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The current target of /b/'s raeg and h8...

A camwhore about to learn not to taunt /b/

On the night of August 16, 2012 one dumb cunt decided she was going to make your generic "post # and I show tits" thread on /b/, but disappointment was felt by all when the get was got and she refused to show tits, and then proceeded to mock all of the harmless /b/tards lurking the thread and for that night much mad was had.

/b/ attempted to dox her but no progress was made. However, as she continued to provoke /b/, she gave more and more clues that led to her downfall. She frequently referred to /b/tards as "jits", some shitty word used in Florida. This, coupled with the name "Lacey" and her tattoos led /b/ to her facebook profile.

However like the dumb slut she is she gave them a link to her profile on, a site where gentlemen pay ladies for noodz. Although /b/ was unsuccessful at acquiring noodz from her directly, some valiant anon created a fake mygirlfund account. Using this account, he tracked down a guy who had previously "sponsored" Lacey. The /b/tard pretended to be Lacey herself, and claimed that her site was shut down and that she needed her noodz back to help get her site back online. The guy complied, thanks to another anon providing legitimate timestamped tits. On August 18, 2012, /b/ had noodz of Lacey.

The noodz were rapidly distributed to friends, family, schools, and work. Last update is that she lost her job. The story is still unfolding.

Gallery of Gradual Failure

Bitch gets fired from her job

Bitch gets a visit from the police

For friends and family of Lacey Vicich

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