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Adobe Flash -- $600.00??!?!?! Not any more!

Keygens (Short for key generators,) are wonderful tools created by hackers who have managed to outwit the developers of copyright-protection schemes, thus making overpriced software like Adobe® Photoshop® accessible to everyone. Without keygens, every image macro and lulzy photomanip in the world would have to be made with MSPaint.


Sadly, finding keygens on the web that aren't, in fact, riddled with spy-ware or viruses is a difficult and risky proposition. It's a shame internet pirates can't distribute software keys using an alternative method, such as having the serial number written in a simple text file. NEVER, EVER DOWNLOAD KEYGENS FROM KEYGEN SITES. THEY ARE FULL OF VIRUSES. DOWNLOAD THEM FROM TORRENT SITES, YOU FUCKING DUMBASS.

Some keygens display a crappy visual effect while playing an equally crappy chiptune created with Fasttracker 2.

How they work

Keygens request a certain field of information that the software you are getting the key for also requests. It generates a valid key based on what you entered.

Online Keys

If you're afraid of your dad finding out you've been downloading stolen and morally wrong software like The Sims 2, you can try and find keys for your program on the internet. These sites are usually flooded with hardcore HTML and hardcore pornography; a winning combination if you're trying to be discreet about your cyber theft. Follow the steps below to obtain internet supremacy:

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Find your specific program and version (good luck faggot, you never can).
  • 3. Try them all only to find out that none of them work.
  • 4. Proceed to hit your dick with a hammer.
  • 5. ????
  • 6. PROFIT
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