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Not to be confused with Kelly Martin, or the Titanic.
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Kelly Martin Broderick is a morbidly obese feminist, and "blogger." She is notable for being extremely butthurt about her picture being turned into the following meme:

But when I got up the next morning he had sent me the link. It had over 2000 shares, almost 10,000 likes, and almost 1000 comments. Overnight, I had become an Internet meme.



In Summer 2013, someone had the nerve to call a feminist out for being a fat disgusting unfuckable tub of lard in the form of a quasi-funny "meme" that otherwise would have been non-notable. The whore in question, Kelly Broderick, apparently aware that she is horribly fat and borderline disfigured, decided that instead of exercising or eating a vegetable, her time would be better spent writing an article entitled "MY PICTURE WAS STOLEN AND TURNED INTO A FAT-SHAMING ANTI-FEMINIST MEME ON FACEBOOK".

My Picture Was Stolen And Turned Into A Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook

At first I was in shock. Then I got angry. Then I decided to do something about it.

I’ve always been someone who wasn’t scared to share pics of myself online or to post a profile picture. In fact, I always enjoyed sharing pictures of myself with friends or in the Facebook pages I helped run for different groups I am involved with at my university.

That was until I received an awkward, random message on OkCupid as I was going to sleep a couple of nights ago.

Kelly Martin Broderick 082113femmeme4.jpg

At first, I wasn’t sure if I believed him. See, when you are openly fat and feminist on a dating site, it isn’t uncommon for randoms to harass you. For whatever reason I felt like he was sincere, so I messaged him back and tried to figure out what page he saw it on. I looked on anti-feminist subreddits, I checked the Facebook page he thought it was on, and I couldn’t find anything. I chalked it up to exactly what I thought it was, another OkCupid douchecanoe messing with me.

But when I got up the next morning he had sent me the link. It had over 2000 shares, almost 10,000 likes, and almost 1000 comments. Overnight, I had become an Internet meme.


“That’s also what a lifelong virgin looks like” Really - is that still an insult?

The picture was from a “This is what a feminist looks like” campaign my university feminist group did this past spring semester. It is one of my favorite pictures and has been my profile picture at a number of different sites. There is no telling where they stole it from, it could have been Facebook or it could have been OkCupid

At first, I was in shock. I was upset. I posted it in a closed Facebook group and asked folks to help me report it. About a dozen or so folks reported it, I reported it and waited for Facebook to take it away. When I finally got a response, they told me it didn’t violate their Community Standards. I requested another review and received this reply:

Kelly Martin Broderick 082113femmeme5.jpg

“We remove content if it’s required by relevant privacy laws in the country you’re writing from. Since you’re an adult writing in the US, we won’t be able to remove this content for violating your privacy.”

Good to know Facebook doesn’t care about people stealing your photos and turning them into mean-spirited memes.

At this point, I started to get really angry. I’d also received messages from friends who had seen it show up in their Facebook threads and a phone call from my boss concerned that she had to break the news to me. What she did end up telling me was that the picture was also on Tumblr. I found at least two people on Tumblr who originally posted it, one of them was reblogged around 200 times.

By the time I found out about the Tumblr, I had already emailed Lesley. I knew I didn’t want to just sit back and let someone steal my picture. If I am not able to get it removed, I will at least do something to respond. I took control and posted the image on my own Facebook, primarily to avoid having friends worried they had found it and were now responsible for telling me.

Kelly Martin Broderick 082113femmeme2.jpg

Once I had “exposed” what happened, I started working on my actual response. The biggest miss the creator of my meme made was not realizing the point of the This is What a Feminist Looks Like campaigns; the point is to draw attention to the fact that feminists are not all the same. We are all different.

So in response, I am starting a tumblr, We Are What Feminists Look Like. A few friends have already submitted pictures and I hope many more of you folks will submit pictures or thoughts. This experience has taught me that while one cruel person can ruin my morning, I have an entire community of friends, family, and feminists to back me up.

Feminists are not a monolith. We are diverse and unique. We don’t fit into every stereotype.

Kelly Martin Broderick 082113femmeme6.jpg

UMBC’s Women Involved in Learning & Leadership Student Organization

And they picked the wrong feminist fatty to mess with.

The Aftermath

Kelly made the same typical mistakes of every overly ass flustered SJW noob on the nets. She fatsumed she was magically entitled to shit "just because" and as a result of that self-centered, special snowflake sense of entitlement she ran around demanding that the ever elusive Internets Police take action against the mean cyber bullies that were "stealing" her pictures.

Apparently as a result of continually soaking her head in lead acetate (hair dye) every other day, or simply as a result of faulty genetics, she stupidly thought it was possible to magically remove shit from the Internet and in turn created another cautionary tale in how to invoke the Streisand Effect.

Like all demented, naive, socially inexperienced, regressive feminists she didn't understand the first thing about Copyright Law or Fair Use, which explicitly protects satire and parody usage of copyrighted material. She also didn't comprehend that by uploading the images to FaceBook she actually signed over her copyrights to them and didn't even own the images at all at that point. And regardless it was impossible to actually find out who made the original caption and there's no way she could somehow stop millions of random strangers all over the planet reposting it on every other website and server imaginable anyway.

Her self-created "perfect shit storm" wound up causing the image to spread even further, with even more people laughing at her. No longer just about her ugly looks and morbidly obese body they were now laughing at her stupidity and ignorance to add self-insult to her "genetic injury". She is now effectively perma-branded as a fat, ugly, social justice retard in desperate need of an extremely late term, postpartum abortion.

The Diet

Having finally realized that she is a complete fatso, she decided to go on a diet, so that she could become attractive not vomit-inducing ugly. In her new found diet, where she is down to 7 jars of Nutella a day, one day is also dedicated to her eating fish. We at ED had the opportunity to interview her brother Matthew on her weekly intake of fish. Here is what he had to say:


And they picked the wrong feminist fatty to mess with.



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