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Kusaba X is shitty imageboard software that has many security holes, such as frankusrs' ImageRaep4Free. Leetchan is the chan that is capitalizing on this, because every version of Kusaba X can be exploited, thus causing much lulz and spam. Better still, Kusaba X is highly vulnerable to SQL injection exploits. It is in use on many of the shittier (if that's possible) *chans. You know it sucks when it's a fork of Trevorchan.

Kusaba X is designed to pollute the internet with more AIDS and fail by making shitty 4chan clones, most of which are on free web hosts and owned by newfags or Underage B&, if you use this software, then you're a faggot and can expect your shitty website collapse under the influence of AIDS, skiddies and cancer.

tl;dr: Kusaba X sucks dick.

Some faggot who failed at following simple instructions.

Shitty sites that use Kusaba X

7chan (Goes down every 5 minutes)

711chan (Just fucking sucks)

Genchan(Shitty *chan with no users)

2011chan (Another shitty *chan with no users)


  • Kusaba X was created by Harrison as a fork of Kusaba that focused on "functionality, instead of shinies." (i.e polishing shit) on 9/28/2008, starting out on 24chan.
  • Harrison decided to move from the chan to his own domain at kusabax.org, and announced that he would release "by the end of this week". (10/8/2008)
  • Exploits are posted, and Harrison starts working on fixes, closing the Oekaki board. (10/10/2008)
  • Above mentioned exploits are "fixed" the next day, and Harrison continues working on the software.
  • Harrison releases Kusaba X 0.8 on 10/15/2008
  • He realizes he didn't actually fix the patch.

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