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Kiminess (known also as Erica Walker) is a member of DeviantART, who's most known for drawing underage yaoi... or just yaoi in general.

This is Kiminess' current avatar on deviantTART. If this isn't the most appropriately retarded-looking avatar for one of the more retarded members of deviantTART, I don't know what is.

She dwells in the media of pencils, so when someone stumbled across a pixel icon of an animal, people started noticing they bore striking resemblances to another person's pixel animal icons, namely Amberdrake's ones on DA. Lulz ensued when she denied knowing the said artist, and more carbon copies of icons appeared. After being found out on SheezyART she left the internet foreverz and went to DevianTART a few days later, where her pedocest ways could be more appreciated. She also types like a 12 year-old bi-polar meth head. Just about everything she writes contains enough ^_^ to set Bibles ablaze and make Cockmongler frown.

Kiminess VS Vest

An unspoken rule amongst regulars on the devianTART forums is that there are just a few people you never mess with. One of those is a fellow devianTART tartlet Vest who quickly made himself notorious for being a gargantuan jackass that uses even more gigantic words. Like a jackass. In the summer of 2004, one FinalNova got extremely butthurt for a comment Vest left on her work. Specifically, the comment read: Those lensflares just have got to go. While it's tough to fathom somebody staunchly defending the existence of lensflares on their work with a straight face, but Vest came face to face with Kiminess shortly afterward when she left this lulzworthy comment on his front page.

Thus, the legend of Kiminess was born when Vest featured her comment as a journal entry, following it up with "I love you guys." Without even addressing her personally, and taking it directly to the spotlight, Vest had begun what would only evolve into a lulzfest destined to go down the archives of devianTART history.

Kiminess HATES Furries

Well...lots of people do, but Kiminess is a special exception, because she's what scientists call a closet furry. She rants and raves about how degrading it is to draw furry art, and she does it for the money. (See links) But ALAS! The forsoothing mind has finally reached a DA Kiminess furry account (DEACTIVATED), with a whole bunch of ripped-off artwork at that! And this artwork also sucks. She can't seem to wrap her stupid little mind around the anatomy of a dog or a human, so when she tries to slop the two together, a big pile of steaming horse shit seems to fall onto the internets. But horseshit that she is proud of, and can call her own and get a million faves on from the oblivious little furfags all over DA! And when she doesn't, hoho, watch out! This immature little bitch will whine and complain if she doesn't get a hundred comments in the first five minutes of putting up one of her shitty little linearts. She even bashes her own lineart in an attempt to get more reassurances that her art is ZOMG SEW GUD AND MAED OF WIN.

Amberdrake VS Kiminess

Through her furry account, she even commented on Amberdrake's page, giving further evidence of her ripping activities, and displaying also that she hasn't the littlest cue about who Amberdrake effectively is.

And still, Kiminess blatantly ripped off even Amberdrake's fursona, as shown in the following evidences:

Further evidence in the following links: Kiminess vs Amberdrake. BAAWWLEETED

Amberdrake has since left DeviantART after Kiminess, in a fit of e-psychosis, ran her off the internets. However, if you approach Kiminess about this or the similarities she will automatically deny it claiming she "doesn't know Amberdrake", or "hates furries and would never associate with one." How classy.

And this just goes to show exactly how made of fail Kiminess is. She's stupid enough to think we can't spot Amberdake's retarded style from a mile away. And the fact she thinks it's good enough to rip is another example of her failing intelligence. Of course, when we look at her own work, we're depressed to see it's not much better.

Responses to this Article/Art Theft Her paranoid response to this article blindly pointing the finger at Amberdrake and one of her friends. Explanation of why she ripped off Amberdrake, after being found out on this article.

Because Kiminess is a pussy, once she found this article she deleted the above journals. However here is another lulz worthy stream of comments as someone calls her out on amber's page:

Incest and Pedophilia

Links to Kiminess disgusting fantasies:


* Baleeted yo!


Also baleeted

Kiminess VS Y!Gallery

Because of her copycat ways, Kiminess got several pieces removed from Y!Gallery. She didn't much like this, and decided the proper way to go about responding to it was to flame the ever-living shit out of the mods. Naturally, this leads to her banning. Flash forward to December 2006: Y!Gallery decides to offer forgiveness to certain banned people, and for some unknown reason they let Kiminess back in. All signs point to Kiminess having a deal with the devil in exchange for traced shota porn, but the jury's still out on that.

Click for animation illustrating Kiminess' 133t skillz of tracing child porn. Also, her new, slightly altered trace looks like random ainu figures from the anime war epic, Utawarerumono (try saying that three times fast).
What do you call the trace of a trace?

So, what do you do when you're given a second chance? Why, you go right ahead and do the same thing again! Like a retarded cat running into a sliding glass door, Kiminess got right back to posting copied art. This time however, she decided that she'd write a very nice entry about it in her DA. A very eloquent and mature piece in which all of Y!Gallery are called 'cunts' and for some reason she felt the need to paste the obituary of her Aunt who passed away at least 100 years ago. Surprise surprise, shortly after she got banned from Y! for a second time.

This of course warranted a second butthurt deviantART journal post in which she pretended to be glad that she was banned from that awful awful place that she hated so much she returned twice. Cue her blindly loyal fans calling for the leader of Y!Gallery's head on a pike for this monumental injustice against not only Kiminess... but humanity itself.

Both of these journal posts vanished quite magically after a Fandom Wank report about the incident was linked to on Kiminess' main DA page. In their place was a cheery post about how Kiminess was taking 'a break' from DA for awhile. Not a mention was made in response to the Fandom Wank report.

However, because she was banned from Y!hosting she was unable to remove the visual evidence of just how fucking emo the reporting and banns really made her.

Disgusting Fetishes Involving Comic-Book Characters

It appears that in addition to her insatiable thirst for gay anime porn, incest and the bodies of little boys, our dear Kiminess also seems to have developed a fascination with the idea of popular Marvel and DC superheroes having gay sex with each other. This includes pairings such as Batman and The Flash, Spiderman and Iceman, amongst several others. In one bizarre piece she even displays some sick S&M fetish involving a young Robin being whipped and abused by The Joker. Classy.

In another piece of her “artwork”, though it’s not explicitly stated, it’s implied that she’s applied her trademark fantasies of gay incest to the two lead characters of the movie The Boondock Saints.

It goes without saying that just by reading the description of the content of these pictures, any red-blooded American knows these images are a complete and utter sin against God. But what else can we expect from the one and only Kiminess?

Bitch Fit Party!!!

One deviantTARTlet, known only as AwesomeDude898, happened upon one of the pictures Kiminess drew of the above mentioned nature. In this case, it was the one featuring Batman attempting to have a sweaty, gay make-out session with The Flash, as seen here. Upon seeing this, AwesomeDude898 cried like a bitch that just got tubgirl's anal excretions in his mouth.

AwesomeDude898’s comments reflected what any 16-year-old whining shitlet who hasn't exactly dug into the bowels of the internet, that sees random pencilings of cartoon dudes suckin on each other would. Thus a giant bitchfit ensues... This included:

  • AwesomeDude898's riveting opening comment of "you're a sick fuck", followed by a 5 paragraph long soapbox cry about how gay animu guys are destroying DA and all that is the "animu community"
  • AwesomeDude898's speech about how he alone will scour DA and "hold yaoi artists responsible" (for his Asperger's induced fixation on gay pencil farts)
  • A comment by a TARTlet called “Comrade-Fluffy”, insulting AwesomeDude898’s artwork (which includes such classics as Limp Bizkit Kirby and Happy Valentine's Day??). AwesomeDude898 responded with more whining about how "he can't sleep at night because he saw Yu-Gi-Oh making out with Kaiba"

The whole ordeal, including all the above-mentioned comments can be seen in the comments under the artwork here. Good for lulz if you’re interested in seeing the inner-workings of a yaoi-fangirl’s brain.

It is believed that due to his obsessive habit of searching for every piece of gay animu on DA and proclaiming a holy war on it, AwesomeDude898 intended to write and post a response to Dark-Cryin’s well-written essay noted above, handing her a similar shit filled pair of Power Rangers panties like those he gave to retardedenigma and Comrade-Faggot, but alas, he got his ass Banhammered before he could, thus the lulz halted to a stop.

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