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Laci Green

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It's raep time!
Third-wave feminism incarnate.
Sex is, like, great.

(((Laci Green))) (a.k.a. Cowtits) is a moderately-attractive and extremely hyperactive 31-year-old internet "personality" and self-proclaimed "sex educator" who posts videos on YouTube that teach you about the joys of sex – which actually sounds pretty awesome until you realize that Laci is yet another hypocritical feminist SJW who lacks the basic intelligence that's required to wipe her own arse.

Laci, being a typical hypocritical femi-cunt likes to decry the horrors of sexual objectification of women, while using the same camwhore camera angles to maximize her cleavage. She even whined about how the media bombards men with images of sexy cleavage, even as she simultaneously bombards YouTube with her own cleavage. As a self-claimed 'sex commentator' on Jewtube, Laci plagiarizes the research of others and rehashes it all with an infantile girly-girl persona. She is in her mid-twenties now, and still talks like she is in the seventh grade. Most people are prone to giving this dumb bitch the pussy-pass because her tits haven't sagged yet, however, life is going to go downhill for Laci once she's past the age of thirty and becomes a loose winkled up slut. This empty-headed slag with horse-teeth is only smart enough to exploit her above-average looks to draw in virgin white knights to defend her sorry dumb ass from criticism. Like how she's used her popularity on YouTube to spout mushy-brained feminist propaganda to the retarded horny masses.

Who Is Objectifying Laci Green?

A realistic simulation of a Laci Green YouTube video.

Attempts At Getting Sam Pepper V&

Due process, perhaps?

Being quite the humorless cunt and victim card carrying feminist, she can't come to grips with the notion of another YouTuber like Sam Pepper is harvesting any precious Jew golds by actually being funny or so much as producing marginally tolerable content.

Secretly Wants to get Fuck Hard by the Buff men she Claims to Hate



Fuck a cripple

Azn tranny

A feminist with a rape obsession? No way!

Kid friendly, genital based "infotainment"

Perfect Role Model

Serial Rapist

Last Thursday several Youtube and Tumblr victims came out alleged that Lacy had rape them after she said that she believed anyone that claims they've been raped on YouTube. According to the FBI statistics quoted from Lacy, 8% of rape allegations are false. However, there are more than a dozen accusations against Lacy proving the allegations to be true. Investigators noted that Lacy may have been under the influence of alcohol or heroin when she was committing such heinous acts from fucking animals, and bronies, to caterpillars, and pets.


Fat Girl Slim

2 years ago, I weighed 162 pounds. Today I weigh 126.

I didn’t lose the weight by hating myself down to a size 4. Not through dieting, not through crazy amounts of exercise, not through calorie counting, or purging.

I lost 35 pounds by learning to love and take care of my body. I realized that part of loving myself is giving my body what it needs. I changed my diet to include mostly plants, I cut out soda and fought hard against my addiction to sugary/fatty foods. I began to see food as fuel and to use it as such. I also made sure my body was in motion for at least 1 hour everyday, and these days I am even working on becoming physically stronger. I knew that my old eating/exercise habits would not suit me as I began to age. I knew that I wasn’t treating my body well.

When I truly began to love it, it took a new shape. I loved my old shape. I love my new shape. I love it all because I love me! x)


—Laci Green,

Laci Green Abuses The DMCA To Censor Others' Opinions


In October, 2016, one of Laci's spastic fans contacted her via The Twatter to inform her that a YouTuber named Roaming Millenial had committed the grievous crime of using Laci's image as the thumbnail for one of her videos!!111 Laci immediately responded by reporting the offending video to the YouTube police.

It Was Actually A Sequel

Many years ago, back in the forsaken year of 2009 Laci tried this hand for the first time, when someone made fun of her boobs.



When I was 14 I could barely get my shoes on the right foot.


—Laci, admitting to being mentally challenged


All For The Children About missing Pics

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