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KoolDrawer's awesome ID, which appeared for only one day before being baleeted. Someone managed to download it before then, and it is now posted in hi-def for all to enjoy. It's also his current icon.
Sonic and his minion Tails try to save animals in this failure of a comic strip.
Tails's reaction to the picture above. Note the life being drained out of his eyes.
KoolDrawer's attempt at drawing Harry Potter's magic wand. IT TOOK HIM 8 MINUTES TO DRAW GAIZ!

Deviantart-favicon.png KoolDrawer was a retarded sonicfag who resides in the dark corners of deviantart. He has a habit of screaming stupid remarks at anyone who comments on his shitty MS Paint "art" that is obviously trolling. His most famous remark is "shut up my art is better than urs", when quite frankly, seeing a monkey molest a pile of donkey crap is a prettier sight than his pathetic drawings. Going back to the whole Chase thing, he actually claims his "artwork" to be in the top 30% of deviantART, while Chase claims his to be in the top 10%. What a coincidence. But the scary thing is, this failure is even worse than Chase, so therfore Chase is not this guy.

He is most known for refusing to accept criticism, and raging against anyone who dares to say that he needs improvement. Obvious troll is obvious.



—The reason for not accepting critique, which of course he is now overusing to troll people.

This Furfag also has a habit of bawww-locking anyone who dares to correct or mock him. His misuse of decent grammar and irony in his comments simply adds to the lulz. Also, his profile and comments seem to claim that his age is 23, and that his first name is "Rick". His account was created on August 2nd, 2011. Within a few days of his account's creation, he has already sparked a tidal wave of lulz and butthurt.

His understanding of sarcasm is very limited, and when someone trolls him by telling how "awesome" his art is, he actually believes it and simply responds with "thx", or "thanks for ur comment". On his very first day on the site, KoolDrawer submitted seven specimens of shit. They are viewable in his gallery, along with his most recent and eyeball-scarring art. http://kooldrawer.deviantart.com/gallery/

hi my name is Rick and i am new to devinart.

im an awessome artist and i like to draw i am better than most people at drawing and I like to talk to people. but dont be stupid or mean okay? bye


—KoolDrawer in his first journal entry.

Yeah, I'm really jealous. I wish I could draw masterpieces like this.


— ShadowSpyro, exhibiting sarcasm that KoolDrawer failed to pick up.

Obviously, he is a troll, since no one in the world can be that stupid. His logic for claiming to be in the top 30% is that 30% of all the art on DeviantArt is related to Sonic the Hedgehog. Therfore, since all things Sonic are the best of everything, his art would be included, making it the best and superior to anything else. When he sees a screencap of his butthurt, he immediately heads to that page and begins a massive butthurt trolling spree, resorting to caps lock in order to make himself look big.

August 2011, the Year of The SonicFag

During his first hour on the site, Kooldrawer set up his account and filled in all of his info, his ID, and began submitting art. That's a great start, amirite? Shortly after that, he came up with a brilliant plan. Troll everyone and they'll come to his page to comment! Of course, it didn't work, and within a day, a heroic deviant got sick of his retarded trolling "i'm better than u at art and sonic is better than ur crap". She created another account, and threatened him with a ban if he continued. At this point, the little brat shrank back into the shadows, afraid that teh BANHAMMER will come down on him.

The first unlucky souls to come into contact and rage a gigantic flamwar for teh lulz with this little twat were deviants by the name of -Deviantart-favicon.png ShadowSpryo -Deviantart-favicon.png Kumia-The-Bat -Deviantart-favicon.png Lagoon1999 and -Deviantart-favicon.png ArtistODaRediculous. KoolDrawer's first troll victims were these four listed here. However, not victims at all, since they easily pwned the kid without even trying. The sonicfag was overwhelmed and, being a newfag and a noob could not figure out how to block them.

He resolved that the only solution was to shut down his account and start and new one, where they couldn't find him. According to him, after some encouragement from his equally retarded parents, he decided to come back and reactivate his account, saying that the only way he'll succeed is to stand up to his enemies and face the danger.

LOL. However, he was wrong. Because he had yet to get rid of his overly inflated ego and general nasty attitude towards other people and their advice, as well as improving on his shit excuse for artwork, more trolls found out about this failure's account and flocked to attack him.


The date he decided to play around with us and go "inactive" on his account. Which, of course, he failed at, because he forgot to change his settings. Anyone can still see if he is visiting his account by simply checking when he was last online. But this doesn't come as a surprise, because he fails at everything. His butthurt and troll rage caused him to hide all his page's comments and wipe his page clean of everything except a butthurt journal entry. Sadly, his art is still there. He also changed his icon to a crappy-looking sign that read "INACTIVE HAHA I MOVED". It's still not known if this asshole has actually moved accounts, since we can still see if he's online or not. He's just messing with us by acting like a fucking fail troll.

Oh, what's this? Now that he thinks he's won, all he ever shouts at people is "HA U WILL NEVER FIND ME I HAVE MOVED" on every page he can find. How clever.

He then decided to rock himself in foetal position in his bedroom corner for months until he finally gained courage to man up to his computer and create a new account.

Back better than ever!

Unfortunately for him with his amazing intelligence, he made his new account way too fucking obvious by copying and pasting his deviantART bio. Again, obvious troll is fucking obvious. His new account now goes by the name of Deviantart-favicon.png CuteCuddlyWolfie. This means an open opportunity to milk all the more lulz from this retard as all sit quiet and wait for his art to rise into the ranks of the top 30% of deviantART amirite? It is a truly horrifying fact to know that not only is he still a sonicfag but now he has decided to take his faggotry to the next level and strongly earned himself the title of Wolfaboo too! Double the fun and double the faggotry! Not only that, but he is more butthurt than ever. He claims his real age to now be 24 and given his sub-par IQ he didn't even know what cumming was until someone else had to fucking tell him. If that weren't enough to go around, he even claims to still live with his parents because of his AD/HD and aspergers on the internet. Even having the balls to allow his "dad" to speak to the deviant primarily milking the lulz from him for everybody to laugh at. Whether it truly was his dad speaking to her or not is yet to be confirmed.

While no such art has been uploaded by this faggot as of yet. He has probably finally come to the conclusion that his shitty MS paint "art" isn't worth shit. In other news, the bitch has finally after days of torturous trial, discovered how to operate the DeviantART block function. Making his list of blocked deviants publicly shown to all who visit his page to admire the trolling really beginning to rile up in the comments section on his page. Little does this tartlet know that defamatory journals such as this are a form of hate propaganda, and are a violation of dA's ToS. From the looks of things however, nobody will take the time to bother filing a report against him, but will most likely leave him to his mere squandering as more and more people come by to take all the lulz they can get from this retard.

02/11/11 - The eye melting begins

It has finally happened folks! The tartlet has at last come to post his first specimens of shit to his profile. The first two pictures to have been fortunate enough to make their solemn way onto his profile consist of a very badly drawn wolf that, as observed by one deviant, appears to have no neck and no actual fur as a real wolf would have. One should too note the plank legs. Impressive to say the least that his drawing skills have not improved one fucking bit since he last ragequitted from dA. The second drawing merely consists of a horribly drawn wolf silhouette attempting to eat the moon. Along with that, after getting his ass handed to him by the admins who baleeted his bawwlock journal, he is in a fit of rage and tears for getting told off by the admins for his faggotry, saying he would be banned from the site FOREVAR if he did not cease to be a retarded newfag. Not to mention his ego is just as fucking inflated as ever, being as big as the empire state building.

KoolDrawer's mission

this is my mission.

humans have abused and hurt mother earth and wrecked nature!!! they RUIN the planet and made it worse and make the air dirty. they make the water dirty too and they keep killing animals. and they are cruel and vicious they keep inventing new tech

they will be DESTROYED by mother nature if the stupid humans dont stop. but nature gave them one more chance

i am a wolf spirit inside a humans body. right now, i am put here in the human world to warn people and try to change humans to stop their ways. my fellow wolf friends that you call wolfaboos which is not a nice word are also trying...

if humans do not stop being mean then mother nature will finally FIGHT BACK the world will collapse and fall apart and doomsday will happen. if humans try to escape in their fancy tech spaceships, they forget nature is still in space, so they will still get destroyed. everything will be WIPED out!!!! my wolf spirit after completeing my mission will be reborn as a wolf in the wolf world.





—All wolfaboos are holy priests gaiz!!!


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