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LiveJournal. It dulls the pain.

The LJ-cut refers to two things:

  1. The placing of part of an entry or pictures behind a link, forcing people to click on it to view the delicious pictures within. LJ-cut is a camwhore's best friend. It is also often used to hide fat girl shots, goatse or dead baby pictures. This is the LJ equivalent of "enter at your own risk". In icon and rating communities which are picture heavy, nothing causes more drama than lack of the LJ-cut. Most such communities have a "cut after two pictures" rule, but that doesn't stop LJers from posting five million pictures of their fat asses and getting the response, "OMG11!111 PUT tat beHind a LJCutt!! I si scared for life!1!"
  2. The art of cutting the word LiveJournal into your arm emo-style, as to dull the pain.

Responding to Demands for an LJ-Cut

The correct response to a demand for a definition #1 LJ Cut is to post the image from definition #2, simply captioned "LJ Cut". If the underlying complaint is also about images or NSFW content, you may also consider posting a link to a helpful guide on "How to Clean Your Friends Page Yourself".

LJ-Cut as a Drama-Generating Technique

Some people's zealous fascination with definition #1 LJ-cuts can be exploited for dramacratic purposes. Trolling LJ-cut Nazis is a great refresher because it requires little effort and even less thought.

When you have successfully identified an LJ-cut Nazi, a campaign of friends list bombardment can be highly effective:

  1. If necessary, set up a troll account
  2. Join all of the target's communities & begin posting the sort of things which will make her freak out: posts with dozens of images, or enormous images, or pages of incoherent unbroken text, or porn. Tailor your efforts to her individual pet peeve. Respond to requests for an LJ-cut with "what's an LJ cut?"
  3. If the complaint is related to large images or NSFW content, begin posting as much of that as possible as comments to the target's journal entries and those of her e-pals. Basically aim to make every SFW thread she is likely to encounter NSFW.
  4. Get your own e-pals in on the act.

In many ways, the best part of trolling an LJ-cut Nazi is that they'll probably never know why.

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