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Kim Fields, better known as Kimmy or Aunt /b/, is a typical married housewife who became internet famous by 4chan after her nudes were leaked in Limewire. She's just your average housewife from Idaho irl, a country girl living a country life with her husband Logan and their 3 kids. Kim is no super model, but her girl next door looks, beautiful tight ginger pussy, epic housewifey character, anti-feminist stance, great personality, cool hobbies and interests won over many, and she became well-liked OTI as a result. She became /b/'s favorite naughty housewife and another epic 4chan story for the ages.


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  • Kim Fields (aka aunt /b/, Kimmy, Queen Kimmy)
  • Housewife and mother from Bonners Ferry, Idaho
  • Born February 2, 1983

Kim has been with her husband for 17 years, married for 14 years, and is the mother of three kids. She homeschools her kids, cooks and cleans, is into archery, likes camping, hunting and fishing, is into guns and shooting, gardening, technology and electronics, runs Linux, fights for net neutrality, has horses, and is an all-around badass country girl.

The Leak

Kimmy 4chan shooting her bow.jpg
Kimmy looking sexy for date night.jpg

In 2010, Kim accidentally shared her whole docs in Limewire. She had said that she ran Linux and commonly runs beta versions of software. One version of Limewire she ran had a scan hard drive for shareable files checked at install. Little did she know that limewire had indexed all her docs and was sharing everything, including nude pics of her and her husband. She said they didn't notice for a long time until they had seen that the bandwidth usage was unusually high.

All this time, her nudes had been leaking and spreading across Limewire like wildfire, and she was quickly becoming a popular kinky housewife on the net. As she has said in her threads, Limewire eventually went under and she thought that the worst of it was over and had moved on with her life. What she didn't know was that her large nude set roamed Limewire for some time and gained popularity and, eventually, all her nudes were downloaded and ended up all over /b/ in milf threads, Limewire threads, and wife threads.

She was originally given the name Aunt /b/ and many threads began popping up in her honor. There were massive image limit shoops and meme threads. And many Aunt /b/ porn threads, anons fapped and were always looking for more pics and trying to find the name of this naughty, naughty girl. Unbeknownst to her, her nudes had made it to several chans over a few years, including 7chan, anonib, 8chan and more, and her large nude sets spread into hundreds of porn sites as well. She was becoming famous on the internet and she had no idea for now.

Doxing and Raids

Kimmy 4chan side 1.jpg
Kimmy 4chan side 3.png

While she gained popularity, and more and more threads were made, anons were desperately trying to find out who she was and she was the topic of many info and sauce threads. Anons spent hours every day digging through her pics for clues, cross-referencing her face pics in Google images and looking through thousands of socials. Last year (Oct of 2013), some anon finally doxed her after finding her Google+ pic in Google images. Once that was found, they had her name and city, and the rest of her socials were quickly found. /b/ found her Facebook (her and her husband share the Facebook), Pinterest, Myspace, mommy sites, her husband's Google+, her and her husband's emails, phone numbers, their address, and many friends' Facebooks.

/b/ spent days digging up more info and pics. Then started the raids. /b/ raided her for a few months, sending her nudes to her, her husband and all her friends and family, messaged her facebook and emailed her and her husband, texted her phone, and everything else that goes along with raids. She said she was getting hundreds of messages, emails and texts daily. Anons sent nudes and told her all the dirty things they wanted to do to her, sent her pics of their dicks asking if they could fuck her and sent her and her husband all sorts of lulzy shoops and captions. She and her husband didn't reply very much but, when she did, she was short and to the point : everyone at this point knew and had seen her naughty nudes, she just wanted all the messages to stop.


2 Kimmy shoop green.jpg
Kimmy shoops again.jpg
Kimmy 4chan face swap.jpg
Kimmy 4chan cooking.jpg

Kim's pictures originally got posted in Limewire find threads (2010-2011). Anons went on quests to find more of her nudes in Limewire and bring back their findings. Her pictures were quickly saved and began getting posted in milf threads, butterface threads, chubby threads and wife threads.

Over time, she became a character of her own. She would get posted all over 4chan, anons called her aunt /b/ and there were threads of her daily. There were many aunt /b/ porn threads and a long series of threads where she was shooped and captioned, which ended up giving her meme status. Anons pushed to make her Queen of /b/, so she made rounds in many Boxxy and Queen threads over the years. Then 4chan /s4s/ was created, and she became Queen of /s4s/ from the beginning. She was the original and true queen of /s4s/. Anons of /s4s/ would post her as queen and made more epic shoops of her.

After she was doxed (Oct 2013), /b/ went crazy finding more and more pictures and info about her from her and all of her friends socials. Many anons messaged her and chatted with her and her husband. While digging up more pics and info from her socials, /b/ realized she wasn't just some cam whore but actually just a cool housewife and mother, and a pretty damn cool woman too. She's into all sorts of cool stuff and hobbies. She's a housewife and mother of 3 kids, homeschools, cooks and cleans, is into archery, likes camping, hunting and fishing, is into guns and shooting, gardens, is into technology and electronics, runs linux, fights for net neutrality, has horses, and is an all-around badass country girl.

This began the new chapter of Aunt /b/, where she was morphed into "Kimmy" "Queen of /b/", "/b/'s favorite naughty housewife", the epic housewife and mother that every anon would love to marry with and bang daily. The more /b/ dug into her personal life and talked to her and her husband, the more they liked her. She took on a whole new meaning, no longer a bunch of random nudes on the internet, but a cool, chill housewife and a great woman. Now there were Kimmy threads, threads of an epic housewife with many normal everyday pictures of her cooking, shooting bows, dressed nicely in housewifey dresses and heels, and nice pictures of her being a housewife and mommy. A nice housewife and good woman. There were even some very funny "Quotes of a Naughty Housewife" captions done with her nudes and housewifey quotes from her facebook. Many new housewifey shoops were made.

Kim Fields Birthday And Visits To 4chan

Kimmy 4chan Brushing Teeth.jpg
Kimmy 4chan check em.jpg
Kimmy 4chan side 8.jpg
Kimmy 4chan Kim cooking.jpg

After the doxing and raids and /b/ finding out she was not just another cam whore but actually a really nice cool woman, housewife and mommy type, they started to have feels about being so mean to her. /b/ felt bad and decided to do Operation Birthday Kimmy and send her cards and gifts for her birthday to make nice with her again. Her birthday (Feb 2) was on her Google+. The plan was to send her hundreds of nice cards and gifts like vibrators, amazon cards and money. So, over a couple of weeks, there were many Operation Birthday Kimmy threads trying to gain support to make Kim's birthday great and make nice with Kimmy again.

Her birthday came and there were many huge threads of her and many of her newly found housewifey and badass bow pics, hundreds of anons messaged her and emailed her Happy Birthday wishes all day long. She responded to many messages, sounding almost confused, and thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. /b/ then asked her to come to /b/ and make a thread and chat with them. At first, she said she might but was nervous, and eventually said she would on the weekend.

So, Friday (Feb 7 2014) comes and anons are waiting for Saturday to come and meet kimmy. Then, out of nowhere, she shows up in /s4s/ in a Queen Kimmy thread that was going on. (she is also Queen of /s4s/) /s4s/ anons were just posting their queen when, out of nowhere --BOO--(notice the file name of her pic, lulz), Kimmy crashes the thread IRL. Kimmy makes her first post to the chans with epic reverse lulz. Anons chat with her a bit and she says she will be going to /b/ at 12:00 Sat. Saturday (Feb 8 2014) comes and word spreads of her coming to /b/, anons wait and count down until 12:00. Some anons start to think she didn't come, anons confused about time zones, not noon yet where Kimmy lives, lol… Noon finally comes and in the catalog appears a brand new Kimmy pic. It has begun, she starts her thread.

She was excellent. Even after all the crap Kim got from /b/, she came and was chill as fuck. Kim started by introducing herself and telling anons a bit about herself, she thanked everyone for the nice birthday wishes and said that she came to clear the air about all that was happening. She said in her threads that she understood how and why /b/ does this, she let anon know she wished she would have stayed anonymous but understood why it happened. Kim said the raids were stressful and horrible, but nothing sucked worse then explaining to her mom and friends and family about her leaked nudes, Limewire and /b/. Kim said she wasn't mad at this point, she just wanted to clear the air. Her and her husband were both in on the threads, her husband participated and even had a few fun pictures, and Kim posted an epic pic of her with all the cards and gifts /b/ had sent her. She said her and her husband are extremely close and got through all this together. She explained that she is a private person and never would have wanted her nudes out for everyone to see. She said she wasn't mad and had dealt with it, she and her husband are not ashamed of the nudes and what they do together. Kim also said the positive response they were been getting was nice and made her and her husband feel better and even a little bit funny.

She was so chill she even had fun and joked with anons, she was the interesting quirky fun housewife anons were hoping for. Even after all that /b/ had put her through, she handled /b/ and anon gracefully and treated them with respect.

Later, on the birthday of 4chan's /s4s/ board, Queen Kimmy returned again to visit /s4s/ and wish them happy birthday herself. Once again, she was fun and amazing and anons had a great time chatting with her. She filled interested anons in on what she was up to, remodeling her bedroom, because she's also a handy girl, btw. Building her bed and head board herself.

By doing all this, she embedded herself into 4chan's history as a graceful lady of the internets and an epic woman and housewife. This normal every day housewife Kim Fields from Idaho came to 4chan and was epic as hell and became legend.

Why We Post Kim Fields

Kimmy 4chan shoop buildings.jpg
Kimmy 4chan Face and flowers.jpg

This is a very well written explanation that pretty well sums up the attraction and obsession of Kim Fields and why many on /b/ hail her to be a goddess housewife and insane cool woman. Not exactly sure when it first appeared or what thread it first appeared in but the screen cap is dated (9-14-2014) and has been re-posted and copypasta'd ever since. Why we post Kim Fields.png

Kim Sightings and The Home Depot Incident

Kimmy date night 2.jpg
Kimmy with a gun.jpg

There have been a number of unconfirmed Kim Fields sightings over the past year from gas stations to Walmart to Big R stores near where she lives. Kim has admitted herself in emails that she has had several people recognize her now and did confirm a Walmart sighting. But one anon took it to the next level and scored some new pics of Kimmy in the wild. An anon was rolling through Home Depot when down an isle he seen a girl, sort of checked her out and then did a double take. It was Aunt /b/!

She was wearing a nice skirt and heels and looking like the graceful and sexy housewife she is. He then proceeded to follow her around the store lurking just down the isle trying to get a few creep shots of Kim. The creeper anon said he was nervous and tried to get some good pics without getting caught. Then it happened, she turned around and caught him with his camera out taking a picture of her, she looked right at him. Kim's face in that picture is priceless! And it looks like she tries to "cover her pussy" even though she's not naked, lulz.

Anon said she said "Hey!" and walked right up to him and asked "were you taking my picture?" Anon froze, and didn't know what to do, so he told her he knew her from the internet and is a big fan and just wanted to take a couple pictures and meet her. Creeper anon said he was so nervous that he was stuttering and couldn't talk and his heart was racing. He said Kim must have noticed because she then laughed and said it's OK and proceeded to chat with him for a few minutes. She was out with her husband and she was looking for a new sprinkler for her garden and her husband was in the electrical isle. She then told him to have a nice night and left to go find her husband and said "Well, I'm going to go find my husband, because these things sort of creep me out", she smiled and went on her way. She was really nice considering some creeper anon was following her around Home Depot, lel.

So, creeper anon scored new Kim pics and /b/ was all over it, new Kim pics friggin' saved. Anons asked if she got naked, if he asked to see her tits, if he got a picture taken with her. Anon said he was so nervous he never thought to ask until she was gone. So, later in the thread after he finished posting his score, he was saged, bashed, and a pleb in the end for not getting his pic with her or asking to see her tits. Fucking newb, always ask for tits, or at least a pic with her and get her autograph for fuck's sake.

Aunt /b/'s Twitter

1 Kimmy with her bows and guns.jpg
Kimmy 4chan side 2.jpg
Kimmy 4chan eyes.jpeg

This was skeptical at first but has been confirmed as Aunt /b/'s twitter account. Kim said that she created the aunt /b/ twitter account to help curb the amount of fans "or creepers" that are constantly messaging and lurking her fb. She tries to update it a few times a day for any loyal aunt /b/ followers out there that are interested in the life of an epic country girl housewife and mother or just plainly interested in stalking a famous naughty milf from Idaho.

There have been several very nice new pictures of Kim on her twitter in the past months too, including the HOT date night pics of her dressed up to go out with her husband. She seems to have lost weight, many anons think she's lost the baby weight from having kids (She did say in one of her threads most pics were from around the time of having kids). Either way, she's getting better with age, because that naughty housewife is looking damn good in her newer pics.

Some interesting tweets we've seen since Kim has been tweeting. She got a brand new bow for archery, girl looks good sporting that new weapon. She did a crash car derby. She tweeted about the celeb leak, seems she feels for the girls, lol. She did a vocaroo for her 2 most favorited tweets, and yes, she did say boobs in vocaroo. She tweeted about 8chan because apparently she was "getting some love" from the anons over there. She tweeted about the Battle For The Net and net neutrality, because she supports net neutrality, which is interesting, considering her situation on the net.

And the Legend of Kimmy Continues

Kimmy 4chan side 9.jpg

To this day, she still gets posted daily as a meme or naughty girl in many threads across 4chan, 8chan, reddit, and many other places in the internet as an epic woman, epic housewife, cool girl or sexy plowable milf we want to fuck hard. Most respect her and know her story well, newfags sometimes don't understand but are quickly set straight by respectable oldfags.

Anons still message her and chat with her daily, she has become a resource of information and an ear to talk to. She has also become a go-to woman to talk with for girls who find themselves in a situation similar to hers that need help dealing with it. She makes her round in tumblr and hundreds of porn sites as a sexy naughty housewife and kinky milf, most people not knowing the epic story of how she became famous on the internet.

Most people, when doxed and raided with nudes spread, go crazy and bitch and cry and bash on anon or threaten anon, usually making things much worse for themselves. But not Kim Fields. She owned it, she was graceful, she was ladylike. Instead of bitching or hiding, she came to /b/ herself, straight to the lion's den, and didn't even scared. She was chill as fuck and showed them her true character. She told anon who she really was and treated anon with respect, which gained her the respect of anon.

By being nothing more than Kim, an epic housewife from Bonners Ferry, she had gained the respect of the masses and she became a Legend.

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