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Dramarama Ding Dong

LJDrama is a whistleblowing organization and media watchdog collective headed up by hepkitten.

Hepkitten created the LJDrama LiveJournal community on Jun. 20th, 2002 at or around 04:43 pm after her IRL drama erupted in her livejournal, causing her and her friends to joke about it. The livejournal community was eventually banned on Sept 26, 2002 for various breaches of the LJ TOS. At that point it was created as an independent website at ljdrama.org.

Occasionally, an event usually occurs when one or moar writers of the website doesn't get the desired attention to one of their "drama" articles. They call those hissy fits, and they are typically reserved for bear and homosexual writers.

Server Migration

The website itself was down over the 2004 holiday season due to some technical difficulties. girlvinyl let Hepkitten know that she and ghettofinger would be happy to host it on their linode. girlvinyl set up mail and services, while ghettofinger ported all of the previous Moveable Type data and comments into a fancy, new wordpress install. This new install is complete with a custom threading module to allow for threaded commenting, which LJDrama had not had before. It also allowed for user icons and various other features.

The LJDrama site promptly crashed the puny linode, thus linode management asked the site to find hosting elsewhere. Now LJDrama resides on a dedicated server farm, with plenty of room to run around and play.

Current Status

LJDrama.org is currently down. There has been some speculation as to the cause, and the general consensus is that Hep and girlvinyl are too busy using their e-fame to score free hookers and blow, rather than buttoning down with the code and getting back on board the lulz train.

Others contend that aforementioned speculation is bullshit, and that as ljdrama is old meme, the wise moderators are watching it die while getting on with the hookers and blow.

Either way, someone's getting hookers and blow out of this debacle.

Original staff

LJDrama's worst nightmare. DON'T FORGET TO CTRL+S, GUYS.

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