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...and likely your back.

Koba, a.k.a. Kathy S. Rogers, is a 18-year-old homeschooled camwhore who enjoys posting her 'pleasantly chubby' pix on the likes of 4chan's literature and sexy beautiful women boards. She describes herself as an 'intellectual female' who enjoys discussing 'books, life, and philosophy'. She also claims to have known French since the age of 8. In reality, she wants some saggy-ass buttsex. A simple Google search of her livestream reveals excessive posting.

Must we do this again Koba? Do you remember the last thread you made? We autosaged it all to the fucking hell.

We said we didn't want you here. But you just keep coming back, you stupid, attention whore, cuntrag. Fuck off. gb2 some other board.


—anonymous, keeping it real

ROFLMAO!! <3<3<3


—Koba, being SUPER DESU KAWAII!!!!1

People Who Enjoy Her Stimulating Conversation


Fun Filosophical Facts

She's so emotional
I'll reach out my hand to help anyone, but very few seem to take it.



I wonder, Koda aka Kodais

Thomas Paine says: She loves people reaching her on Facebook!
Thomas Paine says: Koda can be reached at [email protected]
Thomas Paine says: Her AIM s/n is koba among us.

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