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Atomic.gif Warning!
Knuffy does not agree with any part of sex or nudity and will never go into stuff like that, ever. Enough said.

Knuffy is a 28-year-old babyfur sick fuck (no, really) and grade-A retard who lacks a job and lives with his mother. One look at his art or writing makes it apparent that he is an honest-to-God fucking Downie who needs to be put in a retard asylum and chemically-castrated ASAP. Knuffy is also living proof that babyfurs who don't know basic internet security should be tormented the fuck out of until everything they held dear to them has been destroyed. He is also BFF with another diaperfurfag, and has complained about butthurt coming from this article to him, only to create more lulz than bad.

That's some grade-A, professional quality art there.
Wow he sure is talented.
Oh God why?

He has many furry fanshits who kiss his ass over every single thing he draws. Srsly, because everyone knows it's fun to target the mentally disabled.

Quick Facts About Knuffy

  • Pokémon in diapers seems to be a running theme with Knuffy.
  • When asked by someone about if this was a fetish of his, the ever-naïve Knuffy had this to say in response:

There is nothing wrong with diapers. I am a normal human, have a full time job and love to write stories and roleplay. I also love friends and keep them.



  • He KNOWS ED tells people that furs are BAD OH NOES!

Such beautiful words to my ears!

Knuffy is also a very talented poet and philosopher who writes about things like hugs, tears, and love. Here is a sampling of his phenomenal talents:

Knuffy had a perfectly normal childhood, of course.

Tears come of every shape and form. Crying is part of life that can be even the strongest of hearts. Tears is easy to do if it is pain. Everyone cries with the tears. Tears from heaven is special that the spirits give onto Earth with hope and friendship. The spirits cry aswell as people when someone dies. There are tears of joy, when a new life comes to earth. Animals cry aswell. They cry for the same reason people cry. Some people try to hold back their tears and is sucessful. They should cry because it is emotional. People will cry when they need be. Tears can help people show the pain and the person ussually give a hug. Hugging and tears go togather.

Knuffy is also a lonely babyfur :(. He also likes to talk in the third person.

I have a feeling I feel unlove. I been alone for 2 days without anyone to talk to. It seems like everyone is trying to avoid me except of talking to Knuffy. I am not very busy at the moment. I just wish someone love Knuffy. I not sure how long I be on, but I am for sure I am a babyfur inside out. I am just a lonely babyfur that feels unlovable.

The Teachings of Knuffy

Like all good wise men, Knuffy decided to impart the deep lessons he learned through many hours of meditation and introspection and denying himself more earthly pursuits.

Tell your mother, sister, or neighbor to get an ultrasound. I put it in here because of breast cancer. It kills more woman then birth, murder, abuse and suicide put togather. It hurts your family if the woman is gone. I am not a lady of no sort, but my grandmother died when I was 9, some 21 years ago. She did not die of breast cancer, she die of a brain tumor. It hurt me so much when she died because I lost a friend, and a family member. Now she is resting in peace with my grandfather who just died 2 years ago. Remember that we love the ladies and we want them to fight. Fight and become healthy.

Love, what is love. It is the thing that people feel inside. Disable or not, helpless or helpful, everyone has love in them. If people hurt that love, the people will stop caring. If people stop caring, that means the love will be gone forever. If people love thy neighbor and thy neighbor love that person, then love will live forever. It is not that love last forever, but it can last as long as furs and humans live on the planet togather. A person might not like another, but in the heart, the person will feel loved with even the littlest hi or happy holiday or even a kiss and a hug. A gift is love itself. People not understand that love is a great bond that bring people togather, and hatred is the band that brake people apart. Lets just say that people who care for eachother can live in the same bonds. Disable or not, fur or human, it not matter because love will take over the greive.

Icon External Link MP3.png Listen to a dramatic reading!

The hug is a special gift that everyone has. It will calm the worry and confort the scare. It will help the sad and concuer the evil. The hug is one gift that can not be replace by anything. One hug can say stuff that words can not say. The hug has the peace of people of many of years of love and health. Very few people understand how much a hug cost. As for friends, the hug is free and it is a gift that can give out during holidays, birthdays or anyday. There is not one hug that can be evil. You can look at anything or anyone that need a hug. People are not the only ones that need hugs. Animals feel the same way. Dogs and cats love hugs from their owners. Even animals hug each other like bears. The hug is special and it will never be replace with a kiss, smack or lick. It has a meaning of it's own and it is in your heart that the meaning lives.

Icon External Link MP3.png Listen to a dramatic reading!

Dream is special that everyone does it. People dream nice thoughts, scary thought and the thoughts that contain in the future. Dream can come true if the wish is for the dream. The purest of hearts will lead the way through the dream and the dream will be of the wildest thoughts. Most dreams are not real. Some dreams people make them real and it cause trouble. Dreams are where spirits, and anime, and other unexplain stuff happen. Everyone dream and nobody will get hurt from a dream if the person knows that the dream is in the head of the dreamer. The nightmare is a type of dream that scares one person. Nightmares are there to sometimes to warn a person of evil. Other nightmares are there because of something someone saw last night. Just remember, it is also a dream and dreams are mostly fictional.


Icon External Link MP3.png Listen to a dramatic reading!

Nothing is not more special then a kiss. The kiss is a major sign of love. Kissing is the most interact part of a human or animal life. Sometimes people kiss a relitve that die to show emotions. the kiss will lead to peace on the earth that of the peace in the own houses. Kissing can be lips or it can also be licking. Animals lick other animals and people to either show emotion or taste. Kissing and love go togather and everyone, from the littliest of babies to the oldest of people deserve a kiss and a hug. It not need to be a one time event as a baby, even people of the 20 and 30 years of age need a kiss once a while by a friend or family member. Give a kiss out if it is in reallife or in fantasy, it will make people feel good.

Icon External Link MP3.png Listen to a dramatic reading!

The heart is a special place of one and all. Everyone has a heart and they have to believe in the heart to live the dream of what they want to live. There is nobody better then anyone Jew. That person might be disable, even mentlelly, physical, or emotionally. They all have a heart. They also have feelings in the heart. Harsh words will destroy the heart in pieces. Negitive comments will hurt the heart in one person which that person not want to draw, or write or do any poems. Negitive words will destroy the heart in words and phrases. Positive comments make the heart smile and happy. Only ones who have full of heart can make everyone happy by the words that comes from the heart. The ones that hurt already inside also have heart. Their hearts was damage from what others said about how they talk, feel or draw. Everyone is the same. Aboriginal is no difference from Jew person black person another person. The person might be disable, but that person has feelings aswell and the heart of others will help that person see the light from inside. Even the heart of evil has love in them. Just remember what happen when your heart is young and your not a good drawer or writer. Others will look at the drawings and comment evil against those drawings. I will never say an evil word to even the worst drawings. I will never make fun of disable people and I am always there to help my friends when they need help, because I have heart.

  • Listen to more Words of Knuffy, dramatically rendered by ED.

Icon External Link MP3.png Knuffy on tears

Icon External Link MP3.png Babyfur inside and out

Icon External Link MP3.png Audio ElJay

Babyfur Life


The babyfur is a group of furs that live in the breeches of the univurse. They love to be with others and love to help others out. Some says that babyfurs are pedophiles or rapist or murderers. The babyfurs are nothing like that. Babyfurs love one-footed pajamas, bottles and espicially diapers/nappies. Babyfurs will help out anyone that need help. THey will come down in from the clouds and see if there is any problems that they can fix. The bigfurs not like babyfurs because of the babyfurs ways. The babyfurs will love the bigfurs more if the bigfurs look inside their hearts and see that we are all one. There is really nobody that hate anyone else. The law of the land from day one is to love the neighbor. The neighbor might not get along with you and you not get along with the neighbor, but there is one speical bond with the neighbor and the fur. They might show the same interest. The neighbor might also be a babyfur. The babyfurs love to look and to play with other babyfurs, wither with roleplay, pictures or stories. There is another thing that babyfurs love. That is the babyfur loves to have friends. A friend that is kind hearted and peaceful and protect a babyfur from danger and the babyfur will use the power giving to them from the creater to help their friend out when they need it. That is the end of this story or peom or whatever you like to call it. I hope this clear some out of what a babyfur is and that the babyfur will be around as long as there is a fur around.

One of Knuffy's Stories: Translated from Retard

Nester Squirrel is sitting in the office of his building when a young lady wolf walk in. She said, “hi, I need someone who can help me.” Nester said, “what is the problem young miss?” The lady said, “my name is Nelly Wolf and I need a spy to watch my husband.” Nester said, “I can do that.” Nelly said, “thank you sir, um, is your name Nester?” Nester said, “it sure is.” Nelly said, “that is a cool name, how did you get that name?” Nester said, “I got it when my adopted mother, Deb Wolf, found me. I was in a nest.” Nelly said, “that is cool.” Nester said, “I will get my friend who helps me all the time.” Nelly said, “I can not afford two.” Nester said, “not worry about it, he works with me. I protects him and he is very smart.” Nelly said, “well, ok, he can help too. I need to go, my husband will be home any day now.” Nester gather the address and where her husband is.


—The Investigation

Nester got on the phone to his friend, Helton Leopard. Helton pick up the phone and said, “can I help you?” Nester said, “Helton, I have a case for us.” Helton said, “I be at the office in a moment.” Nester looks at the clock and said, “no, I will have to pick you up.” Helton said, “I be waiting for you and so will my sister, Thewery.” Nester said, “I will be over there in a few.” Nester hop into his car and drive down to Helton's house. Helton and Thewery walk out.



Nester said, “come inside, here is all the information.” Helton and Thewery both look at the information. Nester said, “we need to get to the house where this lady is.” Helton said, “interested case, she is a housewife and her husband is a doctor.” Thewery said, “we better get to the house.” The three head to the house. Nester knock on the door. There is no answer. Nester knock on the door again and still no answer. Helton found a key in the packet and said, “what is this Nester?” Nester said, “lets try it.” Helton put the key in the key hole and it fits perfectly. Helton open the door.


—My sister is coming with us for no reason.

Nester open the door all the way. The housewife is found dead on the floor. Nester call the office and said, “the house wife is found dead.” The office said, “found dead, huh.” Nester said, “Digger, is this you?” Digger said, “yes it is.” Nester said, “how are you my little hedgehog friend?” Digger said, “I am fine.” Nester said, “come over, this is time for you to investigate.” Digger said, “I be over in a few minutes.


—Let us get this straight... Some retarded girl gave complete strangers a key to her house?!?! She's asking for it.

Digger arrive at the house in twenty minutes. He start to dust for paw prints and said, “weird, no finger prints.” Nester said, “the guy might be wearing gloves.” Helton said, “this is a doctor house aswell, so gloves should be plentiful.” Thewery said, “I am going to check the background of the ones who lives in this house.” She got out her laptop and start to type. She said, “the doctor wave up to fifteen million dollars last season.” Helton said, “oh man. I do not know what to do with that much money.” Nester said, “same here, lets go after the husband of this young wolf.” The four investigators left the house.


—black person? how you doin'? Fine? That's great. Me? Oh, I'm just workin', found a dead bitch on the floor, but enough about me. How's the kids?

Nester said, “where will the husband be?” Thewery said, “at the hospital.” Helton said, “lets go to the hospital and put the cuffs on this murderous guy. Digger said, “this guy is also an adulter. The four got to the hospital. Helton, Nester and Thewery went in leaving Digger outside. Nester said, “ma'am, where is this Benjy Wolf?” The nurse said, “Benjy has been in Boneland for the past two weeks.” Thewery said, “that is over four hundred miles away Nester.” Nester said, “how did he get to the house and back to Boneland during the day?” Helton said, “we must be looking at the wrong guy.” Digger run in and said, “we found a new pawprint on the box of plastic gloves. Nester said, “lets get there right now.” the four got out of the hospital and drive back to the house. Inspector Atlas Cheetah is there looking at the crime screen. He said, “this paw print came from my partner and friend, Ruscy Dragon.” Ruscy came out with the paw print. Nester said, “it looks like a print of a Arctic Fox.” Helton said, “how you know that?” Nester said, “paw prints of Arctic Fox and the paw prints of Swift Foxes and Red Foxes are different, that is what my friends Valley and Cuddy Fox say.” Helton said, “lets go through all the Arctic Foxes.” The six drive back to the police office.


—How do I spent money?

Whit Tiger is working in the morgue. Nester, Thewery and Helton all three walk to Whit's morgue. Whit said, “you guys must be here about that young doctor's wife that got killed.” Nester said, “exactly.” Whit open the cooling chamber with the young dead wife. Nester said, “have you learn anymore?” Whit said, “the wife was eating pizza before she die and that is what I saw while pumping her stomach. There is no entry wounds for gun bullets and no stab marks meaning that she was poisoned.” Thewery said, “how you know that?” Whit said, “when I got the stuff out of her stomach, a disease was microscoped.” Nester said, “what is the poison?” Whit said, “it was Duractorny.” Nester said, “that was the worst drug we had in the past ten years.” Whit said, “she swallow that with rat poison.” Helton said, “I will get to the local supermarkets of all the drugs that been purchased in the past twenty four hours.” Nester said, “do that.” Helton run off to check.


—OH SHIT! An adulterer! Let's arrest him with no evidence!

Nester walk to his office and sit down. He waits for Helton to come back from the stores. He looks up and daydream of him with his old friends playing. Nester said then, “I wish we can go back in time and play again. I do miss my good old friend Nudy. Rest in Peace my friend.” Helton then run back and said, “I got a name.” Nester said, “give it to me.” Helton said, “it was Doctor Vinnie Hampster.” Nester said, “where did he work?” Helton said, “in Doctorcare Hospital.” Thewery said, “that is where Benjy Wolf worked.” Nester said, “give me some history about this guy.” Helton said, “this guy is in the same graduating class with Benjy and with Nelly. The two got hired at the same time at the hospital. Benjy got the job of head of surgery instead of him.” Nester said, “jealousy.” Thewery said, “where is him right now?” Helton look up at the two and said, “he is on his way to Boneland.” Nester hurry up to the phone and call his friend at Boneland.


—She was eating PIZZA?! THAT WHORE!!!1!

Knuffy pick up the other end of the phone and said, “yes?” Nester said, “this is Nester and I have a guy going to your town that might poison a doctor that is giving a speech there.” Knuffy said, “I will send my best units to the convention.” Nester said, “thanks, I be there as soon as I can. Then Nester hung up the phone and he with Thewery and Helton run to the car. They hop in and drive as fast as they can to the convention. They meet Knuffy at the police station. Knuffy hop in aswell as Cuddy and Valley. Knuffy said, “Valley knows every little spot at the convesion spot. We can get into everywhere in the building with Valley. Valley said, “that is right, I have the keys of all the building.” Nester said, “you must be very famous of the town.” Valley said, “I am.” Knuffy said, “Cuddy is my partner.” Nester said, “that is cool.” Helton said, “lets get to the convention, we might have a few people to save.”


—So it was an unrelated doctor who killed the woman.

Nester got to the convention with the carload of investigators. Nester got out of the car and someone is shooting a gun. Nester got his gun from the case and start to shoot back. A guy got shot. Knuffy said, “that is Vintie, Vinnie's brother.” Nester said, “how many brothers do this guy have?” Helton said, “too many.” Knuffy said, “we better watch out, these guys are also cop killers. Nester said, “we better saporate in groups of two.” The officiers saporate.


—WE HAVE SELF-INSERTION. Now grab your fursuits, everyone! We're going to anthrocon!

Nester and Thewery is looking around in the kitchen of the area. Nester said, “this kitchen looks like the one that we use to play in when we was younger.” Thewery said, “I agree. I think we are walking in the past.” Nester then walk over and pick up a picture. He said, “we must went back into the loop. This is the past.” Thewery said, “look over there.” Nester and Thewery walk over to the other room and it turn out to be a living room. Nester said, “this was our hosue when we was young.” Thewery said, “it sure looks like it.” Helton and Floppy Bunny, a reporter walk over. Floopy pick up a toy plushie. He said, “this is home, lets see if Nudy is still alive.” Nester walk to the door and said, “stop, this is the day that Nudy died. Look at that big truck next door.


—EvErYoNe! SaPoRaTe FrOm ThE cOp KiLlErS!!!1!

The four look at the truck. Nester then saw Nudy running in the middle of the street chasing a ball. Nester then run and said, “we need to protect Nudy.” Helton, Thewery and Floopy run with Nester. Nester then look over and see a truck coming down the road. He run over and grab Nudy before the truck hit Nudy like in the past. Nester said, “are you ok Nudy?” Nudy says, “me ok.” Nester said, “now do not run across the road again. He then look over and see Deb Wolf. Nester walk over carrying Nudy. Deb said, “thanks sir for saving him.” Nester said, “do not punish him, he is just a little kid.” Deb said, “I do not attend to do that.” Nester walk over with Thewery, Floppy and Helton. The four went through the door and they was back at the hospital. They then look over and see a dragon elder that they have not remember seeing. He is standing over Vinnie with handcuffs. Nester said, “escuse me sir, we can take it here.” The dragon said, “Nester, is that you?” Nester said, “it is who are you?” The dragon laughs and says, “you forgot about your old friend, Nudy.” Nester hugs Nudy and said, “I thought you die a long time ago.” Nudy said, “no, I was rescue by a squirrel then and then Deb told me not to play in the road again. Nester said, “Nudy, a bunch of people will love to see you, where have you been hiding at?” Nudy said, “I been in Burning Forest Town.” Nester said, “come and visit the rest of the family.


—Luckily those cop killers don't have wormhole technology!

Nester and Nudy walk over. Thewery said, “Nester, who is your old friend?” Nester said, “you know this guy, he is Nudy.” Jaws drop when they heard that name Nudy. Knuffy said, “Nudy, it been so long since we last saw you, thanks for arresting Vinne.” Nudy said, “not to worry about it, I just want to help others and get some off the street.” Nester said, “lets go home Nudy, mom and dad must miss you aswell.” Nudy said, “I live at home still.” Helton said, “oh, ok.” Nester said, “lets go to Cattown. Whit and Xavier probably miss you.” Nudy said, “my brother Ruscy also probably miss me.” Nester said, “my car is in the parking lot, I can get it so we can drive.” Benjy said, “can I go too, I want to see your family while I lost my family.” Nester said, “sure you can.” Benjy and Nudy got in the car with the other six. Nudy said, “lets turn the radio on. The station that Nester pick start to sing a old song that the guys and gal remember playing when they was young. Nester said, “I think we are going to the past again.”


—Hourae! Wea alturd teh tiem streem111!!1111exclamationmark11!1

Nester then look over and see a boy from the past. Helton said, “we better be careful, last time we went to the past, we alter history, we could do that again. Nester said, “I know, lets stop here at the gas station.” Nudy said, “I go in aswell. I always want a old butterdragons candy bar again.” Nudy and Nester walk in. They then look over and see Dockery and Zena taking candy from a stranger. Nudy said, “stop, do not eat that.” he knew that they will die eating the candy like what the death certificates said. Dockery start to cry some. Nudy bend down and said, “that candy will make you guys sick, that guy is a stranger, you two should not take candy from strangers.” Zena said, “we sorry.” Holly run up and see Zena and Dockery feeling sad. Holly said, “what happen?” Zena said, “that guy tell us not to eat that candy.” Holly pick up the candy and some illegal drugs that will kill unicorns was in it. Holly said, “that will more likely will kill you guys, thanks sir.” Nudy said, “do not worry about it, just doing my job as a law inforcment.” Holly take Zena and Dockery to the house while Nudy and Nester head back to the car. Nester said, “we did it again.” Nudy said, 'we had to, the kids are going to get sick and I do not want to see them on the ground dieing.” Nester said, “your right, I will do the same thing.” Nudy and Nester got into the car and head to Cattown. Holly wave with Dockery and Zena. Nudy said, “we did it again, we need to lay down.” Nester said, “that is true.” The two lay down with the others.


—Lets fuk wit tiem eeven moar!

Say it one more time, fucktard!

Knuffy's Live Journal account is a constant source of sweet, sweet lol-milk. Contained within are various topics, such as:

  • How he's constantly "improving" his "artwork"
  • How love and heart and tears and happy bring people together
  • His latest journey, but "Not a journey of with legs, but of a journey of heart"
  • How people should raise their kids. Apparently, teaching them not to be sick fucks is a horrible thing.

This window into Knuffy's pathetic soul also comes with its share of irony:

"I am waiting for my 10th year reunoin from High School. Ten years ago, cool. I will see all my friends, which is probally 15 others in my class because about half of them are in jail because of drugs, dui, or one killing his father. That is not much but i graduate in a class of 38. That is about half the class in jail."

According to Knuffy, something must have really fucked these people up. amirite?

Oh nigga done got raided!


January 14, 2007, Knuffy was hacked (and "hacking" on DeviantART usually means you were goddamned stupid enough to give away your password). It was a short-lived haxx0r as the dA admins take the internet seriously and their banhammer is swift. But the Internets find a way. They find a way.

Developments On the Raid

Stolen Emails

Knuffy's email account was subsequently raided by an unknown patriot in an effort to root out secret Furluminati cells and report them to Interlol. In the midst of this, the following shocking email from Knuffy to Illinois State Senator Emil Jones ([email protected]) was discovered:

Oh noes!!

Icon External Link MP3.png Listen to a dramatic reading!

I am a local southern Illinosian, and I am concern. I have a attitude of make it more babyish, but I am a 28 year old man. I have a friend that says the law will hunt me down because I am a fur. I do not hunt for bad stuff. I just want to live my life like anyone elses life. Why is it so hard for people to live the life like a fur like me to live a private life in my house if I do not bother others? I want to know if privacy will be broken if the private life like being a fur, or babyfur, is violated. Thanks for taking my message. I know it is a weird message, but I am concern about it because I heard the government illegalizing it and I thought it is a private life style.


—Knuffy, in email to State Senator of Illinois Emil Jones


Now having access to his email, /i/nsurgents need only hit the "I forgot my password" button to gain entry to all of knuffy's accounts. Using this strategy, a full internet holocaust of everything he owns begins. Forums are raped with lemonparty and the pain series while Knuffy admits to being a transsexual. An /i/nsurgents wet dream comes to life in full.

The Phishing conversation

An /i/nsurgent from 7chan created a hoax gmail account to rape Knuffy's password, and then the retard fell for what may possibly be the most unconvincing DeviantART hacking story ever.

Full log of phish bewteen me and knuffy:

Me:Dear Knuffy,
It has come to my attention that a large spamming/trolling site is targeting you for attack. 
They haven't started yet, but probably will soon. If you email us at [email protected] we can probably work out some way to 
stop them. Thanks, Deviant art staff team.
Knuffy:They have not started yet, but when they do, I will make sure to contact you.^_^
(minor crapflood of comments)
Me:Ok I banned that guy but there will be more so email me at [email protected]
Knuffy:You told me to email you when I get a chance. I am emailing you now. 
I hope you can stop these guys
Me:OK, we have a problem. I could technically access your account and set it so people couldn't flood 
the comments, but due to some bugs in the system (we're hard at work fixing them)
this could give a hacker an opportunity to compromise that information and get into your account.
There are some hackers watching your page who came from the trolling site (,
so it would be much safer to just give me your password. 
Otherwise we're going to have to deal with a slew of people hijacking and
erasing and uploading stuff to your account.
Thank you, DeviantART staff team.
Knuffy:It is Cyndaquil.
Me:OK, I'm going to work on stopping them so stay out of your profile for a while so I can  add the right blockers. 
Those spammers won't be able to attack you.
Knuffy:Thanks, it will give me time to work on my club some to gather pics.^_^
(disgusting images uploaded)
Knuffy:Did you put those nasty images on my site? I do not want them and want them off right now!
Me:No it was a hacker, he/she got all the info when I logged in.
I really hope our coders figure out this vulneribility fast because the hacker keeps resetting the  password when I try and 
log in.
Knuffy:Because you are the admins, you guys can control the hacking I think. I thought you guys have a password that 
will overturn all passwords.
Me:We're working on it, but you don't understand, 
there are literaly hundreds of these trolls all running scripts
that continually press that "I forgot my password" button. This locks us out from our accounts because our password is 
constantly being reset.
Once a coder can get in to his account (probably not for a while) and block the reset my password button we can restore 
Don't worry, you're page will probably be completely restored by tommorow morning at the latest.
A bunch of us are staying up all night to try and combat this so we should be able to get them.
And they will face legal action.
Thanks, DeviantART staff team.
Knuffy:Why not close the site to views. It might be safe for other members not to get these trolls on.
Me:We can't do that, they've completely locked us out. I'm starting to suspect this is a professional group of hackers 
and not just some script kiddies.
I recommend staying off the site, they may try and get viruses on it.
Knuffy:I am telling my friends to stay off the site too. The more of us that is off the site, the easier for you guys 
to fix the problem.
Knuffy:DO I have to make a new account because I went on there to log out of my club and it says that my account is 
banned. I just want to know the progress of it before i go to bed.
Me:Yeah the hacked accounts had to be banned to prevent more shock images from being posted. We might be able to restore
 your account but they did some serious damage.
I wouldn't recommend making a new account yet, wait a little and we can see if we can get your old one back,
Thanks, DeviantART staff team.
Knuffy:Thanks a lot. If you not able to, email me in a few hours. I will be doing what I ussually do, try to improve me
artwork so it be better then what is on now.
Knuffy:I am back. If I can be in service, I can help on fixing my account, but if I can't, you canwork on it and I can 
keep on waiting.
(at this point I get into his gmail account, and all hell breaks loose)


Further drama!

I was with my mother in town today. The last stop we made was at the touristism site in the big town where I live. She tell me to see if they are interested in some of my anthro faces. The director is on lunch, but something like that is more then what I was thinking of doing. Then my mother tell me to ask a lady that her daughter works for the newspaper about comic strips. I am thinking of someone pinching me. I will ask about the newspaper comic thing because that is how Jim Davis got famous. Knuffy, Cuddy and the Backyarders that I roleplay with might be the way I need to do to get my foot in the door.



Christmas is coming and I have a big wish. I have the wish that my name will be taking off ED. I will be happy to be a nobody fur again except of a person which one person put a dead squirrel on my deck saying die furfag.


—Knuffy, acknowledging that the raid on him has officially broken the fourth wall.

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Featured article February 2, 2007
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