.

tl;dr She's a huge-tittied Mary Sue, the exact opposite of her RL counterpart who lacks the huge titties.


Ladyhellfyre v. Klar: A good point is made here.
Ladyhellfyre v.T3h-dyl4n: Even her friends can't stand her.

Ladyhellfyre is actually a genius and harbors a mastery of eloquence in the dramatic arguments that she conjures on DA. Like any good TARTlet, she does not hesitate to bring down the insult hammer, but has no tolerance for disapproval of her own masterpieces.

In a recent argument with Klar based around this piece, LHF kindly explained her concern with the androgynous nature of a character in the drawing. From this debate spawned the obligatory "wahh I'm so misunderstood" DA journal entry:

tl;dr: A whore spewing nonsense. She is very good at English.

One member responded:

yea..... it really sucks when all female characters arent drawn like they came out of a Rob Liefeld comic. you sure won that internet fight. good job!!!!


—MrChipChip, a concerned Deviant.

Which was quickly countered by LHF's witty response:

That's wierd...for some reason while i read that, i thought of you with a cock down your throat. Huh.


—ladyhellfyre, too good for logic.

Her "Stock" Career

This is not a cry for attention.

Beginning August of 2008, LHF uploaded a set of blurry, grainy MySpace photos of her twiggy, scantily clad self and called them stock images. With this action, LHF had no need for anyone else to call her a camwhore, because she had done a fine job all by herself.

This notion was pre-dated by a photo of herself in her underwear, which she also referred to as an artistic portrait before setting it as her DeviantID.

An Hero? Don't count on it!

The worst thing to ever happen to DA-oh wait.
Oops. LHF gets called out by a real life friend on her bullshit.

LHF, unable to take the humiliation that comes along with earning an ED article, committed e-suicide, only to be called out by a real life friend. Way to go!

Gallery of Hilarity

How LHF makes herself feel better about being a failed artist.

Nobody has ever made these jokes before. Ever.

Memorable Quotes

It's amazing how childish fag-artists can become in such short'a time. I SAID FAG.


—ladyhellfyre, being a FAG.

Listen, i'm not too Paris Hilton myself, but if you draw something with the traits of a man, or vice versa, then they're going to assume that that's what it is


—ladyhellfyre, knows anatomy.



—ladyhellfyre, knows english.

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