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Police.gif FACT ALERT:
This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually doing this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for educational purposes only.

Keylogging involves tricking a person into running your .exe on their computer, which then records their keystrokes and sends them to you via FTP and the like.


  1. Download The Keylogger. NO PASSWORD
  2. Set up your own FTP server. Free hosting can be found here.
  3. Run peditor.exe; the password is "anonymous". Insert your server's information (ex. ftp://admin:[email protected]).
  4. Encrypt it with something. Test at and check "do not distribute sample"
  • using other online av services and or not checking do not distribute will result in your virus being submitted to several av companies, making your virus detected very quickly
  1. Make the victim open the .exe; all their keystrokes and programs they run will be sent to your FTP server.
  2. ????

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