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Kim Petras is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Kim Petras (formerly Tim Petras) is an aspiring 17-year-old pop singer. He is most famous for having been one of the youngest individuals ever to become a MTF transexual at the young, young age of 12. He makes his humble abode in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

He's basically an IRL Bridget.

Gender Reassignment

"I'll never be a grandmother."

According to German law, one must be eighteen years of age to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery. At age twelve, Tim began taking hormone treatments to prepare for his gender transition. At age thirteen, he appeared on German television to plead for permission to undergo the final Gender Reassignment Surgery. Somehow, the citizens of Germany were on board to support the thirteen-year-old boy who wanted to be a girl. He claims that he was "born a girl." Apparently, he looked like a girl, even before he had tits and was quite obviously gay before the surgery.

According to his parents, he had been insisting that he was a girl since age two. Mr. and Mrs. Petras, realizing they had given birth to an abomination, struggled to find a psychiatrist who could offer an iota of assistance to their precious child. After a long and stressful hunt, the Petras family finally found Dr. Bernd Meyenburg, a child's psychiatrist who had extensive experience with transsexuality. Finally, his parents held hope that their little boy was going to be okay. No more gender confusion, no more talk of being a woman, just a normal little Timothy Petras. However, we all know how that turned out.

Now "she" stands proudly as the youngest transsexual in the world. God speed, Kim. God speed. Also, die in a fire, you gender bending faggot.

Pre-pubescent He/She

A little known fact about Kim/Tim is that he never actually went through puberty, which kind of explains why he's such a fag in the first place (despite the fact he's been a homo since age 2 according to his folks). The only reason he came out as a smokin' hot post-op was the fact that he had taken hormone blocking drugs since before his teens, and therefore never went through the puberty and never became a man (or a woman, as they have puberty too, herpderp). Hence the reason he lacks a deep voice, masculine body, and a stubble, unlike most queers who get turned into women.

His Shitty Music

Unfortunately for him, he produces the kind of music only a gay German boy would like- mostly pop and techno.

Here are some examples of the music that spews out of his her his mouth.

Gallery of Kim Petras

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